Wide view of the garage showcasing the 3 car doors and the porch entrance to the enclosed space

Spacious Metal Garage for All Your Needs

Minimize your garage upkeep with this spacious metal garage by Morton Buildings. Due to its steel built, this garage requires very little maintenance as compared to structures made of wood or brick. This material also prides itself not only with its resistance to fire and pests such as termites and other destructive pests but also with its capability to withstand severe weather conditions.

Back view of the garage showcasing two-car doors

Morton Buildings ensure that the engineering of your garage has good insulation providing you with the perfect place to store your tools, batteries, and other items without worrying about exposing them to excessive heat or cold.

This garage dawns a generous size of 1200 sq. ft. giving you enough space for all your needs. With 5 separate car doors, it provides easy access to any of your vehicles. It utilizes the space with a 2-car area with front and back car doors and a separate 1-car area. If you do not need the space for another vehicle, you can use it for storage or for however you may be needing the extra space like a studio for art, do-it-yourself projects, photography, or other passions, or you can use it as a laundry room.

Inside view of the two-car space with one vehicles inside

The garage also features an enclosed area that you can use as a workstation where you can not only store your tools but also clean and repair them. The design of this garage also includes a porch area for when you need to take short breaks from any handiwork project you’re working on.

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Inside view of the two-car space with two vehicles inside

This large garage that you can utilize for just about anything is built using the finest materials to make a durable and lasting space, and engineered with precision to protect anything you store; this garage is sure to be worth more than what you pay for.

Stats:  30’W x 10’H x 45’L

Price & Plans: feel free to contact Morton Buildings, project number: 136-2335

Source: Morton Buildings


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