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Zip Kit Homes – Should You Build With Them? (In-Depth 2024 Review)

A charming two-story wooden barn stands proudly against a backdrop of lush green fields.

Modular houses are excellent alternatives if you want to build a home quickly without relying on conventional building methods. They are also often cheaper than traditional houses. However, you must hire the best builder specializing in prefabricated houses to get the desired results. Zip Kit Homes is an example of such a builder.

This article will help you understand Zip Kit Homes and its services. We will also check feedback from past customers to give you a glimpse of the quality of the products and services they provide. 

Zip Kit Homes Overview

Let’s get to know Zip Kit Homes more in this section. We will look at how the company started and its present offerings. Lastly, we will dive into the advantages and drawbacks of getting a modular home from Zip Kit Homes. 


Zip Kit Homes is a prefabricated home provider under Timberhawk Inc. with a factory in Cedar City, Utah. The company has been operating for over 20 years and has built countless homes throughout the Western United States. 

A charming two-story wooden barn stands proudly against a backdrop of lush green fields.
A two-story wooden brown. Image via

Products and Services

This section takes a closer look at some of the products and services Zip Kit Homes offers their customers. 

A rustic, single-story wooden barn with a warm brown hue stands prominently against a picturesque backdrop.
A single-story wooden brown barn. Image via

Modular Zip Pods

Zip Kit Homes offers modular zip pods for customers planning to build multi-unit projects. These are small units for use in housing projects, campgrounds, or RV resorts. Zip Pods are modular units that are ready to be moved into.

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An example is their Zip Pod Studio Unit. This unit has a total floor area of 288 square feet. The Zip Pod Studio Unit is a one-bedroom studio with one bath. The listed price for this unit is $79,500. 

A charming black and brown barn stands proudly against a serene backdrop.
A black and brown barn. Image via

Panelized Shell Kits

Zip Kit Homes’ panelized shell kits are the perfect solution for those looking for modular homes that are larger than Zip Pods. Unlike modular units, these are exterior shells, meaning they include only the walls, floors, and roof panels. The inside of the home is framed, and it is up to the customer to hire a general contractor to complete the interior. 

The Solitude is an example of a Zip Kit Homes panelized shell kit. It is a kit for a home with a total floor area of 2,944 square feet. There is a provision for a two-car garage with a total floor area of 576 square feet. The floor plan includes a covered patio in the back that’s excellent for entertaining guests. The shell kit can be transformed into a home with six bedrooms and four bathrooms. The Solitude costs $195,500. 

A charming, rustic wooden barn with a warm light brown hue stands proudly against a backdrop of rolling green fields
A wooden light brown barn. Image via

Container Homes

If you are looking for a unique home option, you might want to try Zip Kit Homes’ container homes. This is a fantastic option for building off-grid cabins for those who love skiing, fishing, hunting, or surfing. It is also an excellent option for building workforce housing or Airbnb rentals. 

A Zip Kit container home is made from 40-foot-high cube containers. It is enough for a one-bedroom and one-bathroom house with a total square area of 320 square feet. The listed price of this container home is $79,000. 

An innovative container home barn stands amidst a serene landscape.
A black and brown container home barn. Image via


The cost of Zip Kit modular homes varies depending on the model and the house size. The price of their most affordable model starts at $79,000. 

Client Testimonials 

“Great designs. Unique homes.”

Season Burch. Source: Google Review.

“Top notch. These guys have an impressive operation.”

Glade Jones. Source: Google Review.


  • They offer kits in several sizes – What’s great about Zip Kit modular houses is that they come in several sizes. This gives you the option to get a kit with the right size for your needs. 
  • They have a cost calculator – Zip Kit Homes has a cost calculator on its website. This is a valuable tool because it can help customers better understand how much their prefabricated home kit will cost. You can use the calculator to estimate not just the cost of the home itself but also the delivery charges. Just input the location where you want the home delivered, and the calculator will give you an estimate of the delivery fee. 
  • They offer sustainable homes – Zip Kit Homes builds homes that generate about 70% less waste than dwellings built using conventional building methods. They also make an effort to construct energy-efficient homes that use less energy than traditional homes. This means that you can expect lower utility bills, so you’re saving money while doing your part in helping conserve the environment. 
  • Their homes come with a full warranty – Zip Kit Homes offers a full warranty against manufacturer’s defects, so you can get a replacement if the house delivered to you is not up to standards. 
  • Options for high snow-load areas – If you live in an area that experiences heavy snow, you have the option to upgrade your home. It will cost $16,500 for up to 100 PSF ground snow load, while an up to 200 PSF ground snow load will cost an additional $29,965. Aside from guaranteeing that your modular home can withstand heavy snow loads, these upgrades can also help you comply with snow load standards in your area. 


  • They ship to a limited number of states – Zip Kit Homes currently ships to Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico. If you want your prefabricated house shipped to another state, you need to find another supplier of manufactured houses. Alternatively, you can try looking for a supplier of pole barn home kits or barndominium kits that services your area.
  • They don’t have partner builders – Zip Kit Homes don’t have building partners who can help assemble and finish your modular home. The company handles the delivery of the panels, but the homeowner is responsible for assembling the shell kit. They only offer assembly services for buyers who purchase at least ten units. However, this presents homeowners with the opportunity to hire their desired general contractor or builder. This can result in savings because the homeowner can talk to several builders to hire the builder offering the most affordable services. 
  • They don’t offer custom floor plans – Unlike other builders, Zip Kit Homes doesn’t offer custom floor plans to individual buyers. This might limit your selection and force you to go with another builder if you don’t like their models. However, Zip Kit Homes offers custom floor plans to bulk buyers who purchase at least 50 units.
  • Shell kits do not include windows and doors – One disadvantage of Zip Kit Homes’ shell kits is that they are bare and do not include windows and doors. If you want windows in your kit, you need to pay an additional $26,650, while the exterior door option costs an additional $4,800. If you want to save money, you have the option of ordering just the shell kit and getting your windows and doors from a local supplier. 

Should You Choose Zip Kit Homes?

Yes, you should choose Zip Kit Homes if you are in the market for a prefabricated house. They offer houses in several sizes, so you can choose a size that fits your needs and budget. Their modular homes are energy-efficient to help you conserve water and electricity. 

Zip Kit Homes also have a useful cost calculator to help you estimate how much your target modular home will cost to help you prepare an appropriate budget. Make sure you like and follow our Facebook page to learn more about shipping container homes, shouses, barndominiums, and other alternative housing options.  


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