Barndominium for Florida State Guide

Building a Barndominium in Florida | Best 2024 Guide

Barndominium for Florida state guide
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Florida, well known as the “Sunshine State” due to its mostly sunny and tropical climate, is rapidly becoming a sought-after area in the US to own property and build barndominiums. In fact, barndo construction is so well-liked in Florida that more and more people are choosing to build this way and no longer prefer conventional construction options.

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Can You Build a Barndominium in Florida?

You can certainly build your barndo in Florida! With plenty of unoccupied land ready for development and so many people across the state preferring this construction style, you can’t go wrong if you choose to build your dream barndominium in Florida. And, with Florida being a large state, you can build further inland or on beachfront property.

If you are getting increasingly excited at the prospect of building your very own barndo in Florida, continue reading our article, which will provide answers to your questions and extensive, detailed information on every aspect of this type of construction. 

Florida Barndominiums Overview 

With the climate in Florida being warm and sunny for most of the year, more and more people are choosing to live in the state. Building a barndominium has become a faster and more efficient way to build in Florida. The time frame to construct a barndo can take as little as four to six months, compared to conventional building structures, which take at least a year to complete.

The fact that barndo construction takes much less time also makes it far more cost-effective to choose metal structure construction in Florida. This not only gives you far more flexibility with your budget because of less building material costs and fewer labor costs, but it allows you more time to focus on the decor and interior design of your barndo. This allows you to create a gorgeous, unique space.

Bear in mind, too, that your barndominium building is easily customizable, allowing you to create however many spaces you wish to, depending on the size of your structure. The phrases ‘multi-purpose’ and ‘dual purpose’ are often used when referring to barndos because you can create a separate living area for your family and utilize other parts of the structure for storage, an office, or even a shop area.

Florida is equipped with all that is required to build your barndo. Check our Barndominium 101 Guide to get a sense of just how much a barndo offers you and your family. And even your business if you plan to run it from your new home. 

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Barndominium homes are far quicker to complete than conventional homes, and in Florida, your building project could be completed in as little as 4 – 6 months.
  • Barndominium homes are available with metal structure frames as well as barndo post and beam frames. The metal structure frame option is more robust and resilient when building in Florida. 
  • The metal frame structure is particularly advantageous considering this state’s high humidity levels and the general climate. The metal frame is ideal for avoiding mold and decay caused to traditional buildings, which could lead to significant maintenance and repair costs.
  • A barndo in Florida is perfectly suited to accommodate your home, a home office, a business, storage space, or even a shop. Numerous options are available.
  • With a barndo, the partitions used for the interior make no difference to the structure, which is independently erected. This makes the barndo so customizable because you can move or remove internal partitions to change the interior floor plan of your structure at any time.
  • Maintenance of barndos is far less expensive than traditional homes. In Florida, a good contractor can repair the damage easily. With a reputable contractor’s assistance, it is possible to build to avoid potential weather or even accidental damage.
  • The cost of building a barndominium in Florida is affordable and generally less than that of a conventional home. This is a big plus! You can spend more money on the contents of your structure and have more options when customizing the interior of your space.


  • Although the metal structure barndo can withstand certain high wind speeds, some exterior and structural damage may still occur during a severe hurricane in Florida.


As is the case with most states in the US, the regulations for building a barndominium home are regulated for Florida, and it will also depend on the area in Florida you choose to build in. A local professional contractor (we have listed some of the most reputable contractors for you below) will have the expertise to advise you regarding precise barndominium regulations.


Barndominium taxes are payable in Florida, as in any other US state. Here we recommend you employ the expertise of a local tax assessor to come out and do a complete property as well as a proposed floor plan assessment. This can be done before construction and will be a useful rough estimate to consider while budgeting.

Once the building project is complete, the tax assessor can give you precise figures regarding the taxes payable for your barndominium and whether the areas utilized for different purposes within your new barndo carry different taxes payable in Florida.


