Olympia Steel Buildings – Is It Worth Building With Them? (Review)

A beautiful and modern grey barndominium sits amongst a picturesque landscape. The sleek design is accented by the small white glass windows, perfectly complementing the building's exterior. The barndominium is finished with a bold black door, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall look.
A grey barndominium. Image via

If you are starting a construction project, choosing the right builder to work with will be one of the most crucial decisions. This is why we have put together this review of Olympia Steel Buildings. They are one of the leading providers of pre-fabricated steel buildings for various types of construction, including commercial, agricultural, and residential. Whether you’re in need of a new steel building for your business or your home, we will lay out everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

Olympia Steel Buildings Overview

The company has been a leading supplier of pre-engineered steel building systems to various industries, including commercial, industrial, residential, government, and military. They use high-quality materials and have strict quality control standards. Olympia Steel buildings include PBR roofing or the patented metal roofing system. They emphasize on energy-efficiency in their builds as well as customizability. 

The company distributes its metal buildings throughout the United States, including Florida, Georgia, Texas, Ohio, North Carolina, and Illinois. They also ship their products all over the world. Additionally, they provide customers with computer drawings and a manual to aid in erecting their steel buildings. With over decades of experience in metal building fabrication, they produce high-quality steel buildings. If a metal building home is something you are considering in the future, check out our Pinterest account, where you can get design ideas for your home.


Olympia Steel Buildings has been in business for over 40 years and is a leader in the prefabricated steel building industry. They have been supplying high-quality steel buildings for various purposes. Over the years, Olympia Steel Buildings has established a reputation for providing quality products and exceptional customer service. 

A beautiful and modern grey barndominium sits amongst a picturesque landscape. The sleek design is accented by the small white glass windows, perfectly complementing the building's exterior. The barndominium is finished with a bold black door, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall look.
A charming grey barndominium. Image via

Products and Services

Olympia Steel provides everything its customers need to construct virtually all kinds of buildings with steel building kits. This allows the project to progress faster and more efficiently while remaining cost-effective. Below are the popular types of buildings they supply for their customers.

Residential Buildings

For those looking to build their dream home, Olympia Steel buildings offers a solution. From barndominiums to modular homes, you name it; they can make it. Their steel residential structures are designed to provide maximum savings by reducing the construction time compared to other materials like bricks and wood.

In addition, these buildings have lower maintenance costs and energy savings. The homes are fully customizable with a range of options for insulation, lights, windows, and doors, for a more unique and personalized look. They can even help you bring your floor plan design to life.

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You might be wondering why anyone would consider building a metal building home. Don’t worry; we have put together an insightful article about the advantages and disadvantages of metal building homes.

A stunning peach barndominium stands out in the foreground, with its charming and inviting facade. A crisp white door adds a touch of elegance to the building, while two garage doors offer ample space for parking and storage. A small red truck is parked in front, completing the idyllic countryside scene.
A striking peach metal building. Image via

Commercial Buildings

Olympia Steel Buildings offers steel commercial spaces that can provide a solid foundation for your business. The company designed these spaces to be cost-effective and energy-efficient while creating a comfortable and productive space for employees. The buildings are also constructed to maximize convenient accessibility for customers.

A large light brown commercial barndominium is the center of attention in this image. The building boasts a modern and professional appearance, fitting for a variety of businesses. The area surrounding the barndominium is filled with a diverse array of vehicles, showcasing the versatility and accessibility of the commercial space.
A light brown commercial metal building. Image via

Industrial Buildings

They Specialize in constructing durable and long-lasting industrial structures such as warehouses, welding shops, and heavy equipment storage facilities. Olympia Steel Buildings offers pre-engineered steel buildings tailored to meet each customer’s specific requirements. They claim that no project is too large or too complex for Olympia Steel Buildings. 

An imposing brown industrial barndominium dominates the image, showcasing a sturdy and reliable structure. The building's strong and simple design speaks to its purpose as a functional and efficient workspace, perfect for a variety of industrial applications.
Brown industrial metal building. Image via

Recreational Buildings

Other than houses and buildings for your business, Olympia Steel also offers structures ideal for recreational activities requiring open spaces, such as basketball and volleyball courts or indoor swimming pools. The company’s team is dedicated to delivering exceptional results, making them a trusted choice for customers. 

