A modern and simple look of a prefab home at night and in sandy texture. Image via bluehomes.com
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Blu Homes Review – Why Choose Them in 2024?

A modern and simple look of a prefab home at night and in sandy texture. Image via bluehomes.com
A modern and simple look of a prefab home at night and in sandy texture. Image via bluhomes.com

Building a prefabricated home is an excellent choice if you want to build a cheap house quickly. These homes are fabricated in factories and ready to assemble upon delivery. However, since you don’t see them getting made, it is crucial that you buy from a manufacturer with high-quality standards, and Blu Homes is one such manufacturer. 

In this article, we will check out Blu Homes and its products. We will show you some of their model homes to help you determine if they can supply a prefabricated house that meets your standards. Lastly, we will learn about the benefits and downsides of getting a modular home from Blu Homes so you can make an informed decision on whether it is the right company to build your home.  

Blu Homes Overview

This section will look at Blu Homes’ history and where they are right now. We will look at their products and pricing. We will also give you a glimpse of their pricing to help you prepare a proper budget for building your prefabricated home. 


Blu Homes is a builder of modern prefabricated homes. The company was founded by Bill Haney and Maura McCarthy in 2007. Blu Homes is based in San Francisco, California. Blu Homes acquired the design assets of mkDesigns in 2009. In June 2020, Dvele acquired Blu Homes. The resulting company integrates fantastic manufactured homes with high-end and efficiency-boosting home technology. 

Products and Services

Manufactured Homes

Blu Homes is a manufacturer of prefabricated houses, and these are their primary and only products. 

The Cabana 600 Model
The Cabana 600 Model. Image by bluhomes.com

The Cabana 600 is an example of their prefabricated home. This model is an excellent choice for an accessory dwelling, rental, or in-law unit. The Cabana 600 has a total floor area of 605 square feet. It has enough space for one bedroom and one bathroom. What’s great about this model is its full-sized kitchen where you can prepare your favorite meal. The cost of the Cabana 600 starts at $250,000, making it a perfect choice for those looking for a starter home. 

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The Origin 1000. Image by bluehomes.com
The Origin 1000. Image by bluhomes.com

The Origin 1000 is another model that you should consider. As its name implies, it has a total floor area of 1,000 square feet. It has a spacious open-concept living area centrally located between the two bedrooms. The master bedroom has an en-suite bathroom, while the second bedroom makes use of the common bathroom. The base price of the Origin 1000 is $430,000.

Origin 1900 Model. Image by bluhomes.com
Origin 1900 Model. Image by bluhomes.com

If you love the Origin 1000 but want more space, you can go for the Origin 1900. This modular house has a total floor area of 1,900 square feet. It has enough space for three bedrooms and two to three bathrooms. You have the option of adding a 400-square-foot two-car garage. The base price of the Origin 1900 is $550,000. 

A modern and simple look of a prefab home at night and in sandy texture. Image via bluehomes.com
Breezehouse 2100 Model. Image by bluhomes.com

The Breezehouse 2100 is Blu Homes’ largest model, with a total floor area of 2,100 square feet. It has enough space for three bedrooms and three bathrooms. There is also a provision for a flexible room that you can use as a home office, media room, home gym, or family room. You also have the option of converting the flexible room into a fourth bedroom if you want to. The base price of the Breezehouse 2100 is $625,000. 


The cost of building a Blue Homes modular home hinges on the model you want to build. As mentioned, the smallest model has a base price of $250,000. 

Client Testimonials 

“Blu precision-builds your home in an indoor, controlled environment, using first class materials, installing [your choice of] cabinetry, tiling, countertops, fixtures, appliances, and plumbing and wiring, etc.”

Neil C. Source: Yelp.

“Same high quality build, energy efficient, and modern design. Now with more smart features and enhanced healthy home upgrades!”

Paul F. Source: Yelp.

Advantages and Disadvantages 

Here are some advantages and disadvantages you should expect when building with Blu Homes. 


  • Blu Homes models come in various sizes – One benefit of getting your prefabricated house from Blu Homes is the multiple sizes of their models. You can choose a model depending on the space you need and your budget. 
  • Blu Homes builds green homes – Blu Homes’ different models are considered green homes because of the healthy and energy-efficient options they contain. For example, these homes use low-flowing fixtures to help you conserve water. These homes also use floor plans and designs that maximize natural light intake. This can help make your house look bright without the use of electrical lighting. The design also ensures improved airflow to keep the house cool and well-ventilated. 

Blu Homes’ models are Net Zero ready, so the energy a home consumes is equal to the amount of energy it produces. There are also upgrades to further push the envelope in energy efficiency. Blu Homes offers solar upgrades if you want to utilize solar power to minimize your electricity bill. 

  • Blu Homes have partner banks – One of the challenges homeowners face is the difficulty in finding a financing institution to help fund their homes. Blu Homes has partner banks to make the financing process easier. This doesn’t mean, though, that Blu Homes will take care of the application process on your behalf; they will just introduce you to the chosen banker or lender. However, this is still a big help because it saves you the time of searching for financing institutions that provide loans for modular or prefabricated houses. 
  • Blu Homes offers upgrades and options – Blu Homes can help you personalize your modular home if you want to make it unique. They have multiple flooring options you can choose from to match your targeted interior design. They also have countertop options for that stand-out kitchen you’ve always dreamt of. We’ve already mentioned that the company can provide solar upgrades to make your house more energy-efficient and eco-friendly. 
  • Blu Homes has partner brands – If this is your first house or you want to start fresh, you can get new appliances from Blu Homes’ partner brands. They have appliances from known brands like Whirlpool, LG, and KitchenAid. This can help you save time because there’s no need to shop around for new appliances for your modular home. In addition, you are sure that the appliances you are getting will fit in your new house because Blu Homes already knows the dimensions of your modular home. 


  • Currently available only in California – Blu Homes mentioned that they only currently serve the California area. This means you need to look for another supplier of modular homes if you live in another state, like Iowa or Pennsylvania. You can also try getting a pole barn home kit or a barndominium kit, as these are fantastic alternative metal-building homes.
  • Longer construction time – One thing that attracts homeowners to modular homes is the short construction time. Unfortunately, building a Blu Homes’ modular house takes longer than its competitors. According to the company’s website, it can take six to twenty months to complete a project. If you want to build a prefabricated house faster than this, you might need to go with another builder. 

Should You Choose Blu Homes?

Yes, Blu Homes is an excellent choice for building a prefabricated house. They have various models that will fit your preferred size and budget. The company offers various options and upgrades to ensure your house is unique and functional. You can also take advantage of Blu Homes’ partner brands to fill your house with modern appliances. 

Blu Homes also produces green homes that use fewer resources to help you save money. Remember to like and follow our Facebook page for more articles about other alternative metal buildings like shouses, shipping container garages, barndominiums, pole barns, and shipping container homes


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