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Barndominium for Oklahoma State Guide
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The booming trend of barndominium building construction is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. In particular, Oklahoma is a perfect location for this type of construction and has become fully geared to accommodate this type of building. 

Your interest in building your dream barndominium home in Oklahoma has brought you to this page and article, and you’re in good hands with us! We will take you through the necessary and critical information to consider during your planning process. 

Can You Build a Barndominium in Oklahoma State?

Absolutely! You can build your dream barndominium home in Oklahoma. The appeal of building a barndominium home first flourished in Texas and soon started spreading across to its north bordering state of Oklahoma. With its vast open land and the growing attraction of people to the idea of more sustainable and lucrative country living, building in this style in Oklahoma is set to remain a sought-after way to build. 

Are you becoming more and more interested in this way of living? We have extensively researched the building aspects for this type of project, and in this article, we will provide you with all the information you require to fulfill your dream of becoming the proud owner of a barndominium home in Oklahoma!

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Oklahoma Barndominiums Overview 

Oklahoma State is well known as a thriving agricultural metropolis, among other industries such as gas production. With acres upon acres of fertile, open, and free-standing land, it is the perfect location for building a barndominium home for family living as well as running a business on the same premises. 

Because barndos are so customizable, this type of construction is often referred to as dual and multi-purpose. You can conveniently separate your family life in a beautiful home and make use of other parts of the structure for any purpose, from storage space to a home office or even a shop; the options are endless. This is ideal for living and building in Oklahoma with the ample open land available. 

A bonus is that metal is readily available in Oklahoma; hence sourcing materials is no hassle. To get more insight into how much value a barndominium home can provide you, your family, and even your business, go ahead and look at our Barndominium 101 Guide

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Barndominium homes are far easier to erect and could take as little as 4 – 6 months to complete in Oklahoma.
  • Barndominium homes are robust and resilient. With the sometimes-harsh weather conditions in Oklahoma, this is definitely a significant advantage.
  • Barndominium homes are ideally suited to accommodate your home, a home office, a business, or even a shop. This is a convenient option for homeowners living on large land spaces in Oklahoma.
  • Barndominium homes are easily customizable, with the existing frame being the main structure, and independent of whatever you choose with the interior partitions as they do not affect the structure if moved or removed.
  • Maintenance of barndominium homes is far less expensive than traditional homes, and damage due to weather or accidents can be easily repaired and even avoided with the help of a good contractor in Oklahoma.
  • Building a home is expensive. In Oklahoma, the cost of building a barndominium is far less. This also gives you more money to invest in the home’s furnishings and more customization options for the interior.


  • Building in the built-up areas closer to the inner cities is more costly in Oklahoma.
  • Living far away from neighbors could also be seen as a disadvantage, especially for people moving away from city life, where they were used to having neighbors close by and might feel very remote in the open land.


The regulations for building a barndominium home will depend on which county and municipality you choose to build in. Consult a professional contractor (you will find a few below) to ensure you adhere to requisite local barndominium regulations.


As is the case with barndominium taxes across the US, in Oklahoma, different taxes apply from county to county as well as depending on the municipality you choose to build in. The structural design of your barndominium home will also have a bearing on the taxes due in the area you choose to build in.

Also, bear in mind that the different areas within your barndominium home will be taxed according to the purpose each area is being used for; so, for example, the section of the barndominium used for living will be taxed differently to, say, the area you use as a home office. 

It is best to consult with an expert property tax assessor specializing in Oklahoma when considering taxation. This will ensure you have considered the correct tax amounts payable.


It is imperative to protect your barndominium by having the necessary barndominium insurance; after all, your construction project is a major investment. Here, it is essential to ensure that your insurance agreement (with whichever company you choose) includes the necessary clauses specific to the area in Oklahoma you have chosen to build your barndo in.

Considerations such as possible area-specific weather threats and the specific type of barndo structure you have chosen to build are essential when deciding on the best insurance policy. Also, it is vital to cover the different areas of the barndo, such as the business you are running as well as the living area of the barndo. 

All of the above factors, as well as factors not specifically mentioned above, will affect your premium payments, and it is imperative to have a professional insurer to ensure that your barndo insurance agreement contains the necessary clauses to cover your dream home fully.


Building your barndominium home is a substantial financial undertaking that can cause uncertainty and unease without guidance and financial support. Securing adequate barndominium financing with a reputable institution can alleviate frustration and stress when taking on a big project such as building your barndo. Budgeting correctly and securing the assistance of a financial institution will ease the financial burden on you as you build your dream home.

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Financing in Oklahoma

With barndominium financing institution options available in Oklahoma, we suggest Oklahoma AgCredit or Regent Bank. Both institutions are well versed in financing barndominium construction projects and can assist you with the financing options best tailored to suit your specific barndominium construction project requirements. They will be able to advise you accurately on which financing option is best suited to your budget and guide you through the financial planning phase.


When building your new barndominium home, employing a reputable and experienced building company is the best option. Not only do the barndominium building companies in Oklahoma State have all the necessary expertise, but great companies can assist with everything from the start to completion of your building project and advise you on how best to go about every step of your project.

