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Nicknamed the Peach State, Georgia is one of the original 13 colonies. It shares a border with five other states, making it an ideal place to build a barndominium if you love traveling on weekends. You can also have your pick of picturesque landscapes for your barndo. 

If you plan on building your barndominium in Georgia, you need to know as much as you can about barndos, and this is what this article is all about.

Can You Build a Barndominium in Georgia?

Yes, Georgia is an excellent place to build your barndominium. Georgia is blessed with varied terrains and awe-inspiring natural landmarks like the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Piedmont Plateau, the Providence Canyon, and the Great Plains of Southern Georgia. The abundance of these wonders of nature affords you the luxury of choosing an amazing backdrop for your barndominium. 

Georgia Barndominiums Overview

When people hear the word “barndominium”, it conjures images of barn-like structures. This is because the original ones were old barns converted to workshops, houses, or garages. Nowadays, barndominiums have evolved, although they retained their barn-like exteriors. 

Modern barndominiums are new structures made to look like barns. Their interiors’ appearance, though, is another story. Most have interiors that combine living spaces with recreational or workspaces. You can find barndos with living areas on the second floor and a workshop on the ground floor. Some have living spaces right beside their garage or home office. Our Pinterest account has some interesting design ideas and floor plans you might want to check. 

Another difference between old barndominiums and new ones is their building materials. Older barndominiums were made of repurposed telephones, while others were metal buildings. Although most new ones still use steel frames and sidings, some use timber. You will also find hybrid structures that combine metal and wood. 

Barndominiums are complex structures. If you want to learn more about them, we have an Ultimate Barndominium Guide that explores the different facets of barndos, building types, and other critical information concerning barndominiums. You can also visit our Facebook page to access other useful barndo-related articles. 

Advantages and Disadvantages

Just like other structures, barndominiums have their advantages and disadvantages. While they are excellent structures, letting you in on the benefits and misgivings of barndominiums can help you decide if a barndo is ideal for you. 


  • They are more affordable – Barndominiums are cheaper compared to traditional houses. This is because they have less complex designs than conventional structures, making them easier and faster to build, reducing labor expenses. 

Another reason building a barndominium can be a more affordable option is that you can build it yourself. You can order a DIY kit and take care of the rest of the construction. This can help you eliminate labor costs, provided that you are willing to devote time to your construction project. 

However, before attempting the DIY route, ensure you have the handyman skills to complete the job. Building a barndominium is a complicated process; attempting it yourself without proper training can lead to costly mistakes. You can join our Facebook group and ask for barndo-building tips from other barndo enthusiasts. 

  • They can be fire-resistant – Metal buildings like barndominiums are fire-resistant. Steel is also a non-combustible material. A metal building is ideal if you live in an area prone to bushfires. However, steel barndos still have wooden components that can burn. This just means that you might be able to minimize the damage to your building. 
  • They are unique – If you need a structure that stands out, a barndominium is an excellent choice. They look distinct, so you have a structure that doesn’t look like every other building in your area. Due to its unique look, a barndo is a great conversation starter. You can show off your building to guests and showcase how different it is from traditional houses. 
  • They require less upkeep – A barndominium is easier to maintain than a traditional house. Unlike regular houses, you don’t need to replace shingles on a barndo. You can keep it in excellent condition with minimal maintenance, like a paint job every few years. You might need to take care of dinged sidings, especially after extreme weather conditions. Because a barndominium is made of steel, you need to ensure that it is free from leaks. A leak lets in moisture and can result in corrosion. 
  • They can be more durable – With the help of a steel frame and shell, a barndo can be more durable than traditional structures. A metal building can withstand an earthquake better than a concrete house because it is ductile. A ductile structure’s ability to contort and dissipate energy during an earthquake is advantageous as it will keep deforming without reaching ultimate failure or collapse. Ductile buildings, such as metal buildings, can deform without collapsing during earthquakes. Concrete buildings, unlike those made of wood or metal, are non-ductile. Instead, they tend to collapse during major earthquakes. This doesn’t mean that metal buildings are invincible against earthquakes; it only means that theycan sustain minimal damage compared to concrete structures.


  • They can be difficult to sell – Although barndominiums are popular, more homeowners still prefer traditional houses. This can make it challenging to sell your building if you decide to do so in the future. The best way to quickly find a buyer is by joining online groups of barndominium enthusiasts. 
  • You will have limited exterior design options – One downside to barndominiums is that almost all of them look the same on the outside. Their trademark barn-like exteriors that make them unique are also a limitation. With traditional buildings, you can easily choose exterior designs, house shapes, and exterior building materials. However, there are still ways to make your building stand out from others in your area. Work with your contractor to design an exterior that gives your barndominium character. You can use decorative wood panels or a unique paint job. There is also the possibility of adding an accent section as a point of interest. Try asking members of our Facebook group for exterior design ideas for your barndo. 
  • Getting a loan can be challenging – Taking out a barndo loan can be more difficult than taking a traditional one. While more banks are now offering barndominium loans, there are still banks that don’t recognize the term barndominium. This means that your choice of banks is limited. When applying for a loan, avoid the words barndominium or barndo. You can tell the bank officer that you are building a custom house with a slab foundation to increase the chances of getting your loan approved. 


