Rhino Steel Buildings – Should You Build With Them? (Review)

A brown barndominium. Image via rhinobldg.com

As you are planning a construction project such as a barndominium, the most crucial decision you can make is getting a  builder to trust with your project. This decision can mean the difference between the success and failure of any build. This is why we have put together this article reviewing Rhino Steel Buildings. We have done the homework, so you don’t have to. 

Rhino Steel Building Systems, based in Texas, offers metal building kits and structural design for almost all types of steel buildings. We will go through their advantage and disadvantages, client reviews, and everything you need to know about this builder so you can decide whether or not to choose them.

Rhino Steel Buildings Overview

Rhino Steel Building Systems is a company that provides metal building kits and structural design services for various types of steel buildings. With their headquarters in Texas, they have 7 shipping locations, and they can ship anywhere across the continental United States, delivering metal buildings to customers. They offer high-quality features in all their metal buildings, setting them apart from other prefabricated steel building companies.

A brown Barndominium with a porch and wide lawn
A brown barndominium. Image via rhinobldg.com


Rhino Steel Building Systems has a long history, having been founded in 1998. The company is known for its knowledgeable management and sales consultants, who have extensive experience in the construction of prefabricated steel buildings. Over the years, Rhino has delivered thousands of buildings across the US, Canada, and Mexico and has established a strong reputation, reflected in its A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. A significant portion of the company’s business is generated by repeat customers and referrals, a testament to the quality of its products and services.    

a black barndominium with small window and a white door.
A sleek black barndominium. Image via rhinobldg.com

Products and Services

Rhino Steel provides prefabricated steel buildings for a range of purposes. The great thing about metal buildings is that they have an openly spaced interior due to having no load-bearing walls. They are like a blank canvas for any floor plan ideas that you have. Their metal building kits are cut, welded, and drilled at the factory and will be ready for on-site assembly. These structures arrive ready to bolt together. They claim that their buildings are extremely easy to assemble; this means that the construction time is shorter compared to traditional building methods. Therefore, costs are significantly lower. 

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a brown barndominium with a wide lawn.
A brown barndominium. Image via rhinobldg.com

Rhino Steel offers a complete solution for steel building construction, with features such as commercial-grade rigid-steel framing, prefab parts for easy assembly, bolts for strong connections, and framing for door openings up to 30 feet wide. The company also provides steel building trim in various colors and guarantees that the framing meets or exceeds local building codes. Other services include Engineer-Stamped Plans with a Letter of Certification, a steel anchor-bolt plan, and a comprehensive Installation Manual and Construction DVD for added support and convenience.

a single-story grey barndominium with a porch and a red roof.
A single-story grey barndominium. Image via rhinobldg.com

Their prefabricated steel buildings can be built for virtually unlimited purposes. Rhino Steel can provide a prefab kit if you need a warehouse, an aircraft hangar, a barn, or a barndominium. If you want to learn more about metal buildings being used as homes, you can check out our article on the pros and cons of metal building homes.

The durability advantage is something common in steel buildings. However, Rhino Steel makes a point by designing its steel buildings for strength and durability for decades. In addition, Rhino’s buildings and other structures include standard features offered as add-ons by other builders. For example,Their buildings include many waterproofing features without additional costs. 

a black barndominium with a porch and  a white garage door.
A black barndominium. Image via rhinobldg.com


The cost of a metal building is determined by several key factors. This includes its size, type, materials used, location, and the complexity of its design. For instance, larger buildings with more complex designs will cost more. Warehouses will have different requirements and features than a barndominium; therefore, barndominium costs will be higher. Using higher-grade materials also drives up the cost of a building. 

In addition, local labor costs, building codes, transportation costs, and any additional features or upgrades such as windows, doors, electrical, and plumbing systems will impact the overall costs. The good news is that Rhino Steel has a feature on their website where you can design a metal building with the custom features they offer. After that, you can request a quote. Head over to their website to design your building and request a quote. 

Client Testimonials 

Looking into what their past clients say is a great way to better understand what to expect if you decide to work with Rhino Steel. Below are a couple of client reviews.

“I started working with Randy last year to get a building engineered and on order.  He did an excellent job understanding my project, timeline and location. He did a great job helping me understand their structures and engineering process. Due to the manufacturing time line and winter in Montana they worked with me to deliver the building when we were ready for it.

Ada has been great at coordinating the delivery based on our timeline as well as processing an additional order we needed more trim and screws (we added windows and additional doors after we ordered the building) Our contractor has been in the process of putting it up and has mentioned multiple times how happy he has been with the erection process has been. When he has had questions Jeff has been quick to respond.  The entire Rhino team has been great to work with.”

Dan Sherwood. Source: Google Reviews

“I totally love the building I alone built, with the help of Rhino Manufacturing, Sales associate Kristyn, and the other technical assistants I asked of along the way. Rhino staff were all kind and extremely helpful to me with the design and then answer construction questions I had along the way in erecting this structure.I wanted the overhead extension you see, as well as  adding my own sliding barn doors to accentuate the look. Their pricing was fair in comparison with other companies and delivery was prompt.”

Dave Knowles. Source: Google Reviews

If you want more reviews, you can join our Facebook group and ask those who have previously worked with Rhino Stee.

Advantages and Disadvantages 


  • Premium features with no extra costs. The features are typically upgrade options among other builders but come with standard Rhino buildings. These include 26-gauge high tensile PBR steel roof and wall panels.
  • A wide range of options to enhance the form and function of your metal building. This includes various canopy designs, colored steel panels for walls and roofs, doors, insulation, and lighting. They also offer interior walls and ceilings. If you have a custom floor plan, ensure this is discussed in the planning stage. Our Instagram account can provide ideas and inspiration for custom designs.
  • Buildings are easy to erect. Due to how they are designed and fabricated, metal buildings from Rhino are generally easy to erect. If you ever need any help, they offer one of the best customer services in the industry.
  • Expert assistance. Rhino offers expert advice to help you determine the type of building that suits your needs. Whether you need to build a commercial building or an aircraft hangar, their experienced team can help you design a building that meets your needs.
  • They can service all US states. Rhino Steel can deliver metal buildings to all states in the continental US, including Florida, Georgia, Texas, Ohio, North Carolina, and Illinois


  • No financing partners. It is important to keep in mind that Rhino Steel does not offer help with financing. You need to plan things out accordingly, especially if you are planning to build a house. The good thing is that there are many ways to finance a metal building home.
  • No construction crew. Rhino Steel has no construction team, so they cannot help erect the buildings they sell. However, they have a network of independent contractors that can help their clients with construction.

Should You Choose Rhino Steel Buildings?

Rhino Steel Buildings is a well-established company known for providing quality products and services. By closely examining their offerings and how they treat their clients, You should choose Rhino Steel Buildings to help you with your project. Metal building homes and other alternative housing solutions, such as prefab homes, shipping container homes, and pole barn homes, have been gaining popularity in recent years. If you want to look into more of these kinds of houses, check out our Pinterest account

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