Absolute Steel Texas – Is It Worth Building With Them? (Review)

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Chances are that you are in a construction project’s planning stages. Going through your choices is a huge part of planning a development project. One of the most crucial choices is deciding which builder to work with. Gathering all the information you need to make such a decision can be time-consuming, so we did all the work for you. 

In this article, we will look into Absolute Steel Texas. We will review the quality of their services, what their clients have to say about them, and the pros and cons of working with them. Our goal is that by the end of the article, you will know everything you need to know about Absolute Steel Texas and whether or not you should choose to work with them on your build.

Absolute Steel Texas Overview

Absolute Steel Texas is one of the country’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of metal building kits. They fabricate steel building systems for residential and commercial purposes such as barndominiums, garage kits, cabins, agricultural buildings, commercial covered parking, RV covers, boat covers, and many more. The company offers steel buildings that are considered to be the easiest to install. They are also available in various sizes, configurations, and customization options, opening up nearly limitless possibilities for floor plans. If you’re looking for design ideas for a metal building home project, our Instagram account has a trove of content you can draw inspiration from.

Absolute Steel Texas’ products have been used by all branches of the US military, heavy commercial users, and thousands of residential customers. Their buildings have been proven to withstand extreme weather conditions such as Hurricane Katrina and winds of over 100 MPH. The company ships its buildings nationwide, including Hawaii and Alaska. It has also supplied buildings to Europe and the Middle East.


A quick look at the company’s history will give you a good idea of its expertise and experience. Absolute Steel Texas was founded in 1999. They have completed orders for over 100 government agencies, more than 1,000 corporate clients, as well as thousands of individual public sector customers. 

They have a long list of previous customers within the US Federal government and private companies. This assures future customers that they will work with a proven metal building industry leader. 

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An image featuring a brown-colored barndominium, situated in an open field. The building has a rectangular shape with a peaked roof and a second-story balcony that spans the length of the front side. The exterior walls are made of wood panels, giving the building a rustic appearance. On the ground level, there is a large garage door and several windows, while the upper level features several more windows and a sliding glass door leading to the balcony. The surroundings include green grass, a few scattered trees, and a clear blue sky in the background.
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Products and Services

In the general sense, Absolute Steel Texas manufactures high-quality tubular steel building systems for a wide variety of uses. Their products are categorized into five. These are buildings, housing, relief housing, carports, and shade covers.


Absolute Steel Texas specializes in Texas metal buildings. They manufacture their parts at their east Texas factory using high-quality steel by skilled American craftsmen. Absolute Steel Texas offers a variety of styles of metal buildings, and the customization options they offer are as comprehensive as the metal building industry itself.

An image showcasing a dark brown metal building located in an open rural area. The building has a rectangular shape with a sloped roof, and the exterior walls are made of dark brown wooden panels that give the structure a rustic appearance. On the ground level, there is a large garage door and several windows, while the upper level features more windows and a small balcony that extends from the front of the building. The barndominium is surrounded by a neatly trimmed lawn, a few trees, and a clear blue sky in the background, providing a serene country setting.
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The company has extensive experience in metal building homes, also known as barndominiums. This is an increasingly popular alternative to conventional housing. A barndominium is a unique type of building that combines a house and a workspace, or a garage, or just serves as a standalone home. Absolute Steel offers customizable barndominiums to meet the specific requirements of its customers. These buildings are delivered in conveniently packaged kits allowing the buyer to assemble them on their own or with the help of local contractors. We have put together an article about the pros and cons of metal building homes if you are interested in learning more.

 A single-story grey barndominium with a sloping roof and a wide front porch. The building features a combination of wood and metal siding, with large windows on either side of the entrance. In the foreground, a gravel driveway leads up to the house, while in the background, trees can be seen framing the building. The overall style of the structure is modern and minimalist, with clean lines and a neutral color palette.
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Relief Housing

Absolute Steel has introduced a revolutionary approach to disaster relief housing known as Transitional Relief Housing. This involves the assembly of a structural frame that can be temporarily covered with materials like canvas or tarp, allowing for a later transition to a more permanent wall material. This is a huge help for disaster response, providing a low-cost and immediate solution for shelter.

