Superb Metal Building Home w/ Carport & Porch (HQ Pictures)

This minimal-looking bungalow masterpiece made by Morton Buildings is a brilliant design for families with smaller members. The off-white wall and taupe roof matched with lush green scenery give a cozy atmosphere, thus making it an ideal place to unwind, contemplate about something in particular, and/or just simply enjoy the scenery.

The huge lawn allows children to run and play freely whenever they can while it can also be a perfect spot for birthday parties, picnics, and other outdoor activities.

Apart from small families, this type of structure is very much compatible for elderly and small children since going up and down to their respective rooms from time to time is no longer necessary, minimizing accidents like falling off the stairs.

On the outside, you can see the porch and the carport, as part of the house’s beautiful accessory. The porch is simply built with five supports arranged in proportion. The simple wall panel attached vertically helps in garnering a classy effect, plus it also gives an illusion of making the house look tall.

The carport, on the other hand, is perfectly positioned on the side of the house with cemented pathway for smooth driving. Parking and accessing the car is easier due to the fact that it is an open space. An A-shaped roof supported by wood on the other side is attached to protect the car from sunlight, rain, and snow.

If you are into small, simple houses with big lawn, this is definitely perfect for you.

Stats: 30’W x 9’H x 40’L (1200 sq. ft.), wainscot, cupola, shingled roof, porch, carport.
Plan: contact Morton Buildings, project number: 29-2272.



Source: Morton Buildings

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