Building a Barndominium in Missouri | Best 2024 Guide

Missouri is an excellent option if you’re looking for a place to settle in the Midwest. This state shares a border with eight states, making it suitable for building a barndominium, especially if you love traveling and want to explore the Midwest states. Hosting six national parks, Missouri is perfect for your barndo, particularly for nature lovers. 

This article will elaborate on some great reasons why you should build a barndominium in Missouri. We will also cover builders, kit providers, and financial institutions you can partner with in constructing your barndo in Missouri. 

Can You Build a Barndominium in Missouri?

Yes, Missouri is an idyllic spot for a barndominium. 97% of Missouri’s land is rural, making it easier to find land for your barndo if you don’t have any. The State of Missouri also has more than 95,000 farms, making looking for a builder easier since farm buildings are common in the state.  

Missouri Barndominiums Overview

The original barndominiums were barns that were converted into houses or shops. Nowadays, newly-built buildings that look like barns externally are referred to as barndominiums. Most older barndominiums have metal frames, trusses, and sidings. Newer barndominiums may use timber, metal, or both materials. 

We have compiled important information in our Barndominium 101 Guide for a deeper understanding of barndominiums, their benefits, and why they are increasingly gaining popularity.     

Advantages and Disadvantages

There are always pros and cons of different buildings, including barndominiums. Understanding the benefits of barndominiums and anticipating their disadvantages can help you make the most out of your barndominium. 


  • They are more affordable – Traditional houses are often pricier than barndominiums because the former uses more materials, unlike the latter. Barndos also allow you to buy a pre-fab shell cheaper than building concrete walls and posts. Using a pre-fab kit and building the rest yourself can also minimize labor expenses. 
  • They are easier to customize – Most barndominiums have open layouts, making them easier to customize. An open layout allows you to redo your interiors without removing walls or partitions. 
  • They are multi-functional – Most barndominiums combine living spaces and workshops, garages, or business spaces. Combining multiple spaces under one roof can help you save money. This can also improve your quality of life because you can easily balance family and work life under one roof. 
  • They look unique – There’s no reason why buildings should look the same, and a barndominium is definitely a unique building. Instead of the bland, cookie-cutter designs found with many traditional houses, go for a barndo that stands out from others in your neighborhood. 


  • They have limited exteriors – Choosing a barndominium means resigning yourself to the fact that you will have a building that looks like a barn. Unlike conventional buildings with almost endless possibilities in exterior design options, barndominiums look the same on the outside. The best thing to do is work with your contractor to develop an exterior color scheme and some embellishments to make your barndo appealing and different. Check our Pinterest account for amazing exterior design ideas for your barndominium. 
  • They have a limited resale market – It might be challenging to sell a barndominium if need be. Barndos appeal to a niche market, and it may take longer to find a buyer. 
  • Financing might be challenging – Although barndominiums are becoming more common, not all banks or lending companies are aware of or willing to finance them. 


For your barndominium construction project to proceed smoothly, it is imperative to understand the building regulations in your area. Although most counties allow the building of barndominiums, some areas prohibit them or have strict rules you should adhere to. 

In March 2021, the city of Arnold, Missouri, passed a regulation placing a moratorium on the construction of barndominiums within the city limits. The said moratorium is an extension of a previous one, and there has yet to be any news on whether the city repealed or extended the ban. 

The bottom line is, never assume that all counties have the same laws, and it will be safer to consult the county building permit office to check for regulations you should be aware of. This can help prevent unnecessary delays and violations as you build your barndominium. 


Missouri has one of the lowest average property tax rates in the entire United States at 0.91% of the assessed property value. In fact, only 15 other states collect a lower median property tax than Missouri. Since the rate mentioned above is just the average for all counties in Missouri, you need to ascertain your county’s exact property tax rate because they have different barndominium taxes. For example, St. Charles County has the highest property tax rate at 1.2%, while Shannon County collects the lowest property tax at just .48%


Insuring a barndominium is crucial since it covers your barndo if you need to repair or reconstruct it in case of partial/total loss. Barndominium insurance also covers the possessions inside your barndominium, like appliances, furniture, and clothing. Most policies also provide a cost of living allowance if you need to live elsewhere in case your barndo becomes uninhabitable. Missouri’s annual home insurance rate stands at around $2,504, not as low as other states but lower than others that go up to $4,122. 


Financing institutions are essential partners of new homeowners because they can alleviate the financial burden of building a barndominium. Local banks and lending companies are excellent choices, especially if you have an account with them. It is crucial to refrain from using the word barndo or barndominium when applying for a loan, as some banks do not use the term. It might be best to refer to your barndominium as a custom-built house with a concrete slab foundation. 

Bank of Missouri

A local bank with various branches all over the state. They offer construction loans and USDA Rural Housing Loans.  

Missouri Credit Union

Missouri Credit Union is the state’s leading credit union. They offer conventional, USDA, FHA, and VA housing loans. 

Mid-Missouri Bank

Mid-Missouri Bank was chartered in 1872 and has 13 locations across Southwest Missouri. Mid-Missouri Bank offers fixed-rate mortgages, USDA Housing Rural Loans, VA Loans, and FHA Loans. 