One of the most necessary steps to take into consideration is barndominium insurance. You are investing in your future when you build your dream home and/ or office space and will spend a considerable amount of money to complete your construction project. So, it is only natural that you would want to protect your barndo by getting the necessary insurance agreement in place with a solid insurance company.

Factors to consider and discuss with a qualified insurance adviser include weather conditions in the area you choose to build. Your chosen floor plan is also something to discuss with a professional to avoid under-insuring. Separating insurance for the contents of each space being utilized for a different purpose is also imperative.  

Several factors will contribute to your insurance premium payment, and it is crucial that you make a sensible decision in this instance and seek advice from a qualified professional.


For most people embarking on a project as big as building a barndo brings significant financial stress. The financial side plays an important role because, as you have realized, it is an investment and not a decision to be taken lightly. Securing barndominium financing can alleviate this anxiety and avoid unnecessary complications. 

Finding the right financing organization for your barndo project is the obvious route. You will be required to provide accurate building and floor plans for the structure you wish to finance. Also, remember that securing finance and dealing with a reputable financing institution will ensure you budget correctly, stay within your means, and achieve your desired barndo.

Financing in Florida

In Florida, there are financing institution options available to assist you. One of the top suggestions is Farm Bureau Bank, which provides financing to customers across the USA. With a dedicated service team and over two decades in business, they also specialize in financing agricultural projects and could be a good option if you are considering your barndo for a purpose more suited to this.

We also recommend Farm Credit of Northwest Florida, situated in Marianna. They are specialists in providing accurate information regarding financing and securing financing for barndominium construction. Both of these institutions are trusted financial institutions and experts in financing barndo construction projects.

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Choosing the right building company is one of the most crucial decisions when building a barndominium. There are certainly many companies in Florida providing this service; however, not all of them have the knowledge and expertise you will require to ensure that constructing your barndo is as effortless and goes as smoothly as you want. 

The expert building companies will have all the experience and information to provide you with the guidance required during each step of the process. With so many companies to choose from, we have compiled a list of the most efficient and qualified building companies for you to look at when deciding which builder to choose. 

Riken Construction & Design, LLC

This company has been in the construction business for over 30 years and has assisted clients with building projects from start to completion for both residential and commercial buildings. They have two office locations in Florida, one in Sanford and the other in Altamonte Springs.

Kessler Construction

This company prides itself on being forward-thinking, specializing in building custom homes for clients. They have excellent reviews and are a good choice when choosing a construction company to build your barndo for you! Their office is situated in Tallahassee, Florida.

CC Welding & Construction

This company has several years of experience in metal construction. They are also well known for creating unique structures and going the extra mile to make your barndominium even more distinctive.

D & B Builders, Inc

With over 35 years of experience in the construction industry, this company takes pride in providing clients with outstanding service from start to finish of a building project. They are an excellent choice and are located in Molino, Florida.

Morton Buildings, Inc

Located in Gainesville, this business has ample years of experience in the construction business. They have experience in residential as well as commercial buildings and certainly know exactly what they are doing when it comes to building barndominiums! If you’re not convinced, read our review on Morton Buildings!

Greene Construction Inc

This is another great company to choose for your barndo construction in Florida. They have completed several projects in the state and are well accustomed to building a barndominium that will suit all your requirements.

All the companies listed above have the experience and the ability to build your barndo throughout Florida. We also have a list for you of the top barndominium builders and contractors with branches across most areas in the USA.

Kit Providers

Worldwide Steel Buildings

Trusted and reliable, our extensive research on this company confirms that it is an excellent option when deciding on which kit provider to choose. We have an extensive review for you to look at regarding this company. They can ship your barndo kit to Florida.

General Steel Buildings

Another good choice when choosing a kit provider is this building company. They can ship your barndo kit to Florida, and for any additional information about this kit provider, you need only take a look at our General Steel Buildings review.  

Check the builders we listed in the section above as well. Chances are they will be able to guide you to find a solid kit provider in most of the US. 

