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Beautiful Dutch Saltbox Home w/ 3 Bedrooms (20 HQ Pictures & Plans)

Due to the high demand for cheap homes, we decided to put one through from our sister site Top Timber Homes straight on this website. Even though it’s from timber you can always use metal siding on it to lower maintenance costs and your time. Go ahead and check this Two-story House Timber Frame Dutch Saltbox with three bedrooms created by Vermont Frames. This house has an outstanding view of nature as there are lush, green trees surrounding the area. You will definitely have a relaxing view every morning, a real beauty to behold.

It has a unique front porch with a touch of vintage design doorstep. There is also a cozy living room with a built-in fireplace where everybody can relax and have some fun. There is also a leather couch in the living room, making you want to snuggle on it all day long. It has a very spacious kitchen area and a bar where you can cook your favorite dishes.

A small dining area is located next to the kitchen. There is also another couch located on the second floor. The three bedrooms are spacious and have a great view of the outside. The bathroom is spacious which is minimalistic in terms of design.

The front porch doesn’t fall short on space either. On the other hand, the house’s foundation is very sturdy and is made of good quality timber frames from Vermont Frames. You can have a cook-out during weekends with family and friends since the lawn is wide enough to accommodate visitors. You can even have a campfire or do stargazing at night. Furthermore, a great parking space is also added right outside the house where you can park your vehicles with ease.

If this timber home is your cup of tea, you can contact Vermont Frames for more details.

Contractor: Vermont Frames

Stats: 1700 sq.ft., 3 bedroom, Size: 24’x36′

Price: Owner Erected Kit*: $32,880, Frame Erected By Our Crew: $36,604, Panels: $20,925

Source: Vermont Frames


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