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Prefab Pole Barn Home Kits & Top Sellers to Buy From (with reviews)

huge brown pole barn home with front porch and article title
Find your best prefab pole barn home kit manufacturers in this article. Image via Pinterest.

Prefabricated barn-style homes can be the perfect option for homeowners who want to build the home of their dreams without suffering through the long process of traditional construction. There are a number of brands that will make your plans a reality through their prefab pole barn home kit models and tried-and-true techniques.

In order to decide which company is the best to hire, you will need to understand the basic concepts of barn homes and what the process is like. The following questions review the specifics of barn home kits and their construction. If you’d like to skip straight to the manufacturers’ list who sell kits just use the table of contents below to navigate this article like a breeze and jump to the section you’re interested in.

What is a Pole Barn House?

Barn homes maintain the style of outbuildings but are built as a residence instead of a shed for livestock and/or equipment. While it may seem like barns aren’t the most luxurious choice of living space, there are several companies that build sophisticated houses out of the classic style.

Additionally, you will notice that the brands below offer different types of homes, like post and beam homes and pole barn homes. These categories refer to the particular construction frame used.

To illustrate, post and beam homes use high-grade Timber wood frames for durable support. By contrast, pole barn homes are made with posts that are staked into the ground to support the frame and are less dynamic. If you’d like to learn more about pole barn homes from types to floorplans to costs visit our ultimate 101 guide here.

white pole barn home with huge windows
A pole barn home 3D render. Various floorplans are available here.

Why Should I Choose a Prefab Pole Barn Home Kit?

Prefabricated barn homes can be delivered quickly, assembled easily, and customized to your exact taste. The prepared kits are usually well-priced and they can help give a unified style to your home.

Keep reading to learn more about the best kit sellers and builders on the market and find the one that best matches your preferences. If you want to build something that will last forever, consider post and beam companies, as the posts in pole barn frames may deteriorate more easily over time. This is because the poles, which are used as stakes in the ground to add stability to the home, are often made of treated timber wood. If however, metal is your choice of preference, then we suggest exploring barndominiums instead.

These chemicals can be harmful to the environment, and they may not completely prevent the wood from rotting in the long run. Pole barn home kits are ideal for those looking for fast construction at a slightly lower cost. Logically, you will want to consider the pole barn home providers if you want to build your home on a budget and get most of its parts delivered to your land for assembly.

What Exactly is a Prefab Pole Barn Home Kit?

Prefab kits are packages that arrive at your property partially put together. They include all of the necessary pieces that are assembled to make the home, and instructions on how to do so. The most important distinction of brands that sell home kits is that the company itself usually doesn’t complete the home assembly for you on your property. Most of the time they connect their clients to trusted builders close to their location. Sometimes kit manufacturers do have their own assembly teams who are willing to travel to your location.

a man with safety helmet inspecting timber frame of pole barn home kit
You can either hire a contractor or assemble a prefab pole barn kit yourself.

Do I Need to Know How to Build it?

Not necessarily. You can also hire a contractor to assemble the delivery for you. As mentioned above, some of the companies below have established networks of contacts to find the right person to build yours. For those who don’t, you will need to contact local builders in your area to assist you with the project. Or if you’re someone who is willing to give it a shot and DIY build your kit or at least become your own general contractor, then we recommend having a look at this article on how to DIY a pole barn in 7 steps. Although, in this case building a pole barn home might need a few extra steps. Just keep that in mind 🙂

Keep on reading to find the best prefab barn home kits available to order online as well as a list of well-established contractors with main pros and cons as well as customer reviews.

Top Builders that Sell Prefab Barn Home Kits Online Just Like That

DC Structures

huge prefab pole barn home kit in brown color by DC Structures
Epic finished pole barn home kit manufactured by DC Structures. Image via

With these prefab pole barn home kits, you can expect to wait for 30 to 50% less time than you would with traditional construction. The simplified construction process of DC Structures allows them to provide you with thousands of options and an excellent finished product.

DC Structures Pros

Unique Style

The barn kits made by DC Structures have a consistent, traditional style. The striking wood structures have clean finishes and functional designs and there are six barn kit home models to choose from.