Our detailed section on experienced barndo kit providers & kit builders across the USA is another great resource we have added for you on our site. The list is comprehensive, and the building companies we mention are eager to assist you in getting the barndo kit you require to where you would like to build in Florida.   


Now we come to one of the most important sections for you in our article. You are probably already asking yourself what it will cost to build your dream barndo in Florida, right? Our barndominium cost calculator is here to assist you with your budget and to work out the price to build your barndominium home in Florida.  

All the factors involved, particularly those discussed above, are included when evaluating the estimated price you will pay to accomplish your dream of living in your own barndo. Your chosen and ideal building and floor plans will also be a significant factor in the cost calculation process, as will the area you have chosen to purchase property and build in the state.

Generally, metal construction in Florida is relatively cost-effective, and building materials are easily sourced. You should budget around $95 to $230 per square foot in Florida. Remember again that the actual amount you will spend depends on factors such as the size of the barndo, your chosen floor plan, and other factors we have covered above. 

Planning your barndo project requires careful budgeting. Certain required and essential features are not included in the barndominium structure. Features such as adequate insulation and HVAC to your barndo will be required at an additional cost. You will also have to pay for the provision of electricity to your brand-new building. Access to running water will also need to be arranged and budgeted for. This is where an experienced contractor can assist and advise you. 

Even better news for you is that more and more competitors providing barndo construction are entering the market throughout the US. Competitors are keeping their prices affordable and improving their standards to build barndos for more people and businesses in all states.

Where Can You Build a Barndo in Florida?

Barndominiums can be built throughout most parts of Florida. They are growing in popularity due to the higher resistance of metal to the hurricanes that Florida experiences often and the lower cost of barndominium construction; the trend is moving towards more and more prospective homeowners choosing this type of construction to that of a conventional building.

Things to Consider Before Building a Barndominium in Florida

Below we highlight important factors for you to consider when deciding to build and live in a barndo in Florida. These factors address matters to be pondered carefully and conscientiously. So give yourself some time to imagine, reflect and also be practical. The goal is to fulfill your dream of living in and owning your ideal barndo in Florida!


The area you choose to build your barndo in Florida should suit your desired lifestyle as well as your family’s needs. With Florida being a large state, you have several options. Building your new home on property closer to or even on the coast is a great option, but it will be more costly. You can also build away from the coast towards the inner section of the state, which is more rural, with lower land prices.

Floor plan

Choosing the appropriate floor plan is exciting and something to be confident about when making your decision. The floor plan you choose should align with what you plan on utilizing your barndominium for. The size of the property you purchase should be able to accommodate the floor plan you decide is best for you. Remember to carefully decide how many levels you wish to build.

Interior design & Decor

With so many options to customize the interior of the structure you choose, the decisions regarding how you will decorate the interior of your barndo should suit not only the different spaces within the building but should also absolutely fit in with your creative and practical requirements. 

Your Budget

Your budget for your construction project should remain in line with what you can afford. Carefully considering all the factors that impact the building cost will give you peace of mind. 

Are you ready?

Just a question to ask yourself! Are you ready to live in Florida for the next five to ten years? At the end of the day, you are investing in a brand new home and way of life, so it is wise to choose the location you see yourself in for a substantial amount of years.

With great albums filled with exceptional ideas and images, why not visit our Pinterest account and become inspired as you quietly reflect on the above factors and, most importantly, your decisions regarding each? You could even fill your own boards with exciting and interesting options.

Is it Worth Building a Barndo in Florida?

A resounding “Yes!” to building a barndominium in Florida. Not only should you see a return on your investment within some years of completing this building project in this state, but you and your family will reap further rewards. A better quality of life and customization options to accommodate any future needs you and/ or your business may have at any time in the future. 

We invite you to check out our barndominium construction guide to familiarize yourself with the whole barndo building process, from laying the foundation of the structure right up to the roof. Having another look at the floor plans and the ideas on our site should inspire you even more!


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