Meadows Buildings – Is It Worth Building With Them? (Review)

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Planning a construction project may require research; one of the most important things is the contractor you will work with. Choosing a builder is arguably the most crucial decision you can make in a construction project because the result of the building depends on the quality of the construction and the materials used. 

You need to look into a builder’s past work, reputation, and what people say about them. Collecting all this information is vital to making the right decision. That is exactly what we did in this article. We will be looking into Meadows Building, an established builder of pole barns or post frame buildings. If you plan to build a garage, a workshop, or even a pole barn home, you need to read this article to see if this builder is for you.

Meadows Buildings Overview

Meadows Buildings is one of the most trusted names in Oklahoma. They are a leading pole barn builder specializing in metal buildings, metal pole buildings, customized pole barn homes or barndominiums, and much more. They take pride in providing their customers with high-quality buildings and customer service. This emphasis on quality earned them a Better Business Bureau Accreditation. In addition, they can also build pole barn homes and finish the interior.

One of the key advantages of pole barn buildings is that they do not need load-bearing walls. This means you will be left with a huge open space that can be used for any purpose. This is perfect for custom floor plans. From as simple as a garage or a shed up to buildings for commercial purposes, Meadows Buildings can build it for you.

An image of a beautiful white barndominium with a porch, glass windows, and a black roof. The building's sleek and modern design combines traditional barn elements with contemporary residential features, offering a comfortable and stylish living space. The porch provides a cozy outdoor area, while the glass windows let in natural light and add a touch of elegance. The black roof offers a striking contrast against the white exterior, completing the sophisticated look. This may be a family home or a vacation retreat, catering to those who appreciate a blend of rustic charm and modern convenience.
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Meadows Buildings, established in 1997, has built a solid reputation in Oklahoma and the surrounding states’ building and construction industry over the past 30 years. Initially offering building services for simple storage sheds to 37 different Lowes locations, the company has since broadened its scope to include pole barns, detached garages, and custom homes. This versatility and commitment to meeting customer needs have been key to the company’s growth and continued success.

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An image of a stunning black and white barndominium with glass windows, a porch, and a black roof. The building's modern and minimalist design features a black and white color scheme, creating a bold and sleek look. The glass windows let in ample natural light, highlighting the interior's contemporary style. The porch offers a cozy outdoor space, while the black roof completes the striking visual effect. This may be a residential or commercial space, with a design that combines classic barn elements with modern architecture.
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Products and Services

Meadows Buildings can build pole barns for almost all practical uses. This includes garages, workshops, horse stables, and more. Pole barns are a highly efficient and versatile form of post-frame construction. Their design is engineered to utilize large poles or posts planted in the ground for vertical support and girts for horizontal support. This method of construction results in a robust and trustworthy structure that can be erected quickly on any property.

An image of a charming single-story white barndominium with a glass window, porch, brown door, white stone pathway, and a black roof. The building's classic barn style is combined with modern architectural features, offering a comfortable and inviting living space. The glass window lets in natural light, enhancing the interior's cozy ambiance. The porch provides a relaxing outdoor area, while the brown door adds a touch of warmth to the white exterior. The white stone pathway leads to the entrance, adding to the building's rustic charm. The black roof completes the elegant and cohesive look. This may be a family home or a vacation retreat, ideal for those who seek a balance between traditional and modern living
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They can also build cost-effective and fully customized homes. Their team will help you design your structure and simplify the process. Dedicating the time to sit down with you and design a custom home from the ground up ensures that your custom home meets all your needs. Also, if you have a floor plan prepared, ensure this is discussed in the initial planning. Check out our article on the pros and cons of metal building homes for more insight as to why these kinds of homes are getting more popular these days.

An image of a lovely grey barndominium with a porch and a wide lawn. The building's classic barn style exudes simplicity and functionality, while the grey color offers a neutral and elegant appearance. The porch provides a welcoming outdoor space, ideal for relaxing or entertaining. The wide lawn around the building offers a beautiful and spacious outdoor area, with plenty of possibilities for outdoor activities or gardening. This may be a residential or commercial property, catering to those who appreciate a practical and natural living environment.
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Meadows Buildings is committed to cultivating trust and ensuring satisfaction through its personal approach to every unique project and using the best construction materials available. 

An image of a light brown barndominium with a white garage and a small white garage. The building's rustic and simple design offers a practical and functional living space. The light brown color adds warmth to the exterior, while the white garage and small white garage offer a clean and contrasting appearance. The white garage may be a larger garage or a storage area, while the small white garage may be used for tools or equipment. This may be a residential or commercial property, catering to those who seek a balance between utility and design.
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Meadows Buildings assures affordable and competitive pricing. The cost of a barndominium or a pole barn building depends on several factors, such as the size of the building, its features, and its purpose. For example, a garage will be priced differently than a pole barn home. Additional features such as a reinforced concrete slab and other custom features will also affect the cost. Check out our Instagram account for more custom-building ideas.

The good news is that you can request a quote for free. You can reach out to Meadows via call or text. They also allow you to request a quote from their website, where you will be asked for information such as where the building will be located, the size, and additional features such as windows and doors.

Client Testimonials 

“I went on a 12 month search for a pole barn builder last January. I got dozens of bids during this time. I went with Meadows Buildings because they had a detailed price list and a good website with plenty of pictures & great communication. They also had great pricing for the quality of the building you get and they could do the whole job without having to hire anyone else. One stop shopping! They did it all, building, insulation, concrete & doors etc.

They traveled 2 hours to my property and built my 40×40 pole building in a little less than 3 days. Then put the concrete in the next week & fished it with a nice overhead garage door two days later. The workmanship was very good and the customer service was excellent. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a new pole building. Even when a very minor issue came up they were quick to resolve it to make me happy & that’s all you can ask for ! If I ever need another one I know who to call now. Thanks Hanna & crew!!!”

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“All I can say is WOW! The process was seamless. They are completely professional with excellent communication. We always knew what was going on. If you are building any type of pole barn, these are the people you want. Make sure you use Zach Smith for your dirt work.”

Donna Cunningham. Source: Google Reviews


  • Quality Service – You will get nothing short of great customer service with Meadows. An accreditation from the Better Business Bureau implies that the company can be trusted with handling complaints and disputes.
  • Quality Buildings – With years of experience in the building industry paired with an owner involved in the building process, you will get high-quality buildings that meet and even exceed your standards. In addition, quality materials are used on their builds, such as 29 gauge metal on the walls and roof.
  • Competitive Prices – You don’t have to pay premium prices for premium products with Meadows. They ensure that you get the lowest prices without compromising the quality of your building.


  • Financing – Meadows Buildings does not provide financing. However, they can recommend a bank that can help you with financing. Check out our guide on financing a metal building home for more information on the subject.
  • Service Area – Meadows Buildings services Oklahoma as well as parts of Northern Texas, Southern Kansas, and Missouri. You can give their office a call for information about your area. However, they cannot service all states in the US. It is worth mentioning that there will be an additional trip charge if your location is outside a 75-mile radius of their office. 

Should You Choose Meadows Buildings?

Yes, you should! If you are within their service area, that is. Meadows Buildings has over 21 years of experience in the building industry and a track record of hundreds of satisfied customers. Among many other reasons, you will get a trustworthy builder to work on your project. 

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