Closer look of the front porch

Beautiful Metal Building Home w/ Fire Pit Area

This stunning modern-day metal farm is made available by Morton Buildings and measures 42’W x 12’H x 60’L. This beautiful one-story house is elegantly painted with firetruck red and white on the outside, resembling the classic barn house look. The house itself is placed on a huge area of lush green land which makes the color scheme of the metal home stand out even more.

Early evening shot with lights

The house also features an amazing fire pit several meters away from the main house. The fire pit is both simple and modern and is a charming addition to this already amazing metal home. Can you imagine staring out at the stars and having a cookout with your family around that fire pit? It would be such a lovely sight!

Another interesting feature about the house is the large porch. It can fit a small table and a medium-sized outdoor sofa set. Another great aspect to consider if you have children. The porch would be a great place to hang out while your kids play in the yard.

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Lovely wooden interior

The interior of the house has wooden floors and ceilings and moldings with an all-wooden kitchen. The pastel sky blue walls perfectly accentuate the all wooden interior and make the insides look so inviting and whimsical. The garage is also very huge. It can fit 2 cars together with your speed boat. There’s even extra room for shelves and storage. If you want to have a small garden, there is also more than enough room to store all of your gardening equipment.

Stats:  42’W x 12’H x 60’L

Price & Plans: feel free to contact Morton Buildings, project number: B070043980

Source: Morton Buildings


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