Uniquely colored pole barn garage. Image via Pinterest

Pole Barn Garages Guide – Go Big or Go Home (Top Sellers Included)

dark green pole barn garage with two brown doors and orange trim
Uniquely colored pole barn garage. Image via Pinterest

Everyone dreams of owning the perfect home with a 2-car, attached garage. After all, it keeps your vehicles dry and safe and gives you a space to store boxes of treasures and totes filled with outgrown clothing. But as convenient as attached garages are, there is an emerging trend that is allowing homeowners to go big…. Pole barn garage.

Pole barn garages are free-standing buildings that are larger spaces to keep your automobiles safe from freezing weather, hail damage and fading from sunlight. There’s plenty of room for storing those boxes and totes too.

But what makes the pole barn garage special is that they are cost-effective, attractive and can even double as a workshop, apartment or full-on luxury home all-in-one. So, let’s talk about everything they have to offer you including the most important – cost. We will even introduce you to a few garage builders to get quotes from. Are you ready? Make sure to use the table of contents below to navigate this guide easily.

What Exactly is a Pole Barn Garage?

To begin, pole barns are storage buildings oftentimes used for livestock. They are built by using poles, sunk into the ground, then framed like any other building. Pole barns are usually finished with metal siding, making them durable and reasonably priced. However, with the growing popularity of pole barns as garages, homes and businesses, many builders and kits offer finishes like wood or vinyl. Simply put, pole barn garages are another fantastic use of the huge spaces offered by post-frame buildings. Learn more about pole barns and their various uses in this extensive guide.

Side view of the pole barn garage from the left with one-car area and enclosed space with mini porch by Morton Buildings.
A great example of pole barn garage erected by Morton Buildings. Find more images info and images here. Image via Mortonbuildings.com

How Do Pole Barn Garages Differ From Standard Metal Garages?

Pole barn garages have a different framework than standard, metal garages. While both are equally as strong and durable, a pole barn garage is made by sinking the frame posts or poles in the ground and securing them with concrete. On the contrary, standard, metal garages are framed on top of the ground, using a heavy-duty, steel frame and anchors that secure the building to the ground.

For example, this metal garage is roomy, strong, and is as cost-efficient as a pole barn building. However, since it uses smaller, more shallow anchors to hold the garage in place, it would be appropriate for those who want a garage but cannot sink poles deep into the ground due to utility lines, pipes, tree roots or other obstructions.

20' x 40' Galvalume Steel Garage sitting on the grass surrounded by trees manufactured by Steel Factory Mgf.
20′ x 40′ Galvalume Steel Garage made by Steel Factory Mgf. Image via Steelfactorymfg.com

Interested in This 20′ x 40′ Steel Garage Above More Than a Post-frame One?

Pole Barn Garages That Do More Than Store

As previously mentioned, pole barn garages can come in a variety of building types. For instance, you can build a straight-forward 2-3 car pole barn garage or even a small one to house 1 vehicle. Beyond that, it can include any additional type of space your imagination can dream up.

  • The man cave or she shed (shouse): A pole barn garage with an added space or a room you can use to get away or hang out with your friends.
interior of man cave pole barn garage with a dirt bike, car and loft stairs
A glimpse inside a man’s cave garage. 8570 Aspenglow Lane detached RV Garage and Man Cave flickr photo by ArtisanGroup shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) license
  • Pole barn garage with loft: Pole barns have open, beamed ceilings affording plenty of space to include a loft for a workshop, apartment or mother-in-law quarters.
  • Pole barn plus garage: Those needing housing for livestock can build stalls on one side and use the other as a garage space for family vehicles and farming equipment.
  • Pole barn garage with apartments: Perhaps you have an adult child or are looking for rental income. Adding an apartment to the expansive upper area of a pole barn garage is a great way to have extra living space.
45' x 30' Barn-like Garage with Second Floor Apartment 3D render
45′ x 30′ Barn-like Garage with Second Floor Apartment.
  • The pole barn-home combination: Many folks are finding that pole barn homes, as well as barndominiums, are a more cost-effective way of owning a brand-new home with ample space. Some have even created custom pole barn homes and garages combined. You can do the same with metal barndominiums as well if you want a separate building for you vehicle

Take a look at this pole barn garage house that exemplifies the “go big or go home” title. This contemporary pole barn garage home is absolutely beautiful and shares the living space with an enormous garage space.

2,896 sq. ft. Barndominium 3D render with attached 3 door garage
An example of 2,896 sq. ft. Barndominium, which can be easily erected on post frame, just like a regular barn.

Interested in Pole Barn Home Above? See the Floorplan or Keep Reading on Garages.

Are your creative juices flowing now? Let’s take that inspiration and apply it to your pole barn garage!

