Roper Buildings – In-Depth Review (Are They Worth It in 2024?)

A black and red barndominium sits amidst a peaceful landscape, inviting visitors with its warm and welcoming facade. The building's small brown windows provide a cozy touch, while the crisp white door adds a touch of elegance. The spacious porch invites visitors to sit and relax, taking in the beautiful scenery.
A black and red barndominium. Image via

If you are searching for a reliable pole barn builder in Utah, you might have come across Roper Buildings, as it is one of the most popular pole barn builders in the state. This review will tell you more about this company and its history. We will elaborate on their products and services, so you know what to expect if you hire them.

We will also share the experiences of previous customers who built their buildings through Roper Buildings. Read on to decide if Roper Buildings is the best company to help you build your dream barndo or pole barn home. 



Roper Buildings is a company based in Ogden, Utah. Although the company initially built pole barn homes for customers in Northern Utah, it is now a premier builder of pole barn buildings in the entire Western United States. Relying on more than two decades of experience, Roper Buildings now also builds for customers in Idaho and Nevada

A charming brown barndominium sits amidst a peaceful landscape, inviting visitors with its warm and welcoming facade. The building's small brown windows provide a cozy touch, while the crisp white door adds a touch of elegance. The spacious porch invites visitors to sit and relax, taking in the beautiful scenery.
A charming brown barndominium. Image via

Products and Services

Not all building companies are built equally because some offer products and services you won’t find with their competitors. Let’s see what products and services you can expect from Roper Buildings to know if they can deliver what you are looking for.

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A sleek and stylish large black barndominium stands out in the image, exuding a modern and sophisticated vibe. The building's small brown windows offer a warm contrast to the bold black exterior, creating a harmonious look. The spacious porch invites visitors to sit and relax, taking in the surrounding scenery
A large black barndominium. Image via

Residential and commercial buildings

Although most of their clients are interested in building barndominiums, pole barn homes, and other residential buildings, Roper Buildings also builds commercial structures. They can build stores, offices, and warehouses for their customers. 

A sleek light grey commercial metal building stands out in the image, showcasing its modern and professional design. The building's small white windows provide ample natural light and a crisp contrast to the light grey exterior, creating a clean and inviting look.
A light grey commercial metal building. Image via

Storage and garages

Roper Buildings builds storage facilities for its customers. The company can also build garages if you need a safe place to store your vehicles. They build garages of all sizes, from single-car garages to huge buildings, to keep your precious car collection. 

A charming brown and peach metal building sits amidst a tranquil landscape, showcasing its warm and inviting design. The building features two large brown garage doors, offering ample space for vehicles and storage. The spacious porch invites visitors to sit and relax, taking in the beautiful scenery. The warm brown roof complements the building's overall look and feel.
A brown and peach metal building. Image via

Barns and agricultural buildings

The company builds a wide array of agricultural buildings. They can build barns for storing agricultural supplies and equipment. They also build cattle sheds for housing farm animals. 

A sleek white and black metal building stands out in the image, showcasing its modern and professional design. The building features a bold black and white door, offering a crisp contrast to the bright white exterior. The building's clean lines and stylish color scheme make it an attractive choice for a variety of businesses
A white and black metal building. Image via


Roper Buildings does not provide information about how much their pole barns and barndominiums cost per square foot. If you want to receive pricing information, it is best to contact one of their representatives. 

Client Testimonials 

“Fantastic company to work with. We couldn’t be happier that we chose Roper for our building needs.”

Connie Perkins. Source: Google Review

“It was truly a great experience working with all of Roper’s people. They are true professionals and masters of the pole building trade.”       

Greg Mathews. Source: Google Review  

Advantages and Disadvantages 

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of working with Roper Buildings. Afterward, we will look at some disadvantages of working with them. 


  • They build a wide variety of building types – While some building companies concentrate on building residential buildings, Roper Buildings can handle a wide array of buildings, including agricultural and commercial structures. This can help you save time since there is no need to look for and hire a different contractor if you plan on building a commercial structure along with your pole barn home or barndominium. Aside from saving time, it is easier to get updates since you only need to communicate with one company. 
  • They offer turnkey services – Roper Buildings offers turnkey services so you can sit back and relax while the company takes care of everything for you. With turnkey services, the company handles all aspects of your construction project from start to finish. Roper Buildings can even take care of building permits on your behalf to ensure that you have all the required permits for your construction project to proceed. What’s great about turnkey services is that you can concentrate on your work, family, or business while Roper Buildings handles the grunt work, and all left is for you to move into your new building.  
  • Virtual builder – Roper Buildings has a virtual builder program on their website to help you design your dream building. What’s great about Roper Buildings’ 3D Designer is that it has many pre-built templates, so there’s no need to start your design from scratch. You can start your design using the barn, gable, or industrial templates. Since the design is in 3D, you can view your floor plan from multiple angles, giving you a better chance of assessing its dimensions. Even if you are not adept at designing custom floor plans, you can use the program to create a basic plan and have the experts in Roper Buildings improve it for you. At the very least, it can make communicating how you want your building to look easier. 
  • Color designer – Roper Buildings has a Color Designer program to help you visualize the color scheme for your planned building. You can use the program to try different color combinations by changing the colors of the roof, doors, trims, walls, and wainscoting. This gives you a better idea of which color combinations will look best. Keep in mind, though, that the colors you will see are not as accurate as their real-life counterparts, but you can still use the program as a guide. 
  • They have dedicated personnel for different locations – When you call Roper Buildings, they have different phone numbers and personnel depending on your location. This is a big help since you know the person you are talking to specializes in building within your area. 
  • They provide a lifetime warranty on their poles – The company provides a lifetime warranty for their poles. This is a huge deal because the poles are the most vital part of any pole barn building and are responsible for maintaining its structural integrity. With a lifetime warranty, you are sure the company will stand by its product and provide repair services or replacements if the poles are not up to standards. 


  • They don’t have in-house financing services – Unlike other building companies, Roper Buildings doesn’t offer in-house financing services. If you plan on taking a loan to finance your barndominium, you need to apply with a bank or mortgage company. However, they mention on their Facebook page that they have partner financial institutions that offer metal building home financing services where they can refer you. 
  • Their gallery lacks details – Although Roper Buildings’ gallery contains many images of sample buildings and past projects, it does not contain information about the said buildings. Other builders include critical information on their galleries, like the dimensions of the building, the number of rooms, materials used, etc. 
  • They don’t post sample floor plans – Unlike other companies, Roper Buildings doesn’t post sample floor plans. Sample floor plans are important because they help you visualize what a building’s interior would look like.
  • They don’t sell DIY kits – Roper Buildings doesn’t sell barndominium or pole barn home kits. However, they can sell you a metal building shell and install it for you. You can then have your general contractor of choice complete the building. 

Should You Choose Roper Buildings?

If you plan on building a barndominium or pole barn home in Utah, Idaho, or Nevada, consider checking out Roper Buildings. Aside from constructing residential structures, they can also handle the construction of commercial or agricultural buildings. They have a 3D design program to help you develop a floor plan that meets your needs. The company also provides turnkey services that you can take advantage of if you want to build a barndominium but need to focus on managing your business or taking care of your family. 

Roper Buildings provides a lifetime warranty on their poles to give you peace of mind that your building is built using high-quality materials. If you are interested in barndominiums and other unconventional buildings like prefab homes, shouses, and shipping container homes, follow our Facebook page. We also regularly publish articles about builders, the pros and cons of metal building homes, and other informative articles.  

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