The backyard with a vast green lawn

Beautiful Metal Building Home w/ Grilling Area

If you are looking for a beautiful country-style house, then this amazing metal building home with a grilling area which is created by Morton Buildings is definitely for you. With the house purely made from metal, you can definitely tell that it is very sturdy and won’t easily break down during storms or bad weather. It is also quite spacious which gives the feeling of space and freedom for homeowners.

The front view of metal building home

The location of the house is also another thing that adds to its charm. Since it is located in a rather farm-like area, it does give off the feeling of a “country” style environment. Although it is very simple looking, it is a delight to the eyes. It also comes with a fence that keeps your pets inside the lawn. The fence is a combination of wood and metal railings in front.

If you feel like the indoors is too boring for you, you can let the sun kiss your skin by lounging at the open space patio at the side. You can also enjoy your breakfast and morning tea at the covered patio a few meters away from the grilling area. Perhaps, the most alluring part of the house is the lush, green sod and trees that surround the area.

view of the grilling area

Indeed, it is a perfect spot for late afternoon picnics and other activities like barbecue parties. In general, this lovely metal building home is the ideal home for individuals or families who seek peace and a nature-like place of dwelling.

Stats:  48’W x 10’H x 56’L

Price & Plans: feel free to contact Morton Buildings, project number: B070014313

Source: Morton Buildings


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