A light brown barndominium with a gabled metal roof and a front porch supported by wooden columns. The building features a combination of wood and metal siding, with two large garage doors on the left side of the structure. In the foreground, a manicured lawn with neatly trimmed bushes and trees can be seen, while in the background, a partially cloudy blue sky provides a beautiful contrast to the warm brown tones of the house. The overall style of the building is rustic and inviting, with a cozy and comfortable feel.
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Carports and Shade Shelter Kits

Carports are offered in various styles to meet the needs of Absolute Steel Texas’ clients. Customers can hire a professional to install the carport or choose to save money by installing the carport themselves. There is a wide variety of styles and size options available. Clients can also request a carport built to their specifications for a customized solution.

The highlight of a structure from Absolute Steel Texas is the ease of assembly. Even for those with limited experience, erecting a building can be done easily with common tools. Unlike other steel structures, their kits are packaged and shipped in manageable bundles, making it possible to deliver to most locations worldwide without needing special transportation equipment. 

A brown metal carport building with a flat roof and open sides. The structure features a sturdy metal frame and a corrugated metal roof, with no walls or doors to enclose the space. In the foreground, a concrete driveway leads up to the carport, while in the background, trees and foliage can be seen in the distance. The overall style of the building is practical and functional, with a minimalist design that prioritizes ease of use and accessibility.
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The cost of a metal building can depend on many things, such as the design, the materials used, the size, and the purpose of the building. Additional custom features also need to be taken into account. 

According to their website, the barndominium cost of a shell measuring 20W x 40L x 9H is $12,578.39. This information is crucial in determining how to finance your barndominium.This price does not include installation, engineered plans, permits, shipping costs, and taxes. It is best to reach out to a representative to request a quote. You can also request a quote from their website. If you want to compare their cost to other builders, you can join our Facebook Group, where you can ask other members about costs.

Client Testimonials 

“We chose Absolute Steel for our project. They installed a 45′ x 18′  RV cover with a lean to for us. Their customer service is outstanding! No pressure, no problems. We were very impressed with the quality and workmanship of our materials and installation.  The quality of materials and installations we’ve seen from other companies in the area don’t compare. I can say these people know what they are doing.  Thank you Wes and your installers.”

Annette S Source: Google Reviews

“Absolute Steel delivered exactly as promised. Charles,  Karen and the whole staff was great to work with. Their installer Martine was always prompt and efficient. He has a terrific crew. Everything was just as we had expected and hoped. They even left our place cleaner than it was when they arrived on the first day. I would use Absolute Steel for any future buildings that I might want or need.”

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Advantages and Disadvantages 


  • Proven Track Record – The projects under Absolute Steel Texas’ belt are something to be reckoned with. Not many builders out there have produced such a vast number of buildings for a wide range of purposes. If experience and reputation are important to you, you will find them with this company. The fact that the US military trusts the company with its buildings is enough to convince anyone.
  • Quality of Materials – The company fabricates its parts at its Texas-based factory, using only high-quality engineered steel that meets or exceeds architectural specifications for safety and reliability. This commitment to using the best materials ensures that their products are of the highest quality, unlike some manufacturers who don’t prioritize these important factors.
  • Customization – Absolute Steel allows you to choose from thousands of style options or have them design a customized building to your specification. This is essential for those with specific requirements and custom floor plans for their buildings.
  • Service Area – Wherever you are in the country, you can be sure that Absolute Steel Texas can deliver metal building kits to your location. This includes Florida, Georgia, Texas, Ohio, North Carolina, and Illinois.


  • Financing – The company cannot help you get your building’s financing. They recommend dealing with a local lender or mortgage company. Preparing your options before moving forward with the project is best, especially if you are financing a metal building home.
  • Exterior Shell Only – Absolute Steel Texas only supplies the exterior shell. If you are building a barndominium, their kits do not include the foundation, interior walls, wiring, or plumbing. 

Should You Choose Absolute Steel Texas?

With everything we have covered, you are now better positioned to decide whether or not you should choose Absolute Steel Texas. If you ask us, you definitely should choose this company. They tick all the boxes of a good builder. They have the experience, quality materials, and a reputation to uphold. 

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