Facade of the house

Amazing Metal Home w/ Entertainment Room!

Extravagance and practicality win today! If you’re looking for a pad, a cave to hole into, or the ultimate hangout to go to all-time or live in? This home may just be the perfect one for you. This amazing two-story home by Morton Buildings boasts an outstanding size of 5400 sq ft.  This house is perfect for those who enjoy indoor and outdoor recreational activities.

Closer view of the 4 car doors of the garage

The first level allocates a large space for a garage with 4 car doors on the side and one large door at the front perfect for storing multiple vehicles, sports equipment, and other items and materials that you need for your activities. It also has a living space with large glass windows. The second level is packed with an entertainment room, large living spaces, and luxurious bath and bedrooms. It also has an upper patio area for more space for recreation.

Its simple facade adds to the charm! The neutral colors of the house create a contrast from its environment that makes the house pop without being overbearing. Created with quality steel, this house is not only perfect for your recreational needs, but it is also a great investment. If you’re looking to eventually selling your hobby pad, steel structures tend to increase in value as compared to the wooden structures that depreciate.

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Entertainment room

But if you’re looking for a home for the long term, this house requires very minimal upkeep. Steel structures will not burn nor support combustion. It is also able to withstand severe weather conditions and can resist destructive pests.

Stats:  60’W x 19’H x 90’L

Price & Plans: feel free to contact Morton Buildings, project number: B058028402

Source: Morton Buildings


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