DC Structures Cons

Imperfect Rating

While DC Structures has proven to be a reliable brand to customers like the one below, they don’t have a significant number of reviews online. Also, not all of the reviews available have been positive.

What Others Have To Say About DC Structures:

‘DC Structures has been a pleasure to work with. They are organized, have a great design team and fulfilled our wildest expectations’

  • Trevor B. on Yelp (source)
  • Hansen Pole Buildings

    Completed timber prefab pole barn home kit by Hansen Pole Buildings in autumn
    Completed prefab pole barn home kit by Hansen Pole Buildings. Image via

    Hansen Pole Buildings supplies prefabricated pole barn home kits that look and feel as modern as they are. The company offers superior quality without a high price tag, and even manufactures homes for those outside of the continental United States.

    Contrator’s Benefits

    Price Match Guarantee

    In fact, Hansen promises to match any lower price that you are able to find from a competitor for the same building. With this brand, you don’t have to worry about paying superfluous charges.

    Contrator’s Drawbacks

    International Self-Shipping

    Receive Quotes from Multiple Barndominium Builders & Kit Providers Near You Today (It's Free!)

    Fill in this 1-minute form below and receive estimates for your project without having to find them yourself! Let them do the work.

    While it’s great that Hansen Buildings is willing to sell to homeowners of any geographical location, they can’t arrange shipping outside of the Continental U.S., so those in other places would need to pick the kit up at one of their distribution locations and arrange the logistics yourself.

    Note: make sure to double-check on that, companies improve every day.

    What Others Have to Say About Hansen Pole Buildings:

    ‘Hansen Pole building is a great company.  The customer is phenomenal not something you see much of these days. Any questions or issues I had where resolved within hours.  It it great when you can pick up the phone and talk to someone who knows the answer to your questions. I can’t say enough about Hansen. I would recommend them to anyone.‘

  • Javier Abarca on Google (source)
  • Davis Frame Co.

    grey farmhouse barn kit fully assembled with wrap around porch by Davis Frame Co
    Farmhouse-style prefab home kit with a wrap-around porch. Image via

    Davis Frame Company works to build its customers a home that will pass through generations in your family. Moreover, they customize the prefab pole barn house kit template according to your preferences so that you are sure to like the result.

    Contractor’s Pros

    Phase Building

    Conveniently, Davis Frame Co. divides the process into two stages for your peace of mind. The first is the simplified design phase and the second is the efficient building phase.

    Contractor’s Cons

    Nationwide Service Only

    The excellent barn home kits will unfortunately not be accessible to those outside of the U.S., with the exception of the Caribbean. Within the United States, Davis Frame Company has cutting facilities on both the East and West coast for optimal nationwide shipping.

    Note: make sure to double-check on that, companies improve every day.

    What Others Have To Say About Davis Frame Co.:

    ‘Jeff Davis, and all the staff at Davis Frame Company, are remarkable to work with. They not only respond to every issue or question with speed and knowledge but even think of the “unasked questions” to avoid problems down the road. We were so impressed with the Davis Frame process, from initial site visit, to plant tour, to architectural review, to the trucks rolling into the driveway (with Jeff himself there to welcome the first one!). It has been the ultimate ‘incredible journey’ building our timber-frame hybrid home with Davis Frame Company. We are grateful…we are awed…and we are telling everyone we know. Our home is still a work-in-progress, but we can’t say enough good about the quality of the materials, the beauty of the joinery, the resolution of issues, and the highly pleasing esthetic of the end product.’

  • touchofspirit on Houzz (source)
  • Barn Pros

    Elegant finished pole barn kit in brown color by Barn Pros
    A completed prefab pole barn kit manufactured by Barn Pros. Image via

    This company is a good choice for those interested in pole barn home designs. Barn Pros provides timber frame preafab barn style home kits in a variety of styles. Additionally, they offer free shipping on most packages within the continental U.S.

