Comfortable Metal Hobby Garage

A standalone metal hobby garage detached from a cozy house is curated by Morton Buildings. Surrounded by a neatly laid lawn, there are enough things to keep you preoccupied in addition to tending the house and garage. Both external walls and roofs are painted garnet and gray, respectively. Its white coated doors and windows give a good contrast to the overall color scheme. Its attractiveness illuminates in the light of simplicity; this metal hobby garage is a feast for the minimalist eyes. Not to mention that it offers a great deal of comfort and bliss as you get to go around doing what you love.

The garage is spacious enough to house six cars and other tools for mowing the lawn comfortably. Finding a spot for any machine, tool, and even a few cars will never be a problem as the high ceiling augments the largeness of the garage. The interior walls are immaculate and can support shelves for smaller tools and can also hold hooks for dangling more stuff.

Strategically located at the heart of a flawlessly rested lawn, the spacious garage is partnered with a detached living area. A studio type living area enclosed in a bungalow gives you an ample space, if not enormous, living space. Divided into two parts which are the kitchen with dining area and the living room that be used as a makeshift room. Perfectly suited for two dwellers who both share the love for open spaces, the smell of fresh lawn, and the serenity of what seems like a modern countryside.

Stats:  36’W x 12’H x 68’L + 18’W x 10’H x 24’L
Price & Plans: feel free to contact Morton Buildings, project number: B091023235/91-4794



Source: Morton Buildings

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