Texas Best Construction – In-Depth Review (Are They Worth It?)

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Deciding whether or not to trust your dream home project to a builder is crucial because builders can mean the difference between the success and failure of your build. Don’t worry; we have done the research, so you won’t have to. If you plan to build a house, a barndominium home, or a metal building in Texas, you should look into Texas Best Construction. In this article, we will be reviewing this builder and the services they offer. Should you choose Texas Best Construction for your project? Keep reading to find out.

Texas Best Construction Overview

Texas Best Construction has been in the industry since 2006. Located in Red Oak, Texas, they help their clients with restoration work, remodeling, and constructing residential and commercial buildings. Their 6-step process can help you with your construction project at every step of its development. The quality of their products and service has been recognized as they were awarded the NewHomeSource awards Best Barndominium Builders in Texas. Although that says a lot, we should closely examine what they are all about.

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Josh and Brandy Helm started the company in 2006, serving clients in various construction work for buildings used for residential and commercial purposes. In 2015, as necessity dictated, they started building barndominiums to serve family needs as well as office space. They found joy in the opportunity to customize homes. 

They are extremely passionate about their work, and you can tell by looking at their Youtube channel as they walk you through their builds. They showcase all things barndominiums, from the process of their construction to home tours. People interested in barndominiums recognize their love for what they do, which has earned them over 130k subscribers on Youtube. Imagine living in a house built by someone that famous!

It is clear that barndominiums are gaining popularity as an alternative to modern housing; check if they are worth considering in our article about the pros and cons of metal building homes.

Products and Services

We have outlined the products and services that Texas Best Construction offers so you can assess if they can provide what you need.

Barndominium Construction 

Texas Best Construction offers renovation and construction services throughout Dallas and Fort Worth. They specialize in building barndominiums; these are barn-style buildings typically made of steel or wood.

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Texas Best Construction can customize barndominiums if you have a design or plan in mind. Otherwise, they can refer you to an architect to help materialize your ideas into a plan. They are happy to work with you until you are satisfied with your build plans. You also have the option to choose from the available floor plans that they offer.

They have six design options to choose from. They also have designs for conventional homes if you want to build one instead of a barndo. For ideas that can help you with which floor plan works best for your family, check out our countless collections of floor plans to know the vast possibilities of barndo designs.

It is important to note that Texas Best Construction does not do landscaping or driveways unless requested, and this will incur additional costs.

A white barndominium with a small porch and a large garage door. A small window is visible on the side of the building
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Metal Shop Buildings Construction 

They also offer metal shop buildings for various purposes, such as shops and garages. From 24×30 metal buildings to as big as 40×50. These buildings are perfect for storage, workshops, or garages.

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Dumpster Rental

One other service they offer, which isn’t too unrelated to construction work, is dumpster rental. If you need a dumpster for your home project, they have various sizes to suit your needs. From 12.5 to 22-yard dumpster rental. They can deliver it to your yard to help clear home construction debris.

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Texas Best Construction offers everything you need if you are planning on building a barndominium. If you customize your build, you must consider the features you want to add to your home. With customized features, there is no more accurate way of getting a cost estimate than by requesting a quote via their website.

With that said, every project is unique, and the factors affecting the cost can vary greatly. Josh Helm, the owner of Texas Best Construction, gives a range of $110-$120 per square foot for a completed barndominium. If you want to look into a more comprehensive guide on costs, you can check out our article on barndominium costs.

Client Testimonials 

To give you an idea of other people’s experience with Texas Best Construction, below are examples of what their clients have to say about them.

“Well it has been a year since we built our dream home. There is always something you wish you could of done different or added, but overall we are happy and love our home. We want to thank Texas Best Construction again for bringing our home to life. If you are looking for a barndominium builder, Texas Best is the way to go. The Helms are good people just trying to bring families Barndos to life. Keep doing great work. God bless.”

Todd Westbrook. Source: Google Reviews

“Texas Best Construction is truly the BEST. If you want a truly custom home, built by someone that really cares about the product that he is building then go with Texas Best Construction. I highly recommend them. I built a Barndominium in Red oak, you can see it on the Texas Best Construction YouTube channel. We have been completely satisfied with our home and everything they did. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Texas Best again if I ever decide to build another home. Texas Best Construction is a small company not a huge corporation, If you want personal attention to detail, give them a call.”

Stephen Dickerson. Source: Google Reviews
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Advantages and Disadvantages 

So far, we have heard many positive things about Texas Best Construction and how they treat their clients. However, it is crucial that we also look into their weak points to assess if they are capable of meeting your needs. Below are their pros and cons.


  • They are open to customization. If you have a design in mind, you can just show it to them and start from there.
  • They can refer you to an architect. For those who don’t have a design in mind but want a custom barndominium, they will allow you to work with an architect.
  • Emphasis on energy efficiency. Texas Best Construction takes pride in the quality and efficiency of its builds. They make an effort to make sure your house is airtight and well-insulated.
  • Did I mention they sell apparel too?


  • They only service within 100 miles of Red Oak, Texas.
  • A limited number of floor plans to choose from. Although this isn’t much of a disadvantage when you can visit our Instagram account for ideas on custom floor plans, layouts, and interior design.
  • They cannot help you with financing. Although they are willing to work with any lender of your choice. If you want to learn more about financing, we have helpful articles on barndominium financing and metal building home financing, with everything you need to know.

Should You Choose Texas Best Construction?

Look back on everything we have covered about Texas Best Construction; their history, client testimonials, pros, and cons. We would say it is worth considering them to build your dream home. You can tell that Josh and Brandy are genuinely interested in what is best for their clients, which is exactly what you need from a contractor. Because of this, you can trust that they do not skimp on the quality of their builds. So if you ask us if you should choose Texas Best Construction, the answer is simply yes, as long as you are in their serviceable area.

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