A stunning blue and white metal building.

The Most Affordable Metal Building Sizes & Pricing in 2024

A stunning blue and white metal building with yellow pillars and snow around it
A stunning white and blue metal building home.

Choosing the right size for a metal building can be challenging, especially when working with a tight budget. Affordable and durable, steel buildings come in sizes that won’t break the bank. Our guide highlights how these structures can give you the best bang for your buck without cutting corners on quality. 

Popular Affordable Metal Building Sizes & Prices

Dive into the realm of cost-effective construction as we explore popular metal building sizes that balance spaciousness and affordability—perfect for various applications from workshops to warehousing and garages.

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18×20 Metal Buildings

An 18×20 metal building hits the sweet spot for those needing a compact and affordable space. Price Buildings, a metal building manufacturer, recommends using this metal building as a sturdy, reliable single-car garage or RV parking structure.

It’s also ideal if you’re dreaming of a hobby workshop or just need extra storage to keep your yard sale finds safe from water damage. Steel framing and i-beams strengthen these buildings, while options like roll-up doors make them super practical.

Many people choose this size because it doesn’t take up too much space yet offers plenty of room inside. Think about sliding open those garage doors and stepping into a well-organized area where everything has its place—from seasonal decorations to sports gear. Plus, with prefab building parts, construction is quicker than traditional methods, so you get to use your new space sooner! Below is a table comparing the cost of 18×20 metal buildings among different sellers.

BuilderEstimated Price Range Without Customizations
Big  Buildings DirectStarting at $6,285
Price Buildings $3,600-$9,000
Alan’s Factory OutletStarting at $4,200
A table comparing the cost of 18×20 metal buildings among different sellers in 2024.

20×30 Metal Buildings

Metal buildings sized at 20×30 feet are versatile and cost-effective. They work great for a two-door pole barn garage or a residential workshop. With this size, you get enough space to store vehicles, tools and even have room for DIY projects. These structures can also serve as durable prefabricated building options for buyers looking to save on construction time.

People choose 20×30 metal buildings because they meet various needs without breaking the bank. They suit small businesses needing extra storage or a modest retail space. Add some siding, insulation with an R-value that fits your climate, and ventilation systems to make it comfortable year-round. Whether used as basement storage or as part of complex logistics operations, this building size balances space and affordability efficiently. Below is a table comparing the cost of 20×30 metal buildings among various sellers.

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BuilderEstimated Price Range Without Customizations
Steel and Stud$6,000 – $15,000
Alan’s Factory Outlet$6,500 – $9,500
American Steel Structures$6,500 – $9,500
A table comparing the cost of 20×30 metal buildings among various sellers in 2024.
A blue, metal, 2-car, rural-style pole barn garage with brown doors and a lush green background
A blue, metal, 2-car, rural-style pole barn garage. Find floor plans here

30×40 Metal Buildings

A 30×40 steel building offers a spacious interior for many needs. It’s perfect for storing equipment, creating an outbuilding, or setting up a small warehouse space. These buildings blend durability with flexibility; they can grow with your needs by adding more linked structures later. Many people choose this size for its practicality and potential to adapt.

You’ll find that these metal buildings are equipped for energy efficiency. They keep the inside temperature steady with options like structural insulated panels. This saves money on heating and cooling costs over time—not to mention it’s better for the environment. Retailers often stock this popular size, making it easier to purchase and set up in your chosen location. Below is a table comparing the cost of 30×40 metal buildings among a variety sellers.

BuilderEstimated Price Range Without Customizations
Eversafe Buildings$16,000 – $24,000
Boss Buildings $13,060
Alan’s Factory Outlet$16,043
Steel and Stud $8,000 – 30,000
American Steel Structures$8,400-12,000
A table comparing the cost of 30×40 metal buildings among a variety sellers in 2024.

Key Factors to Consider for Affordable Metal Buildings

When venturing into the world of metal buildings, affordability doesn’t just boil down to sticker price—there’s a whole slew of elements that sway the cost-effectiveness of your structure. From the groundwork laid out by geographic considerations to the nuances of custom features and certifications, these factors are pivotal in erecting a building that balances budget with benefits.

