Jaw-Dropping House w/ Welcoming Porch! (11 HQ Pictures)

The Camellia is certainly one of the most tasteful and elegant metal home properties you are likely to come across in this area. One look at the steel frame home and you are almost certain to fall in love with it!

Right upfront you have a wide front porch that invites you to the home. As you enter through that porch, you are greeted by a grandiose living space very elegantly done up in pastel shades with a fireplace right in the center. Here you also have a lovely kitchen with an adjoining eating space.

A side entrance on the metal property leads onto a distinctly laid out laundry room with elegant windows that allow plenty of light and sunshine to waft through.

The Camellia features a master suite which is very large and spacious. Its bathroom is particularly impressive with a resplendent tub and a gorgeous walk-in shower.

In all, this large and expansive steel frame house features as many as 4 big bedrooms with 3 and ½ bathrooms. Of these 4 bedrooms, 1 can also be made to function as a media room.

Yes, outdoor spaces along the Camellia are as enchanting as its interiors, especially given the screened porch at the back which can easily be used to party and make merry with friends or family.

Overall, Shore Line Construction has clearly done a remarkable job on this property and might want to check with them if they can build a similar steel frame home for you!

Stats: 3.023 sq. ft., 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, living room, open plan kitchen, game room, porch.

Plans: feel free to contact the architect Wayne Windham.




Source: Shore Line Construction

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