Todd's Red Barndominium via our Barndominium Living group.

Building a Barndominium in Texas | Best 2024 Guide

red barndominium for texas state guide
Todd’s Red Barndominium via our Barndominium Living group.

So, you’re interested in building a barndominium in the Lone Star State? You are in the best hands with us! Our extensive research and relevant content will guide you and provide you with all the necessary information to fulfill your dream of owning a Barndo in Texas!

Famous for its thriving gas and oil industries, Texas has vast land ready and available for development. With everything to construct your barndo right at your fingertips, it is an exceptional location to own land and build your exquisite barndominium residence or commercial barndo!

Our article is detailed, and so is our website. As with most building projects, various critical factors require thought and planning. We are here to help you! 

Can You Build a Barndominium in Texas State?

Yes, Texas is an ideal location for building your barndo, whether for a residential or commercial space or even dual-purpose; the sky’s the limit. In fact, the trend towards barndominium construction first blossomed in the state of Texas and since then has increasingly gained popularity throughout the entire USA.   

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Texas Barndominiums Overview 

Texas is an ideal place to build a barndominium residence from which you and your family can live and operate a business. A large part of the population is opting for a chance to live in barndominiums with open land surrounding them, preferring a more remote way of life. Feel free to check out our Barndominium 101 Guide for more detailed information on what a barndo is. 

Country-style living is convenient when you build a barndominium because the structure is so effortless to customize. Barndos are often referred to as multi-purpose because you can divide the space within the structure and utilize the various sections for different purposes. It is possible to reside in your gorgeous barndo home and run a shop or even a home office from the same location. 

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • The time frame to complete a barndo is much shorter than that of a traditional home. You can have your barndo ready in just four to six months!
  • Barndominium homes can survive the humidity, strong winds, and varied precipitation characteristic of Texas’ fluctuating weather conditions because they are solid and hard-wearing. 
  • The barndo structure can accommodate a living, office, and storage space. You can simultaneously utilize the space within your barndo for various purposes.
  • You have an unlimited number of options when it comes to floor plans.
  • The maintenance of a barndo is far more affordable than conventional homes.
  • Building a barndo is cheaper than constructing a traditional home. This, in turn, allows you to spend more on furnishings. You have more money to finish customizing your barndo to meet your precise requirements.


  • If you ever decide to sell your barndominium in Texas, you may have fewer willing buyers because a barndo may only appeal to a niche market.


Barndominium regulations are pretty much the same as those for constructing a conventional home in Texas. The rules are administered by the local governing body of your chosen location in the state. Building permits are required for barndominium construction projects throughout Texas. For helpful information regarding the steps to follow, have a look at Texas Building Permit Applications (

Below is a list of some of the best local barndo contractors. They will have the requisite information to ensure you adhere to the barndo building regulations in Texas.


Barndominium taxes can be a bit difficult to predict precisely when planning your barndo building project in Texas. Reasons for this include factors such as which area within the state you choose to build in and the purpose each area of your barndo will be utilized for.

For accurate data regarding the taxes you will incur, it is advisable to check with your local tax office. Take a look at Local Property Appraisal and Tax Information ( for further information regarding this topic. 


It is imperative to have a barndo insurance cover for your barndominium. Quite simply, you will spend a considerable amount of money to ensure that your barndo is ideally suited to your needs and requirements for any other functions you wish to include, such as an office or shop section within the structure. This investment must be well protected!

Several factors are considered when assessing the cost of your barndo insurance policy, including the size of the structure, the purpose of different areas within the structure, and furnishings in the house. The good news is that barndo insurance premiums typically cost less than traditional home premiums. Expert advice from a professional insurance company comes in handy, and Germania Insurance specializes in barndo insurance in Texas! 


As with most construction projects, there is a significant financial outlay when building your dream barndo. Most people require assistance from an established and reliable financial institution to finance their barndominium projects. You need to provide them with your building and floor plans.

The easiest way to solve this problem is to arrange the necessary funds by obtaining barndo financing. Choosing the best finance company will ensure that you have adequate funds to complete your project as planned, and a professional financial institution can best direct you to remain within your budget, ultimately taking a massive burden off your shoulders. Below are some reputable financial institutions you can approach.

Community Resource Credit Union

This firm provides barndominium financing in Texas and has the necessary expertise to assist you with your financial requirements. They are a community-based organization, making them an ideal choice when looking for a financier for your barndo. They understand exactly what is required to ensure the right financing option for your barndominium building project.

The Texas Mortgage Pros

Offering competitive rates and outstanding service to clients, this company is another great option when considering barndominium financing for your building project in the state. They will accurately advise you regarding the finance application process and make securing financial assistance a breeze!

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Employing the service of a reputable barndo builder is a brilliant idea! There are several experienced builders in Texas who have assisted many satisfied clients over the years, so they know precisely how to seamlessly and accurately get your barndo constructed. Check out a few great suggestions we have for you below.