    Benefits of Barn Pros

    Simple Process

    Follow three easy steps and wait for the prefab pole barn home kit to arrive on your property. To start, select a model. Then, Personalize the package to fit your plans. Finally, Order the custom home and receive it within a few weeks.

    Drawbacks of Barn Pros

    Requires Know-how

    Though the employees work diligently to inform their customers throughout the process, the instruction manual might leave something to be desired. For this reason, be prepared to improvise parts of the assembly.

    Note: make sure to double-check on that, companies improve every day.

    What Others Have To Say About Barn Pros:

    ‘Barn Pros are very resourceful, professional, and very courteous! They are also very user friendly and accountable. I definitely would recommend them.‘

  • Andy on Houzz (source)
  • Sand Creek Post & Beam

    three storey brown barn house with huge chimney and big windows in purple sky
    Barn house in its entire beauty. Image via

    Sand Creek Post & Beam is an eco-friendly brand that donates 10 pine or fir trees when you buy a home from them. These fascinating barn style homes are made with Eastern Red Cedar Wood which doesn’t require treatment. Their resilient homes are built to resist snow and wind, so they’re more than a pretty facade.

    Pros of Sand Creek Post & Beam

    Binational Shipping

    Sand Creek offers barn style kit homes to residents of both the United States and Canada. They also quote delivery prices solely based on what it costs to ship so that you don’t pay more than you have to.

    Cons of Sand Creek Post & Beam

    Post & Beam Specifics

    Honestly, we did not find any drawbacks of this contractor online. Make sure to double-check testimonials and past customer reviews. You can always join our Barndominium Living Facebook group and ask if someone bought pole barn home kits form them.

    What Others Have To Say About Sand Creek Post & Beam: 

    ‘In all areas, Sand Creek Post and Beam exceed my expectations. From the quality of the product to the support and customer service Sand Creek shined! I would highly recommend this company to anyone considering a barn or barn home. I purchased both.’

  • jlievense on Houzz (source)
  • Yankee Barn Homes

    white elegant prefab barn home kit with a pool and a big green lawn by Yankee Barn Homes
    Elegant pole barn home kit manufactured by Yankee Homes. Image via

    Yankee Barn Homes is another post and beam house company that is over 45 years old. The brand has grown from one simple home model that only takes five days to assemble from delivery. Today, they make stunning barn-style models and their kits of all kinds.

    Pros of Yankee Barn Homes

    Human Resources

    To take the weight off of your shoulders, this brand is thoroughly connected. If you need someone to assemble your kit, Yankee Barn Homes can introduce you to a builder in your area or send their crew to do the job for you.

    Cons of Yankee Barn Homes

    Regional Ambiguity

    Yankee Barn Homes is located in New Hampshire and labeled as a national provider, but you’ll need to contact them to make sure they deliver to your property and find out the exact costs.

    Note: make sure to double-check on that, companies improve every day.

    What Others Have To Say About Yankee Barn Homes:

    ‘Yankee Barn designed and manufactured my home last year. They worked diligently to meet my needs and timeline, going above and beyond to make sure things went smoothly. Throughout the construction project they gave advice and helped me procure necessary materials that did not come with my home package. They helped me stay within my budget by making design recommendations and offering material substitutions that would meet my needs. They have a great friendly team, everyone from the designers, sales, and builders. I would recommend them to anyone looking to build a high quality, beautiful post and beam home at a reasonable price!’

  • Aaron Flewelling on Houzz (source)
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    To Sum Everything Up

    Every one of these companies provides prefabricated pole barn home kits with a unique style and exceptional details. Some of these homes look so amazing that they hardly resemble a barn in the first place. Depending on whether you want a more traditional structure or an unparalleled construction, we are sure you will find your dream home contractor among these reputable brands.

    Choose the prefab pole barn home kit that best suits your preferences and start the process today. Whether your next step is to order a brochure or to place an online order, this article has all of the essential information needed to help you move in that direction.

    For additional resources, you can visit our Facebook page and gain informational support throughout the process. You can also join the Barndominium Living Facebook group to connect with like-minded buyers and builders. To find the perfect style for your new home, consult design ideas on the Metal Building Homes’ Pinterest board.

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