Rafter P Construction – Should You Build With Them? (In-depth Review)

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Barndominiums are now prominent in Texas, hence the booming business of builders in the area. Rafter P Construction is one of the North Texan builders with good standing in terms of energy-efficient barndos, commercial, ranch, and farm structures. They are recommended for their custom, quality, classy unit builds and, of course, their success story and 20 years of expertise in barndo building. 

Heads up to North Texas’ aspiring homeowners because, without further ado, we will discuss and see if Rafter P Construction has the potential to become your home construction partner. 

Rafter P Construction Overview


Rafter P Construction was founded by Brad Pryor in February 2002. He is a dedicated founder that started with just one employee, one truck, and pure determination to succeed.

Eventually, his company grew and has been able to deliver countless quality barndos, commercial units, ranch, and farm structures. They are highly regarded in Texas, particularly in the northern region, for their over a hundred accomplished projects in a span of 20 years. The company is favored by many for its good service, thanks to its adept employees and experts in construction and design.

What most love about them is their company’s philosophy, “building quality while exceeding expectations,” which focuses not only on the product but also on the client’s satisfaction with the whole process. Before anything else, if you are still researching barndominiums, read our barndominium guide for more information.

an angled view of a white Barndominium with a small glass window on the side and a white door in the center.
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Products and Services

Energy-efficient homes are highly regarded nowadays, and Rafter P Construction takes pride in its design-build process and energy-saving barndominium units. You read it right, customized floor plans, modified structures, and energy-efficient builds are their core business.

They have in-house designers and draftsmen to help clients with their layouts. If you’ve decided to build a barndo and are having a hard time planning, check out our selection of floor plans to make the search for the best barndominium easier! 

Moreover, Rafter P Construction has a team that will work side by side with their clients to execute the best, most practical, and wholly tailor-built end product. This is a bonus since most clients want an accommodating and hands-on building partner with everything covered for them.

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From design concept to actual construction, start to finish, they promise reliable assistance. Since they offer every construction phase and process, you don’t need to hire more contractors. Rafter P Construction also has a wide range of products and services, including the following.

Residential Builds

  • Barndominiums
  • Conventional stick-built homes
  • Garages
A simple white Barndominium sits on a wide, lush green lawn. The building features a small glass window on the side and a vibrant red door, adding a pop of color to its clean and modern design.
A white barndominium with a wide lawn. Image via

Commercial Structural Steel or Pre-engineered Builds

  • Warehouses
  • Retail Arenas
  • Industrial Facilities 
  • Public Facilities
  • Tenant Finishes
A brown commercial metal building is pictured on a wide open space.
A brown commercial metal building. Image via

Farm and Ranch units:

  • Storage
  • Barns
  • Stalls
  • Corrals
A white storage metal building. The building offers a functional solution with its design combining the features of a barn and a storage facility to create a versatile structure
A white storage barndominium. Image via

Special Builds

  • Recreational
  • Man Caves
  • Remodeling
  • Cabanas
  • Special Garages
A wooden cabana Barndominium is surrounded by a shimmering blue pool. The building boasts large glass windows that offer stunning views of the surrounding area and enhance its natural, rustic aesthetic.
A wooden cabana with a pool barndominium. Image via


Since Rafter P Construction projects are purely customized, the cost and budgeting per plan and services may vary. For example, if you ask for a barndominium cost, the estimation might adjust according to your specifications, preferences, and finishes. For quotations, you can directly contact the company.

To give you a glimpse of how much a barndominium costs, refer to our article on barndominium cost per square foot to know the approximate budget to prepare for your barndo project.

Client Testimonials

Rafter P Construction has proved its excellence in construction, and testimonials prove its success. Here is honest feedback from their previous clients.

“Rafter P Construction is a great example of “old fashioned” customer service.  From Brad Pryor, the owner of the company, to the person who drew our final plans, customer service is their priority. They work very hard to make sure their customers are happy with their home. We are halfway through our project and are very pleased.  We are looking forward to getting into our new “well built” home.”

Tracy.  Source: Houzz Business Reviews

“I contracted with Rafter P Construction to design and build a 30′ x 40′ metal building. Working with Rafter P was a joy… their responsiveness throughout the project as well as quality of their work was exemplary.”

Brian H.  Source: Google Business Reviews

Advantages and Disadvantages

Let’s now talk about the advantages and disadvantages of hiring Rafter P Construction as your local barndominium builder.


Whichever design and plan you have in mind, they will make it come to life. They welcome clients’ own concepts and designs, so you can speak your mind, and they will do the layout for you.

High energy efficiency and quality are their top priorities; they are loved for their air-sealed and “super-insulated” buildings using tested framing and sealing strategies. The designers will tell you which insulation is best for you, depending on your location and climate.

Furthermore, water heating, lighting, HVAC, and ERV are systemized efficiently to achieve maximum energy regulation. For additional electricity-saving features, they build their structures grid-tied solar photo-voltaic panels (solar panels) ready for installation. Features like energy-saving windows and doors are optional; you can ask them for the particulars. 


This company is said to be a luxury barndo builder. They usually quote with a higher markup than other builders, although, their builds are indeed remarkable, efficient, and cost-saving in the long run.

Another downside of hiring them is that the company does not have in-house financing to help its clients with funding. In this instance, our barndominium financing and metal building financing guides can back you up with the next steps. Despite that, you can also ask for assistance from your local banks. This would be the one process you need to do independently besides your lot/land purchase.

Should You Choose Rafter P Construction?

Rafter P Construction could be your best building partner, assuming you are an aspiring Texan homeowner dreaming of having a smart barndominium. As for quality and class, their units are top-notch. The options for customization and energy regulation are also good to credit if you are aiming for an insulated residence.

Service-wise, they put forward their best effort to fulfill their clients’ wants and needs. Their team is willing to assist and accompany you throughout your building journey. Their lines are open for inquiries and quotations if this sounds like a great deal. 

We hope this article helps you select the most suitable builder for your future barndominium. Have a pleasant construction journey! Check out our Pinterest account for more non-conventional housing solutions, including; prefab homes, shipping container homes, pole barn homes, and many others.


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