Just like when constructing a conventional building, there are regulations you must follow while building your barndominium. You also need to secure permits before proceeding with your construction project. These regulations ensure your construction site is a safe workplace. They can also ensure your barndominium is built following quality standards for durability. 

Unfortunately, not all counties implement the same regulations. Some counties have regulations or ordinances that differ from neighboring counties. For example, if you are building in Lookout Mountain, Georgia, you need to have a minimum front setback of 35 feet to the property line. In Hall County, the front setback should be “55 feet from center line of road or 30 feet from property line, whichever is greater”. 

It is your responsibility to get in touch with the local building and zoning office to get a list of the complete requirements you need to submit. This can ensure there will be no delays to your construction due to building code violations. 


Barndominiums also have property taxes like other buildings; the amount you need to pay depends on the assessed value of your barndo. Georgia’s average property tax rate is 0.83% of the assessed value or around $1,346 for a $162,800 property. 

Don’t be surprised if the property tax rate differs from one county to another because counties have different methods of assessing taxes. They also have add-on charges depending on the needs of the county. So head down to the assessor’s office of your county to get an accurate assessment of your barndominium taxes


An insurance policy is vital to a barndominium owner. A homeowner’s insurance policy covers the repair or replacement of your barndominium in case it gets damaged. The said policy also applies to the contents of your barndominium. Your insurance covers damages resulting from fire, theft, smoke, and vandalism. A policy also covers damages caused by weather events like hail, wind, or lightning. 

Although the state of Georgia doesn’t require homeowners to insure their houses, homeowner’s insurance is a requirement if you plan to apply for a home construction loan. If you plan on insuring a barndominium, the average price of a homeowners insurance policy in Georgia is around $1,373 per year. 


You can apply for a loan if you plan on building a barndominium but don’t have enough funds. Barndominium financing helps you build without financial stress. Mortgage rates differ from bank to bank, so it might be a great idea to research the mortgage rate of a bank before applying for a loan. You can save time by focusing on banks with competitive rates. 

Check first with the bank where you have a personal account. They often give preference to their clients. The approval process might also be easier because you have an established relationship with their institution.  

AgSouth Farm Credit

AgSouth Farm Credit offers rural home construction loans to borrowers. AgSouth Farm Credit is based in Statesboro, Georgia, and services the states of South Carolina and Georgia. 

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Georgia’s Own Credit Union

Georgia’s Own is a financial institution based in Atlanta, Georgia, which helps borrowers build their houses and offers interest-only payments while the construction is ongoing. 

Century Bank of Georgia

Century Bank of Georgia was founded in 2000 as the Century Bank of Bartow County. They offer competitive rates for home construction projects, including primary homes, second homes, vacation homes, or investment properties. 


Building a barndominium is complex, so ensure you contract an excellent building company to work with. With a construction expert building your barndo, you can relax and watch your barndominium rise. Local builders are often more affordable than out-of-state contractors. Local builders also know local suppliers where you can source building materials at competitive prices. 

Barndominiums of Georgia

Barndominiums of Georgia is a company based in Douglasville, Georgia. They design, plan, and build barndominiums for clients. Clients can choose from their set floor plans and customize them according to their needs. Barndominiums of Georgia can also help customers design custom barndominiums. 

Custom View

Custom View is a family-owned company with more than 20 years of experience. They build barndominiums and custom barns for customers. Custom View is located in Forsyth, Georgia, and serves South Metro, Middle Georgia, and South Georgia. 

All Weather Renovations

All Weather Renovations is a company in Douglasville, Georgia, known as an expert residential and commercial renovation contractor. Aside from handling renovations, they also build barndominiums for customers. 

Albany Metal Buildings

Albany Metal Buildings are custom metal home contractors in Albany. Still, they serve other areas, including Dougherty County and Southwest Georgia. In addition to barndominiums, they also build metal garages, storage buildings, pole barns, and workshops. 

Pro Renovations Ltd. Co.

Pro Renovations Ltd. Co. is a company primarily offering renovation services. They also help clients construct new barndominiums in the state of Georgia. 

In addition to the local builders mentioned above, you can also hire barndominium builders who do construction projects throughout the country, including Georgia. 

Kit Providers

The beautiful thing about a barndominium is that you can build it yourself. You just need to have the patience and enough handyman skills to get the job done. If you plan on completing a barndo yourself, buy your building kit from a reliable supplier. 

KBP Construction Plus LLC.

KBP Construction Plus LLC. is a construction company based in Winder, Georgia. Aside from handling residential, industrial, and commercial building projects, the company also sells metal building kits and components like framing, panels, doors, and windows. 

GA Portable Buildings

GA Portable Buildings is a supplier of steel buildings with offices in Douglasville, Georgia. The company supplies steel building kits for barndominiums, carports, garages, and RV covers. 

