Unique Lakeside Metal Storage Building

If you plan to get away from it all and find your own personal haven, look no further. This beautiful lakeside hobby garage from Morton Buildings has got you covered literally and figuratively. Located in Auburn, IN, this picturesque storage building has a driveway leading up to it. The American flag is seen from a flagpole in the small driveway garden, showing off the proud patriotic values of its owner.

This large building is literally beside a lake. It is made of Morton’s Hi-Rib Steel and Morton’s Energy Performer Insulation Package, ensuring you a high and reliable quality that can last for years to come. Its exterior is painted white— perfect for the sun’s rays and reflections. Thus, saving you some energy on cooling, and the roof is a beautiful navy color. It has two porches, making it easier to store materials inside the building. Cupolas and windows with shutters are also present to help eliminate lighting costs by allowing natural light to enter the building. Eyebrow overhangs are another feature of this beautiful storage house, making sure that in the event of stormy weather, rain won’t splatter on the metal garage door and cause it to corrode. Wainscot not only helps in the architectural beauty of the building, but it also helps in strengthening its durability.

The spacious garage has a lot of space for your various lakeside hobby equipment. This unique lakeside metal garage is remarkably structured with an equally appealing view. Don’t miss the lakeside home of your dreams!


Stats: 36’W x 11’H x 60’L + 30’W x 10’H x 30’L

Price & Plans: feel free to contact Morton Buildings, project number: 100-3734



Source: Morton Buildings

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