Is Bigger Better? How to Calculate the Space You Need

Depending on the type of pole barn garage you are building, the first thing you will need to do is calculate the space you need. According to the FBI Buildings company, “You should allow one 12’ wide bay per vehicle.” Meaning, you have space for your car or truck and 3’ space around that vehicle. The length or depth of the pole barn garages depends solely on the type of vehicles you are storing or if you want additional space. For instance, if you consider a garage with loft, apartment or pole barn house with a garage you will definitely need to account for more space than your cars only.

“You should allow one 12’ wide bay per vehicle.”

DIY, Pole Barn Garage Kits and Builders: To Buy or DIY, which is Best for You?

So, you have your heart set on building a pole barn garage. You have the choice of building a DIY (do-it-yourself) pole barn garage, purchasing a kit or hiring a builder. Which of these choices is the right one for you? Let’s take a more in-depth look at each so you can decide which option is best for you.

DIY Pole Barn Garage

Building a do-it-yourself pole barn garage is a large undertaking. But if you have building experience, this is the most cost-efficient option of the three. First, you can create your own, custom garage plans. That way, you get exactly what you want. Some pole barn building sites offer free online planning tools that can help you as well.

Second, you can save a great deal of money by shopping for materials that are on sale or even by using reclaimed wood and other materials. In comparison, buying a kit or hiring a pole barn garage builder doesn’t allow you to shop around for money-saving bargains.

Finally, you must remember that your DIY project will require permits from your city as you’ll need to follow certain building specifications for the area in which you live. You can read our article on how to build a pole barn to get step by step tips on obtaining the permits you need as well as watching a video on the building process.


In case you don’t feel very creative with making your own garage plan, here are a few to spark some inspiration. You can always order these plans as well to get the full package with elevations, roof, and various tiny details you might miss if you aren’t a professional drafter or architect. Make sure to at least consult a professional if you were to make your own plans from scratch!

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Note: The plans below can be modified to your liking per request.

36′ x 36′ Barn-like Garage w/ Vaulted Loft
3D render of 36' x 36' pole barn garage with 35' x 28' loft above it white walls grey roof
36′ x 36′ garage with 35′ x 28′ loft above it.
52′ x 36′ Drive-through Post Frame Garage w/ Loft
3D render of two-door 52' x 36' Drive-through Post Frame Garage with a loft above
Two-door 52′ x 36′ Drive-through Post Frame Garage with a loft above
54′ x 36′ Monitor-style Barn Garage w/ Storage Above
3D render of two-door 54' x 36' Monitor-style pole Barn Garage with big storage above
Two-door 54′ x 36′ Monitor-style Barn Garage with big storage above

DIY Garage Costs:

According to Home Advisor, the cost of building a pole barn building, from a shed to a large garage, can range from $4,000 to $50,000. Yes we know, that’s not really helpful haha 🙂 Different companies will quote you different prices and it very much depends on what you want your building to look like. Plus, lumber prices have been rising substantially throughout 2021 as well as coming in high in Q1 of 2022. Thus, you really have to evaluate your predicted costs on a month-to-month basis just because of the general economic trends.

Pole Barn Garage Kits

Pole barn garage kits are the perfect combination of doing it yourself without the guesswork involved. You simply figure out the size you need and purchase a kit online or go to one of the builders listed at the end of this article and custom create your kit.

You can buy standard kits on Menards, Home Depot and sites like New Holland Supply. Or, if you prefer to customize your pole barn garage kit, you can choose a pole building retailer that allows you to put your kit together like Hansen Pole Buildings.

Most all pole barn garage kits include everything you will need to build your own garage and includes the following:

  • Poles, framing materials and trusses
  • All hardware and brackets to hold the building together
  • Roofing material and hardware
  • Siding (whether it’s metal, wood or vinyl)
  • Doors and windows
  • A trim package
  • Instructions and sometimes DVDs.

Garage Kit Pricing:

The prices of pole barn garage kits can vary depending on where you purchase them. For instance, this 25 x 30 x 9 garage from Home Depot is $19,305. And on the other end of the spectrum, this post-frame barn garage kit from the same Home Depot is $77,853. Another example is APB Pole Barns which offers pole barn garages ranging from $15,000 to $28,500 for an RV one. You can clearly see that price ranges vary greatly, but now at least you have got an idea of approx. ranges.

Hire a Builder for Your Pole Barn Garage

If you’re not the DIY type, and many of us aren’t, finding a reputable and competent pole barn garage builder is the right choice for you. The best aspect of hiring a builder is that they handle absolutely everything for you. Basically, you choose the pole barn garage you want and they obtain permits, bring the building materials and build your project from the ground up.