Rhino Steel Building Systems

Rhino Steel Building Systems was founded in 1998 and has headquarters in Denton, Texas. However, the company ships its products to multiple locations across the country, including Georgia. Rhino provides steel building kits for pole barns, warehouses, churches, aircraft hangars, etc. 

Peek Steel Buildings

Peek Steel Buildings has been in the metal building industry for over 20 years and is based in Madison, Georgia. Aside from supplying steel residential building kits, they also sell agricultural, retail, commercial, and industrial metal building kits.

Steelco Buildings

Steelco Buildings is a company in Covington, Georgia, that designs, builds, and sells steel and metal buildings. They manufacture barndominiums, workshops, garages, horse arenas, storage buildings, etc. 

Although there are local suppliers of barndominium kits, you can also source from our list of barndominium kit providers who sell their products across the country. 


If you’re planning to GC your own barndominium or partly DIY, then you will be dealing with a few different specialists from plumbing to landscaping. Here’s a list of our recommended subcontractors in the state of Georgia.


Hiring specialized subcontractors with expertise in plumbing ensures that the work is carried out efficiently, adhering to industry standards and building codes. When subcontracting plumbers, it is essential to look out for several factors. First and foremost, ensure that the subcontractor is licensed and insured, as this provides protection against potential liabilities. Checking references and reading reviews can help gauge their reputation and the quality of their work. Additionally, verify that the subcontractor has experience in the specific type of plumbing work required for your barndominium project. Most plumbers work locally rather than state-wide, thus your best bet is to use websites like to find local plumbers by entering your zip code. Find your local plumbing subcontractor here.


Once your barndo is finished, it’s time for some landscaping action to enhance its overall aesthetic appeal and create a welcoming atmosphere. Decorative landscaping rocks and gravel are key elements that add charm and functionality to any outdoor area. These materials serve as versatile ground covers, offering both beauty and practicality. For this purpose, DeFeo Materials is probably your best bet to get decorative rocks/stone in Georgia for a competitive price.


If you’re planning to build a new house in Georgia, prepare to spend between $300,000 and $500,000. This figure from Fixr is only for average homes with semi-custom designs. A fully-customized new house’s price will skyrocket depending on the level of customization you want. 

A barndominium is a more cost-effective alternative because it only costs between $130,000 and $149,000. Just like with traditional houses, expect the cost estimate to go higher if you want to customize your barndo. Other factors that can result in an uptick in barndominium prices include the type of building materials you will use, finishing materials, and interior design options. However, the result will still result in savings that you can use for other essential needs or projects. 

If you have an idea about the size, style, and materials you want for your barndo, try using our barndominium cost calculator to get an estimated cost. 

Where Can You Build a Barndo in Georgia?

Barndominiums are best in rural areas so consider building in Dahlonega, Madison, Blue Ridge, Senoia, and Darien. Small towns like these are ideal for barndos because land costs are cheaper than in suburban areas. They are quiet and close-knit communities where you can put down roots and start your barndominium life. 

5 Things to Consider Before Building a Barndominium in Georgia

Switching to a barndominium can be challenging, especially if you’re used to living in an apartment, a townhouse, or a condo unit. Ensuring that your barndo has everything you need can make the transition easier. Before you start planning, take the time to consider the features you want to have in your barndominium. 

The features you want to have

Take a look at your current dwelling and think of the features it lacks. Are you living in a single-bedroom condo? Maybe it’s time for a residence with several bedrooms to accommodate guests or visiting family members. Have you always wanted to live in a house with a spacious yard? Consider leaving enough outdoor space to start a garden. Take stock of the features you require for your dream house and include them in your floor plan. 

Open or closed floor plan?

Most barndominiums have open floor plans, but you have the option of going for a closed floor plan. Open floor plans make a building look more spacious but with less privacy. Open floor plans are great for holding parties because it is easier to entertain guests, though it also means a larger area to prepare and clean up. 

What your lot looks like

The appearance of your lot is a deciding factor in designing your barndo. A rectangular or square lot is ideal, but we know not all lots look alike. Consider the size of your building kit in relation to the size of your lot. If you want outdoor spaces, buy a manageable kit for your lot. 

The building materials you will use

Are you going for a steel barndo or a wooden structure? The type of building materials you use affects the overall construction cost. Some materials are also more suitable depending on where you plan to build. Steel might be a more prudent option if you’re building in an area where wildfires are common. 

The style of your barndominium

You’ll be using your barndominium for years, so make sure it looks exactly how you want it. Although they look similar on the outside, you can design the interior the way you want it. You can have a barndo that looks like a modern house on the inside or one with Mediterranean interiors. Go for a rustic style if you want to embrace rural life fully. 

Is it Worth Building a Barndo in Georgia?

Yes, Georgia is an excellent place for building your barndo. It has borders with several states so you can travel easily in your free time. Georgia also has many natural landmarks you can explore. In addition, Georgia has many rural areas where the land is cheap, and your building will look like home. 

To give you a headstart, use our collection of barndominium floor plans as inspiration as you design your own. We also have a barndominium construction guide with more about each step of barndo construction.