From the fields to the actual house, you will really notice its overwhelming vastness

Fantastic Custom Metal Building Home/Hobby Garage (9 Pictures)

Morton Buildings really did another surprising creative touch to this farmhouse. This can also serve as a perfect hobby garage for those with a specific inclination to just about anything. It has a wide driveway that can broadly welcome a large number of guests. The place is made of metal and its walls are covered by stone wainscot.

The driveway leads to a large garage fit for storing numerous pieces of equipment and vehicles.

It’s an absolute countryside mansion you will dream of having. It has two chimneys made of stone wainscot and has a wide porch on both sides of the front part. A huge garage is also present at the side of the huge house – enough to store farming machinery, vehicles, tools, and your car.

The exterior might look too simple and generic , but if you look inside, pure, lofty elegance is what you will definitely see! Yellow-dim lights surround the place, and it is heavily adorned with classy details. The area boasts a rich-looking living room with a comforting fireplace.

A lofty space inside that assures you a mansion’s ambiance.

The other side has a kitchen and dining room, along with a function room where you can set up almost anything that you want (as seen with the pool table in the picture). A dressing room and a bathroom are also present.

This is a grand, grand kitchen

Expect that this house is one of the grandest that you can ever see, and it’s durable since it’s mightily built from metal – with the wood and stone wainscots serving as outer decoration.

Stats: 42’W x 15’H x 120’L + 42’W x 15’H x 24’L +18’W x 9’H x 40’L + 18’W x 9’H x 40’L

Source: Morton Buildings


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