Spacious Metal Hobby Garage w/ Room for Anything!

Most people when they’re on a holiday rent homes near lakes or beautiful sceneries by the countryside to escape the rush of the city and to take a breath of fresh air. If you’re a homeowner with a lovely cottage by the lake or an entrepreneur ready to make a countryside hotel, it’s always a great idea to have some novelty around the area. These may be boats, dirt track cars, or anything that you and your company find enjoyable. Although they’re a lot of fun, all that heavy equipment is going to need some shelter to keep them in top shape and to prevent from unwanted events to happen to them. Morton Buildings has a lot of great selections for varying shelter and warehousing needs.

Our Special Metal Hobby Garage is just the thing you need for all your outdoor equipment. Measuring 16-feet high, this garage is perfect for ‘stacking’ your trucks and small planes. Boasting a length of 104 feet and a width of 60 feet, you can make it your own secret haven by keeping all your precious gadgets and hobbies inside, whether they be cars or a little workshop.

The garage is a great addition to any countryside cottage. The white steel walls aren’t just decorative, they also reflect harsh rays from the garage, making it cooler on the inside. The garage also has a porch located at one end, perfect for taking a break from crafting or exploring the wild outdoors. Don’t miss this great addition to your country home.


Stats: 60’W x 16’H x 104’L

Price & Plans: Feel free to contact Morton Buildings, project number: 91-0285





Source: Morton Buildings

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