Check out the decorating process of this stunning metal building home!

This gorgeous metal home available by Morton Buildings measures 36’W x 12’H x 108’L. It has a classic brick red and white exterior, a reminiscent of the classic barn yard home. But wait, there’s more! This stunning house features a huge window on one side of the house, giving you a great view from your kitchen and dining room. The front of the house features a small front porch which makes the entrance of the house look more inviting while the interior looks very modern. The main entrance leads directly into the kitchen with immaculate white shelving units that have beautifully finished black metal handles. The countertop has a modern finish that perfectly accentuates the lighting of the house.

The house has a lot of light which due mainly to the large windows that cover the entire side of the house wall to wall. The window panes are also perfectly angled to give the windows a structured look. The ceilings are a beautiful dark wooden finish that perfectly highlights the traditional eggshell colored walls. The house’s storage area is also very huge! You can fit tons of things inside, including your farming equipment. Even with a mini tractor or two, you can also park around two or three small to medium sized vehicles. You can also store all of your tools and use it as a work area too.

The special features of the house include Morton’s Hi-Rib Steel all around the house with Alumasteel Sliding Doors. The house will also adapt well to any weather with Morton’s Energy Performer Insulation Package.

Stats:  36’W x 12’H x 108’L

Price & Plans: feel free to contact Morton Buildings, project number: B136045562



Source: Morton Buildings

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