External view of the garage and annex for a living space

Perfect Hobby Garage for Collectors (With Living Area)

The exterior is painted with earth tone colors without the slightest hint of what you are about to witness once you step indoors. Be awe-struck with this immaculately white and vast garage; definitely every car collector’s ultimate dream garage!

View of the perfect garage for your car collection

Marvel at this dumbfounding creation by Morton Buildings which is exquisitely spotless from ceiling to floor and absolutely welcoming to all your collections! You can never go wrong with vast and well-lit space. However, the main star will still be your car collection despite the garage’s astounding look.

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This perfect hobby garage has three rolling doors which are huge enough to pass through all your car assemblage from compact to big cars. Another two doors for human passage and an ample number and size of a window should you decide to invite the wind to enter the haven of your collection.

Cozy living room with fireplace

A huge space for your car collection, why not? The good news does not stop there because another wing offers you living space for your own. You can be with your collection day in and day out! The living space is surprising in its own way!

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Take a break from bright walls and relax with its dim blue interior walls and wooden furniture. It almost emits the vibe that you are living in a log house and not within a metal exterior wall. The living area is roomy enough to have a distinct place for the kitchen, bedrooms, and living room with a fireplace.

The kitchen has ample space with a center table where the dishwasher is installed. Enjoy watching the television in the spacious living room with a comfortable couch and a La-Z-Boy near the fireplace. The bedroom is just charming with its full wooden framed bed and wooden cabinets with intricate details.

Stats:  42’W x 10’H x 120’L + 60’W x 12’H x 250’L

Price & Plans: feel free to contact Morton Buildings, project number: B091034833

Source: Morton Buildings


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