A spacious indoor basketball court is the main attraction in this recreational metal building. The high ceilings and bright lighting create an inviting atmosphere for players and spectators alike. The building's overall design and style make it the perfect place for a pick-up game or a recreational league.
Indoor basketball court metal building. Image via

Everything Else

Olympia Steel Buildings can design and manufacture just about anything. They can build data centers to house tech hardware and servers. They can supply hangars that are perfect for helicopter and plane storage. They can even fabricate fire stations, school buildings, and police car garages. From simple to complex designs, you can be sure that Olympia Steel Buildings can help you with your steel structures.


Considering the vast selection of buildings Olympia Steel Buildings can offer, the price tag can vary significantly. A barndominium’s costs will not be similar to the cost of a workshop. The cost per square foot will depend on several factors, such as the model, size, and customization options. 

Although we cannot provide an accurate cost, you can get a price estimate from their website. Ensure you have the building’s measurements, such as the width, length, and height. This information is vital for a more accurate price estimate. 

Client Testimonials

Looking into what their past customers have to say is important to get an idea of what others’ experiences were. By going through client reviews, you will know what to expect.

“I had a wonderful purchase experience with Olympia Steel Buildings. I found it very challenging to select a reputable company to purchase my 30×50 steel building. I entered the transaction skeptical. However, I was impressed with Olympia Steel Buildings at every turn, from sales to delivery to the essential inventory of the shipment.

I thought all employees were terrific and timely and good at their jobs. I have no idea if I paid a competitive price, but I have no regrets because I feel like I paid not only for the product but for timeliness and professionalism, which was worth a priceless amount in these times. I recommend Olympia Steel Buildings without reservation.”

Anya Spielberg. Source: Google Reviews

“We purchased a 40 x 160 steel building from Olympia Steel Buildings.  Worked with John Cimba.  We purchased the building in early February of 2021 a time when steel prices were very volatile.  These guys did amazing!  They locked in our pricing at a very competitive rate, and followed through, not charging a penny more even though steel prices were on rise during this time.  The building did take approximately 24 weeks to arrive, double the verbal estimate of 12 when we signed the agreement, but I was told this was due to the overwhelming amount of orders being finalized at that time. 

Approximately two weeks after signing the contract they had a firm date from the factory, 22 more weeks, and although I wished it had been sooner, Olympia Steel hit that date right on.  As promised the building was delivered July 23rd, and it arrived in good shape.  The drawings they provided made it fairly simple to erect and we are very pleased with the finished product.  We would definitely recommend Olympia Steel Buildings!!”

Dave Knowles. Source: Google Reviews

Advantages and Disadvantages 

Laying out the pros and cons of Olympia Steel buildings will help you assess whether this builder can provide your needs. 


  • Warranty – Olympia Steel Buildings is willing to stand by the quality of its products. They offer a 40-year limited perforation warranty on roof panels.  The side panels also carry a 40-year limited paint warranty against issues such as chipping, cracking, and peeling.
  • Area of Service – Their area of service is as wide as the world. They serve across the US and all over the world. You don’t need to worry about the area of service with Olympia Steel Buildings.
  • Quality – A company as established as Olympia Steel Buildings has a proven track record of producing quality structures for any purpose. Their past customers attest to their dedication to providing quality products and services.
  • Customizable – Perfect for those looking to build a custom home with a custom floor plan. Steel buildings from Olympia Steel Buildings are customizable to your precise standards. They offer 13 color options for panels as well as 7 trim colors to go along with any size you need. If you want to look into more customization ideas, you can check out our Instagram account.
  • Feature Packed Building Kits – The following standard features of Olympia Steel Buildings make them stand out
  •  Purlin Bearing Rib (PBR) Roof Panels – Maximum durability that allows the roof to withstand rough weather conditions and last for years.
  • Silicone-Polyester Coating – Exterior coating that protects the building from corrosion, rust, and the elements.
  • Galvanized Girts, Purlins & C-Sections – Galvanization makes steel stronger and more corrosion-resistant.


  • Financing – Olympia Steel Buildings does not offer financing options or opportunities. They also do not work with a lender to help clients finance their projects. If you choose this builder for your home, make sure you have done adequate research on  financing a metal building home. 

Should You Choose Olympia Steel Buildings?

 The choice to go with Olympia Steel Buildings for your construction project ultimately depends on your needs. By putting together all the facts surrounding the company, we aim to help you make a decision. However, if you ask us, it is clear that the advantages of working with Olympia Steel Buildings outweigh the disadvantages. If you want to ask around, join our Facebook group, where you can ask about the consensus on Olympia Steel Buildings. Discussions about other alternative housing solutions, such as prefab homes, shipping container homes, and pole barn homes, are also welcome!


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