Your choice of a builder can determine whether your barndominium project will succeed. Choose a local builder with years of experience in building barndos. Ask about their credentials to ensure they are qualified. Ask for pictures of previous builds to check the quality of their work. Below is a list of reputable local builders.

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Durabarn is a building contractor that services areas within 1 hour of Hawk Point, Missouri. Durabarn builds custom pole barns, custom homes, and post-frame buildings. They take pride in giving you value for your money.

Central Structures Inc.

Central Structures Inc. is a post-frame building company in Ozark, Missouri. They are Amish barn builders servicing customers in Southern Missouri. Some of the buildings they construct include agricultural storage buildings, suburban structures, barndominiums, and specialty buildings.

Benhardt Construction

Bernhardt Construction is a builder of barndominiums, garages, and custom homes. They service customers in St. Louis, St. Charles, and Eastern Missouri. 

Martin Structures

Martin Structures is a building contractor in Versailles, Missouri. They construct wood and metal buildings like pole barns, barndominiums, garages, sheds, and agricultural buildings. 

Built-Rite Buildings

Built-Rite Buildings is a Mennonite company established in 1981. They specialize in custom metal buildings, post-frame buildings, horse barns, and garages.

To expand your search beyond local builders, we have a listing of the top barndominium contractors that build in multiple states across the country, including Missouri.

Kit Providers

If you want to save money building a barndominium, you can order a barndo kit and handle the rest of the work. Make sure you possess the requisite skills and time to complete your barndominium on schedule. Look for a local supplier with a proven track record of delivering high-quality kits at reasonable prices. 


Durabarn supplies Do-It-Yourself Pole Barn Kits and Building Packages. They can also supply custom pole barn kits if you require a unique barndominium kit. 

Missouri Pole Barns

Missouri Pole Barns supplies DIY building kits with detailed construction plans. They also provide free shipping within 30 days to any location in Missouri. 


Sutherlands is a supplier of building materials based in Kansas City, Missouri. They sell pre-designed and pre-fabricated buildings. 

Concrete Pier System

Concrete Pier System is based in Hunnewell, Missouri, and supplies pole barn kits throughout the state. They also have framing-only and foundation-only kits. 

Missouri Metal Buildings

Located in Pittsburg, Missouri, Missouri Metal Buildings specializes in designing, producing, and delivering metal building systems for residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial use. 

We also have a directory of suppliers of prefab barndominium kits that sell and ship to almost any state in the country, including Missouri. You can also ask members of our Facebook group where they got their kits if you’re looking for recommendations from actual buyers. 


If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to a traditional house, a barndominium is an excellent option. According to Redfin, the current median price for a single-family house in Missouri is $275,000. In contrast, Home Advisor estimates that you can build a 2400-square-foot barndominium for as little as $120,000

However, it is essential to note that barndominium prices hinge on several factors like the complexity of design, quality of materials, and project size. 

You can try our barndominium cost calculator to get a ballpark figure of how much your dream barndominium might cost. 

Where Can You Build a Barndo in Missouri?

Small towns like Parkville, Weston, Carthage, Boonville, and Ste. Genevieve are great places to build a barndominium in Missouri. It is often cheaper to live in small towns since you can do more with your budget. These small towns are great options if you prefer living in a closely-knit community.  

5 Things to Consider Before Building a Barndominium in Missouri

Building a barndo is a huge undertaking, and some factors can significantly affect your project. By carefully considering these factors, you can ensure that your barndominium will serve all your current and future needs.


Ask yourself if you will still maintain your current lifestyle. If you plan on having a large family, consider leaving provisions for more family members. If you plan to start a car collection, include a spacious garage in your barndominium plan. 

Custom or ready-made layout

Although there are various ready-made floor plans you can buy, you also have the option of getting a custom floor plan made. Custom plans are more expensive, but you can be sure that your barndominium will turn out precisely how you want. 

Reliable water source

Summers in Missouri can be quite hot, and temperatures can average between 87 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Ensure you have a reliable water source to keep yourself cool in your barndo. 

Choice of materials

You can build a barndo using metal, wood, or both materials. Weigh each material’s advantages so you can choose the right one. Remember that the materials you choose can affect the budget you need to set aside for your barndominium. 


Allocate a budget for your barndominium and stick to it. It is easy to get carried away and add components outside the original plan. Last-minute additions or changes can result in a bloated budget forcing you to cut corners in other areas of your barndominium. 

Is it Worth Building a Barndo in Missouri?

Building a barndominium in Missouri is one of the best decisions you can make. It has thousands of farms, so your barndo will fit right in. The state lies smack in the middle of eight others, so you can easily travel to another state for a quick vacation. Missouri also has its share of amazing natural parks you can enjoy anytime. 

Now that you’re ready to build your barndominium in Missouri, start by looking at our inspiring collection of barndominium floor plans. We also have a comprehensive article that explains the process of building a barndominium for more in-depth information about the barndo construction process. Good luck!