Location of the building

The spot where you put up your metal building matters a lot. Costs can change depending on whether it’s in the city or out in the country. You should consider how close it is to roads and if large trucks can get there easily for deliveries.

If you’re putting up a steel-framed structure, ensure the location works well with any future plans you might have. It could be adding more space for farm equipment storage or making room for more parking spaces.

Steel building kits, such as barndominium kits, are ready to fit into different places perfectly. They come in all sorts of sizes that work great, whether it’s tight city spots or wide-open fields. And don’t worry about weird land shapes; Quonset buildings can link up and form longer structures without hassle. Before picking your spot, compare prices from various manufacturers to see who gives you the best deal for where you want to build.

Customization options

Metal buildings can turn into anything you need – from barndominiums to pole barns. Choose walk-in doors or roll-up doors for easy access. Add windows to bring in natural lighting, making the space brighter and more inviting. You also have color options. Pick one that matches your home or stands out on your property.

Want a building that works for you? Think about insulation to keep it warm in winter and cool in summer. Skylights are great for extra light without using electricity. And if you’re near places with earthquakes, consider stronger frames and foundations. Make your metal building fit what you want – whether it’s a cozy garden shed or a shouse.

A grey metal shouse with brown timber trimmings
A grey metal shouse with timber trimmings. Image via Wick Buildings.

Certified and Non-Certified buildings

According to Carport Central, certified buildings are built to withstand harsh conditions like heavy snow and strong winds. They follow specific codes, making them safe and sturdy. A certified structure is your best bet if you’re in an area with strict building rules or harsh weather. It will pass inspections and give you peace of mind.

Non-certified buildings cost less but aren’t designed for extreme weather. They work well for simple storage needs like garden sheds or garages. Think about what you’ll use the building for before deciding on certification. Safety and local laws should always guide your choice between certified and non-certified options. Here’s a breakdown of more of these factors in an easily digestible table format:

SizeLarger buildings typically cost more due to increased material and labor.
Gauge of SteelDifferent gauges (12″ or 14″) have varying durability and price points.
Labor CostsInstallation complexity and local labor rates significantly affect the final cost.
FoundationThe type of foundation required can increase the total expense, depending on soil conditions and building size.
ManufacturerPrices can vary based on the manufacturer’s reputation, quality of materials, and market demand. Browse our reviews of builders and manufacturers here.
A table showing key factors to consider for affordable metal buildings.

Prices differ between manufacturers. Comparing quotes from multiple sources is wise. According to General Steel, gauge selections influence durability and cost, with warranties backing both gauge options. Consider local labor rates and foundational needs—key components in your project’s financial planning.

Metal Building Sizes and Their Efficiency

Metal buildings come in various sizes to fit different needs. The size chosen can affect the building’s efficiency and overall cost.

  • Smaller metal buildings, like 18×20 feet, use less material and can be easily heated or cooled.
  • Steel buildings over 40 feet wide may need extra support columns inside. This adds costs but provides a large open area useful for warehouses or big workshops.
  • Efficiency in metal buildings is often linked to their roof type. Standing seam metal roofs reflect sunlight, keeping the building cooler and cutting air conditioning costs.
  • Insulation also plays a significant role in efficiency. Options like foam insulation or fiberglass batts help maintain temperature and reduce heating and cooling bills.
  • Choosing certified buildings ensures they meet local codes for wind and snow loads. This means they’re safer and can lead to lower insurance rates.
  • Larger sizes may benefit from economies of scale, meaning the price per square foot could be lower than smaller structures.
  • Certain designs, such as clear span frames, remove the need for interior supports. This maximizes space but might increase the initial expenditure.
  • Consider doors when selecting a size – large roll-up doors in garages use more wall space but make entering and exiting easier.


Finding the right metal building size at a great price is easier than you think. The most affordable options often include 18×20, 20×30, and 30×40 steel buildings. They strike a balance between space and cost-effectiveness. Perfect for various needs, these sizes provide flexibility without breaking the bank. You can start small and dream big – your steel building grows with your vision. To see more content about alternative housing solutions such as pole barn homesAmish pole barns, and shipping container homes, follow our Facebook Page.


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