Broadshield Custom Homes and Contractors 

With more than thirty years of experience as a building company, you cannot go wrong if you choose this business to build your barndo. Specializing in rural barndominium building projects, Broadshield is also well versed in the Texan building requirements and the various factors involved when building in the Texas Hill Country.

Texas Country Charmers

Decades of experience and numerous great reviews make this barndo building company stand out! This construction company prides itself on customer satisfaction and great pricing for its clients. They are knowledgeable and always enthusiastic about building gorgeous barndos. However, Texas Country Charmers is different from other barndo builders as they only make the shell, and you finish the interior yourself or use local sub-contractors.

Juniper Hill Barndominiums

Based in Amarillo, Texas, this building company offers you a quality experience from start to finish when building your dream barndominium. Juniper specializes in the construction of both commercial and residential barndos.

Tunnell Construction

Experts in building barndos throughout the central Texas region, Tunnell believes not only in providing efficient service to their clients but also emphasizes integrity and honesty whilst dealing with clients throughout the building process.

Bradley Signature Homes

This family-owned business based in Waller, Texas, takes pride in providing the most unique barndominium and custom home designs in the home building industry. With good testimonials from satisfied customers, you cannot go wrong if you choose this company to build for you.

D & M Metalworks

This company’s builders come with a reputation of professionalism and trustworthiness. The business has completed several barndo building projects in Texas and has rave reviews from happy clients.

The companies we have suggested above are all outstanding options to assist you in building your dream barndo in Texas. We’ve got you covered with an even more thorough list of barndominium builders and contractors with branches across the entire US.

Kit Providers

Absolute Steel Texas

This business has an excellent reputation for manufacturing superior quality barndominium kits which are securely delivered to your project site and easy to install. They pride themselves as the pioneers in the Texas barndominium industry.

Questar Construction

Based in Conroe, Texas, this company is another excellent option when considering a barndo kit. It specializes in metal building services for commercial, residential, industrial,barndominiums, steel erectors, and turnkey construction projects.

Please also view our detailed directory of barndo kit builders/ providers throughout the US. All of the businesses we list are very experienced and keen to build your barndo kit as well as have it safely delivered to you in any state across the country!  


We have created a convenient barndominium cost calculator for your budget planning process. Included in your overall cost to fulfill your dream of building your own barndo are the factors discussed in the sections above.

A general estimate of the cost to build your barndominium in Texas is probably precisely what you’re wondering about now. Here are some rough estimates to give you a general idea. Average barndo construction costs range from approximately USD 120 to USD 230 per square foot. Traditional home construction costs roughly USD 150 to USD 250 per square foot. 

Electricity and water supply are not included in the price per square foot of a barndo building project. HVAC and proper insulation of your barndo will also be at an additional cost. We recommend that you consult an experienced contractor to gauge the costs involved in these additions. And a professional builder can help you budget correctly to keep all elements within your budget.

The upside to choosing a barndominium residence is that many more people are opting to build and live this way, so prices remain very reasonable. And, as more and more construction companies are offering to develop barndominiums for customers throughout Texas and the rest of the US, service levels are improving for prospective barndo owners every day!

Where Can You Build a Barndo in Texas?

You can build a barndo just about anywhere in Texas! There is vast open land across the state, ideal for constructing a barndo. Waco and Weatherford are extremely popular areas when choosing to build your dream barndominium residence in this state. 

The builders we mentioned above service most Texas counties, so there are many options to choose from.

6 Things to Consider Before Building a Barndominium in Texas


The location of the piece of land where you build your barndominium will impact your insurance premium, property taxes payable, and various other factors; hence you should give it serious consideration before settling down.   


The weather conditions differ across Texas, with humidity on the eastern side and dry weather in the western part. A barndominium is perfectly suited for the climate. 

Floor Plan 

The floor plan you choose should be ideally suitable for the land size you want to build your barndo. And the floor plan should be the right fit for you and your family as well as your business if you plan on building a multi-purpose barndominium. Carefully consider whether a one, two, or even three-story barndo is the right choice for you.


Ensure that your budget aligns with the cost of the barndo you intend on building. Confirm whether you can afford to build your dream barndo and the land you want to develop on. 


Consider whether the interior design you have chosen suits not only your desired look and feel but also whether it will suit the barndo structure you are planning to build.

Country Living

Will you and your family enjoy living in a more remote residence without the hustle and bustle of city life? Be certain that you would prefer this way of life. Remember, the benefits of a barndo in Texas include the vast open space around you and remote living conditions.

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Is it Worth Building a Barndo in Texas?

Definitely! The vast open spaces of land are incredibly well-suited to the construction of a barndo. Please take a look at our suggestions for your barndo exterior, and we invite you again to take another look at our ingenious floor plans. For more clarity regarding any aspect of the building process, we have compiled a detailed barndo construction guide that takes you through each step of the process from the base all the way up to the rooftop!