The beautiful exterior painted in designer colors

Magnificent Metal Building Country House w/ Timber Siding (HQ Pics)

Pack your bags and get ready to move out of the stress-inducing and polluted city into a wonderful cozy home brought to you by Morton Buildings. This home on the range is of a rectangular shape and built with timber panels for the facade wall sidings.

The interiors do not differ much from the exteriors. It also has that old-fashioned comfortable vibe due to the wooden fixtures and accents. It has a long front porch for members of the family who want to bask under the sunshine, celebrating yet another wonderful day.


The wood used is of a vibrant brown-orange color which also gives the house a very jolly aura. A second living room is situated on the top floor, attached to a very sturdy set of stairs with child-friendly railings. The house is also affixed with a wonderful fireplace with a built-in shelf. The property is perfect for families who want to settle for an unplugged lifestyle, one that defies the digital world of today’s generation. With its big windows, it’s a sun-drenched home that will make the dweller embrace every single morning.


If you are a lover of a counrtyside feel and an extra spacious area, then this type of metal house is perfect for you. This home is luckily owned by Charles of Cushing from Oklahoma. Check out the pictures to see more glimpses of this modish home.


Stats: 42’W x 10’H x 60’L

Plan: contact Morton Buildings, project number: 70-4025W.

Source: Morton Buildings


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