In particular, these building companies will have all the necessary information to guide you through all the factors you should consider and the planning steps involved when taking on your dream barndo project. We have a few suggestions for you here!

Gober Buildings LLC

Located in Newcastle, Oklahoma, this company has worked with more than 5000 customers in the state and is an excellent option with the requisite expertise to help you build your dream barndominium. 

DKS Construction LLC 

Located in Alva, Oklahoma. It is a reputable company, having provided sound and qualified work for many clients; this business would be an excellent choice for your barndominium construction project.

Millennial Custom Homes

Based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This building company has a solid reputation with great reviews and is a great choice to employ for constructing your barndominium home.

Meadows Buildings

Situated in Catoosa, Oklahoma. This company prides itself in being Oklahoma’s leading pole barn builder, specializing in metal buildings, metal pole buildings, custom-built homes, and detached garages.

Legacy Barn Company

Located in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, Legacy Barn Company well-established business in Oklahoma with all the expertise and resources to assist you in building your barndo.

Texola Inc

Based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This business has excellent testimonials from happy clients. They have completed several barndominium construction projects and are a perfect choice.

Fisher Welding & Construction

Located in Enid, Oklahoma. This company is a well-respected barndominium construction business that strives to provide superb craftsmanship and outstanding customer service.

All the companies listed above can work across Oklahoma State in all the counties and municipalities where barndominium construction is permitted! We also have a comprehensive list of the most experienced and efficient barndominium builders and contractors with branches across most of the USA, including Oklahoma!

Kit Providers

Texola Inc 

Situated in Oklahoma City, the company provides barndominium kits within Oklahoma. It is the only local company at this stage that offers the entire construction of your barndominium home and the kit provision for self-construction. However, any of the contractors mentioned in the builders’ section above will be able to assist you in finding a kit provider to ship everything required to Oklahoma from another State in the USA. 

We also have a complete list of the best barndominium kit providers/builders across the USA. These businesses are ready and willing to ship these kits to Oklahoma and almost anywhere in the USA. Make sure to check them out!


The price to build your barndominium home will include the various factors we have already covered above. Our easy-to-use barndominium cost calculator will also assist you in determining the cost to build your dream barndominium home in Oklahoma! 

Typically, metal construction in the state is relatively affordable as the cost of living is not steep, and the building materials required are convenient to acquire. Price estimates will vary depending on what your requirements and specifications are. You should plan to incur between 90 USD per square foot and 220 USD per square foot in Oklahoma. It is generally cheaper to do general contracting yourself and save on margins. However, for some people, their lack of knowledge and mistakes cost them what they would have paid for a professional builder.

During your budget planning, please also remember that additional costs will be incurred to ensure adequate insulation and HVAC in your new home. Electricity and power delivered to the house and access to running water into your barndominium home will also be at an additional cost. The contractor you decide to use will assist you with the information required to budget correctly and not overlook these details.

The good news when planning to build a barndominium home is that as the demand for these metal frame buildings grows in the USA, more and more service providers are joining the industry and keeping the prices very reasonable!

Where Can You Build a Barndo in Oklahoma?

The most popular areas in Oklahoma State to build your dream barndominium are the areas where large properties of more than an acre of land are available. Most barndominium owners prefer larger portions of land between their homes and neighbors.

Choosing an area a little closer to the main city centers will make it easier for your contractor to get the job done and transport the materials efficiently to your new residence. This is where your building contractor can assist with reliable information. 

If you are more eager to be further away from major centers within Oklahoma State, this decision must be carefully discussed with your contractor to ensure that the builder you have chosen is familiar with the area and is willing to complete the construction in the most convenient time frame possible. In Oklahoma, areas such as Tulsa and Oklahoma City are perfect options.

Things to Consider Before Building a Barndominium in Oklahoma

Below we have listed some questions (which highlight important factors) for you to ask yourself when making your decision to live in Oklahoma in your dream barndominium home. Take your time to really give some thought to your answers. Building a home is an investment and a big decision! Ultimately, you should fall in love with the land on which you build and adore your dream barndo! 

Questions to Ask Before Building

  • Have you chosen the area in Oklahoma where you wish to build your barndominium home carefully?
  • Have you considered whether the land you choose is suitable for a barndo?
  • Do you see yourself living in Oklahoma for an extended period? Remember, your barndominium is a long-term investment, so chances are you will be living in Oklahoma for at least the next 5 – 10 years.
  • Have you decided on the floor plan of your barndominium home? Have you reviewed several options to choose the right fit for your family and your needs?
  • Will the decor style you and your family prefer suit the barndo you wish to build?
  • Have you decided whether to build a one-floor, two-floor or possibly even three-floor barndominium? 
  • Do you see yourself and your family falling in love with your barndominium home and country-style living?

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Is It Worth Building a Barndo in Oklahoma?

It is absolutely worth building a dream barndominium home in Oklahoma! With so much to offer and value for money, the benefits of investing in your own barndominium on the land you choose are endless! Go ahead and take a look at the vast array of floor plans to explore the world of possibilities you can choose from when planning your construction. Check out our variety of suggestions for your barndo exterior as well. Our barndominium construction guide takes you through the entire process, from laying the foundations and constructing right up to the roof. The amazing world of barndo living awaits you!