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BONE Structure In-Depth Review (Are They Worth It?)

A picturesque two-story wooden brown barn nestled amidst a serene countryside landscape.
A two-story wooden brown barn with wrap around porch. Image via

BONE Structure manufactures modern prefabricated homes and ships products anywhere in North America. They are at the forefront of modern housing options and an excellent choice for a sustainable and energy-efficient home. 

This article aims to elaborate more about BONE Structure and its products and services as well as look at the advantages and disadvantages of working with them. Also included in the article is some feedback from previous customers about their experience working with this company. 

BONE Structure Overview

This section will tell you more about this builder, give you a brief company history, and have a comprehensive look at its products and services. We will also tell you more about its strengths and weaknesses. 


BONE Structure is a home manufacturing company built in 2005 by Marc A. Bovet. Although the company’s head office is located in Quebec, Canada, it also has an office in San Francisco, California

A picturesque two-story wooden barn nestled in a serene countryside.
A two-story wooden barn. Image via

Products and Services

Let’s check out the different products and services BONE structure offers. 

 A striking two-story barn painted in contrasting white and black hues.
A two-story white and black barn. Image via

Modular homes

Building prefabricated houses is the crux of BONE Structure. They have a selection of modular homes that customers can choose from. One example is their OS752 model. It is a two-story structure with a total area of 2,215 square feet. If you want something a bit smaller, their OS301-S is a bungalow-type house with a total square footage of 1,705 square feet. 

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An expansive, picturesque lawn with lush green grass.
A beautiful wide lush green lawn barn. Image via

Custom Design Services

BONE Structure offers custom design services if you want a prefabricated house but do not like its existing models. You can work with their in-house designers to develop a unique floor plan that caters to your needs and preferences. 

A picturesque two-story wooden brown barn nestled amidst a serene countryside landscape.
A two-story wooden brown barn with wrap around porch. Image via

Options and upgrades

BONE Structure offers a wide range of upgrades to their prefabricated houses. What’s great about this company is that they offer upgrades you won’t usually see with other builders. 

They offer the usual upgrades, like custom lighting features. However, they also offer upgrades to take your house to a whole new level. They provide landscaping services to make your yard or garden stand out. They can also make you an outstanding driveway or patio. If you love entertaining guests and want to showcase the outdoor spaces of your property, they can build you a fantastic pergola. 

In keeping up with a reputation for being a modern and eco-friendly builder, they can install solar panels that can help you save money on utilities while doing your part in helping conserve the environment. They also install home automation systems to keep your house safe and efficient. 

The barn features a charming rustic design with a sloped roof, black doors, and multiple windows
A two-story modern barn. Image via


Unfortunately, BONE Structure does not provide information about the prices of its products and services. The best thing to do is get in touch with a BONE Structure representative for pricing information. 

Client Testimonials 

“Dream homes built with the highest technology.”

Gilles Brisson. Source: Google Review.

“Reliable and competent people at all levels.”

Francois Brodeur. Source: Google Review.

Advantages and Disadvantages 

Working with BONE Structure has its ups and downs. This section will give you a glimpse of the benefits and downsides of having them as your builder. 


  • They make modern modular homes – If you are aiming for a house with a modern flair, BONE Structure is the builder for you. They build modern homes that can help your house stand out from others in your neighborhood. A modern modular house looks aesthetically pleasing and easy to customize. 

It is easy to outfit a modern home with high-tech devices to make it more functional. You can install a modern home security system or a smart lighting system. Smart home systems won’t look out of place in a modern house, so you don’t have to worry about them clashing with the overall design of your home. 

  • They ship their products throughout North America – BONE Structure ships anywhere in North America, so you can order a modern prefabricated house whether you’re in Alabama, Vancouver, or Maine. This means you can rely on BONE Structure if you want a prefabricated home but cannot find a manufactured home builder in your area. 
  • They build Net Zero homes – BONE Structure builds Net Zero Homes, making them a great choice if you want to ensure that your house is energy-efficient. A Net Zero home is a structure that provides enough on-site renewable energy for its needs. This means that you can expect minimal electricity expenses. It also means that you are doing your share in helping conserve the environment by steering away from fossil fuels that contribute to global warming. 
  • They provide support during the permitting stage – Obtaining the required building permits is one of the most challenging parts of being a first-time homeowner. It doesn’t help that the building permit requirements of one county may be completely different from that of its neighbor. 

BONE Structure can obtain the required permits on your behalf. The company will produce all the plans and documentation needed to obtain a building permit. BONE Structure will also act as a liaison between you and the local building authorities to ensure the permitting process goes smoothly.  

  • They have partner architects and builders – BONE Structure can help you by acting as a coordinator for building your home. If you need a local builder, BONE Structure can locate and introduce you to a local builder that suits your needs. This can help you save time since you don’t have to identify and screen builders yourself. 
  • They assist victims of California wildfires – BONE Structure offers assistance to families affected by California wildfires. They provide a complimentary analysis to determine if a BONE Structure house is your best option for your location, budget, and timeline. The company also offers up to $10,000 credit for a custom home design if you meet their terms and conditions. 


  • Their style might not appeal to everyone – BONE Structure specializes in modern homes, so they might not be for those who want to stick to classically designed homes. If you want to go traditional, consider getting a barndominium kit or a pole barn home kit for that undeniably rural design. 
  • They have a limited selection of models – Although BONE Structure offers several models of their prefabricated houses, their selection is not as extensive as that of other builders. This means you have to choose an existing model or go for a custom one that costs more. 
  • They don’t have sample floor plans – Unlike other suppliers or builders, BONE Structure doesn’t have sample floor plans on its website. In fact, they don’t show the floor plans of their existing models. If you want to see their floor plans, you need to get in touch with a company representative and request a brochure. 
  • They don’t have pricing information – They don’t provide pricing information about their models or services. This can make it challenging to assess if their models will work well with your projected budget. However, you can call BONE Structure and ask for an estimate if interested in their products or services. 

Should You Choose BONE Structure?

Yes, BONE Structure is a great choice if you are looking to build a prefabricated house. Their modern designs are great for homeowners who want to deviate from traditional home designs. They develop net zero houses so you can save on utility bills while helping conserve the environment. 

The company also offers a wide range of options and upgrades, like custom lighting features and smart home systems, if you want a one-of-a-kind house. If you want to read more about other fantastic metal buildings like barndominiums and shipping container homes, like and follow our Facebook page


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