Full Metal Building Home with Epic Pool & Stable (10 HQ pictures)

Spacious, Luxurious and comfortable. These are the words that best describe this metal building by Muller Inc. It looks like a typical barn house on the outside but this house isn’t your typical barn house.

This one-storey building is painted with gray that has that matte finish, giving the house a sophisticated look despite the classic structure. The house has a spacious porch that has a view of that magnificent pool. The best place to relax from the scorching heat of the sun. Right across the porch, you can see that magnificent pool.

So, if you feel like taking a plunge, go ahead and enjoy the amazing pool that comes along with this haven. The interior of the house has that classic modern metal works. The pool is surrounded by a dark red pathway emphasizing the grandiose pool.  It has the best view of the house when the sun sets at the back of the house. It gives the house that calming effect.

The best place to unwind

Not far from the house, you can see the stable. The stable, like the exterior of the house, brandish that gray matte finish but when you get inside it, you can see a well-sized cage for the horses. The stable can hold off three or four horses. Aside from that,  the room is bright because of the woodwork on the walls and on the cage. It gives the room that wild west feeling when you get inside it.

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Living in the countryside wouldn’t be so bad if you had this kind of home. Spacious, homey, and elegant. A house that best describes your needs. Muller Inc. makes your country life worth it.

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Source: Muller Inc.


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