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Steel Frame Homes w/ Limestone Exterior & More! (10 HQ Pictures)

Circle J buildings is a company that specialized in the construction of metal buildings and homes. An example of their work is shown below. Given the shape and styling of the exterior, the building looks like a barn. In reality, it is actually a house which is given away by the second floor, complete with its doors and windows.

The initial view of the house prior to completion of the porch

A spacious garage also ensures that there is enough space for a family and their guests to park their vehicles in. However, what makes the building appealing is how the company constructed the home in the first place.

The pictures below show how much attention to detail Circle J Buildings puts in construction in order for the home to be structurally sound. Multiple supports are found from the base of the house, up to the ceiling, despite it already being made of metal. On the other hand, the limestone exterior provides a touch of country style to the house, reminding the residents that the house is a place for food and shelter, rest and relaxation.

The limestone exterior welcomes the guests

The spacious outdoor also welcomes the families to do some outdoor activities around the house. With a lot of room to run around, the kids will surely enjoy the wide open space provided by the floor layout.

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Source: Circle J Buildings


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