Cozy Metal Home for Small Families

Quaint and durable is the wonder of this metal house. This cozy home by Morton Buildings is perfect for small families. With this house, you don’t have to worry too much about cost and maintenance. Steel is known to be cost-efficient overall, especially for the long term due to its durability as steel can withstand severe conditions and is resistant to fire and destructive pests. This durability gives the house a longer lifespan than other houses that is made of wood. Because of these, the insurance costs as lesser as compared to the size-like houses built of a different material.

Another wonderful detail about this house is that it is crafted in a way that it does not look like how a typical ‘metal house’ would look like since most people opt not to get metal houses due to the fear of getting a box-like structure. Morton Buildings does not sacrifice the home aesthetics by perfectly crafting the house making it look like a traditional wooden house. Painted with a deep green color with accents of rustic brown, the metal texture looks like wooden planks instead of steel.

Measuring 1470 sq. ft., this one-story residential space is not so abundant in size but is equipped with a layout that allocates the available space efficiently. This metal home also includes a 3456-sq. ft. garage. This generous area also has 2 large garage doors and has enough space for wood or any supplies that you store, vehicles, and even a play area for indoor sports during the weekends and holidays.


Stats:  48’W x 16’H x 72’L + 42’W x 9’4″H x 35’L
Price & Plans: feel free to contact Morton Buildings, project number: B066033160





Source: Morton Buildings

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