Steel Metal Home Building Kit of 3500 sq. ft. for $36,995!!

Who’d ever think that owning a wonderful house would be possible through Ebay? Well, here’s one example. For $36,995 you can have this steel metal building kit wonder for yourself.  It’s a house fit for all!It’s of dazzling exteriors and interiors. It looks simple up front but it actually has that practical no nonsense feel that is perfect for busy city dwellers.

You will be astounded with the spacious living space this house has to offer. These features make the house welcoming to those who like living alone or to families, large or small. What with the high ceiling, wood paneling and wide flooring, you will surely feel all the comfort you need after a busy day at the office or at school.

The space allows you to furnish it however you want. It is highly customizable to fit your taste. You can fill it with cozy furniture and child-safety equipment if you have children or you can furnish it fashionably if you’re living alone. Better yet, why not do both? It’s just one of the advantages of this cheap but classy house. You can do whatever you want and you don’t have to spend much at all! If it’s class and value you are looking for, this model can give you a bunch of ideas for your future home. Feel the excitement!


Stats: 3,500 sq. ft. More info about the home – click here.




Source: eBay

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