Metal Building Home w/ Wooden Cover-up Porch (9 pictures)

This work by the Carl Patteson Construction company really is a fine gem if you are eyeing for a decent bungalow-style house by the countryside. It actually is an extension of a house on a ranch.

This place has a very relaxing feel to it with the wooden front porches that are built at the doorway as you stride your way within. That area can be a very nice spot for you to relax during your idle time as you put some chairs or benches to it. The front porch where two doors can be seen stretches all the way to the sides of the house, with a door on each side.


The interior of the house is very spacious and is colored beautifully with a creamy coffee motif on the doors, walls and even the furniture. It is fully furnished with couches, deer head trophies and horns, tables at the dining room with an elegant chandelier, and has three ceiling fans. Those fans match well with the fresh wind of the outdoors as you open the square windows. This is truly perfect to enjoy your morning coffee as you relax on the countryside!

For simpler designs that are perfect for the countryside, a mini-bar is placed on the kitchen so that you can have more ways to relax, and the bedroom is simply designed with three beds and some deer horn trophies to it. At the back lies a yard where a simpler porch of white color can be seen, and it has chairs and a grill for you to hang out as well.

Rest assured that you will be able to feel ultimately comfortable in this place because it’s built to last. It has the exact ambiance anybody would want from a dream house. Feel free to contact Carl Patteson Construction – they do built around San Antonio area in Texas.

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Source:Carl Patteson Construction

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