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A Few Words From Our Customers…

Very throughout ebook, a lot to learn, but it definitely safed hours of Google research. Can’t wait to build 30 x 50 barndo for my family! Thanks guys

Jarrod Miles
Jarrod Miles

Texas, us

I love scrolling Facebook groups and Pinterest for ideas when I get a free minute, but Im absolutely in the dark when it comes to construction haha 🙂 The topics were well explained and easy to understand even for a housewife like me. Good luck building your homes!!
Blessings xx

Lucy O'Byrne
Lucy O’Byrne

arkansas, us

The ebook is fine, plenty of good info, I especially liked the financing section since it’s a very grey area for metal homes. If you’re planning to build a barndo this read is a time saver for sure.

Andrew Nutt
Andrew Nutt

texas, us

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