In addition, most all builders back their pole buildings and their craftsmanship with warranties for up to 50 years, some, for a lifetime. But what’s the best way to find a builder in your area? You can use a referral service such as Home Advisor, ask friends and coworkers for recommendations or simply do an internet search for pole barn garage builders in your area.

Another, probably the most time-efficient way we offer to our visitors is filling in the form below. Enter what pole building you’re after and 3 contractors will get back to you with quotes!

Contractors’ Pricing:

Builder prices will vary wildly depending on the size of the company, the types of materials they use, their supply chain, and their contractor’s fees. It really is not worth spending your time too much on figuring out the costs out of a thin air. The best way is to contact the builders in your area or fill out the form above and wait for their phone calls with estimates.

Our Top 3 Pole Barn Garage Builders Accross USA

Still not sure about choosing your garage builder? Take a look at these 3 recommended builders we picked from a bunch. Look at what they have to offer, and if they are available in your state.

Timberline Buildings

White post frame garage with metal siding with two doors erected by Timberline buildings
Regular size post frame garage with two doors. Image via Timberlinebuildings.net

Timberline Buildings has been a fixture of Warren County, Ohio, since 1982 and serves the areas of central and southwestern Ohio. This family-owned business offers its clients custom pole buildings that include residential buildings, livestock and horse barns, storage and garages, business and commercial buildings as well as post frame homes and commercial shelters. They use high quality materials curated from other companies in the state, therefore supporting their community.

In addition to complete buildings, Timberline Buildings has a selection of extras that can be added to your pole barn garage including regular and bale barn windows and shutters, doors of all types (from entry and overhead to sliding barn doors), vents, stalls for livestock and extras like cupolas, insulation, ladders and sky belts.

Serves: Ohio.

Stoltzfus Builders

four door pole barn garage with metal siding and blue roof erected by stoltzfus builders
Beautiful 4 door pole garage. Image via Stoltzfus-builders.com

Stoltzfus Builders was established in 1986 and builds gorgeous custom pole barn garages, residential pole buildings, storage sheds and barns. They specialize in concrete poured walls that add beauty, strength and durability to their custom buildings. In addition, Stoltzfus Builders offers interior finishing such as lofts and other rooms, stairwells and horse stalls. Another builder that supports its community, Stoltzfus Builders obtains their trusses, doors and roofing from other local businesses. And when it comes to finishing work, this company offers metal in 20 different colors as well as wood, vinyl and stone.

Serves: Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and South Jersey.

APB Pole Barns

Red three-door pole barn garage by APB Pole Barns.
Red three-door pole barn garage by APB Pole Barns. Image via Pole-barn.info

APB Pole Barns is based in Texas and provides engineering services and pole barn building kits for garages, housing, dog kennels, aircraft hangers, man caves, and larger buildings for commercial use. They offer construction services as well as high-quality steel kits for the DIY builder which are engineered to the exact specifications as their on-site builds. Impressively, APB Pole Barns has done work for Amtrak and National Park Service in addition to offering their clients financing.

Serves Floorplans: across all states.

Builds: in Texas.

Freaquently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need a garage door for each car on my pole barn garage?

You have that option or you can install one large garage door that is wide enough for your vehicles to enter and exit easily and with plenty of clearance.

What types of materials can my pole barn garage be finished with?

You can finish your pole barn garage with a variety of materials with the most common being metal. Some kits and builders offer your choice of vinyl siding, wood and even brick and stone finishes. You can also combine finishes. For example, you can have wood siding and a metal roof for a rustic look.

Can I build a pole barn garage to store farming equipment and my vehicles?

Yes, you can! When planning your DIY pole barn garage, ordering a kit or speaking to a builder, you can choose to have garage doors of different sizes to accommodate your vehicles and equipment. You can even choose to have separate entrances on opposite ends of your building.

Is a pole barn garage better than a regular garage attached to my house?

That depends on your needs. If you need more room for vehicles and storage, a pole barn garage can be constructed away from your house and you can choose any size you wish. On the other hand, adding an attached garage to your house will require special building permits as it is considered a home addition. Additionally, that puts a substantial size limit on the garage you can build.

Finally, Grab More Inspiration!

With the size and versatility of pole barn garages, you can create nearly any space your heart desires. Whether you just need a quiet place to escape from the kids or are looking to build a pole barn garage home combo, you have choices as to how that space is constructed. You can customize your pole barn garage by DIY building, customizing a kit or relaxing and allowing the professionals to do it for you. And no matter which type of build is right for you, you can get more great ideas from members of our Barndominium Living group or our Metal Building Homes Facebook page. With more than 500,000 fans and over 100,000 community members, you are bound to find even more tips, inspiration, and plans for your future pole barn garage.


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