A side view of the awe-inspiring exterior.

Great Residential Metal Building Home w/ Shop & Awesome Porch (HQ Plan & Pictures)

If you enjoy doing business right beneath your nose, this ideal home will surely cater to you and your needs. It saves you plenty of time going to your workplace from home. Besides that,  everything can be done and found under one roof. This is convenient especially for business owners.

A closer view of the lobby and attic.

If your business revolves around farming, this could be the one for you. Ideally, business runs on the ground floor including the porch area. When it’s time to rest at the end of the day, you can just go upstairs, take a long shower and jump into bed.

As you can see, the majority of the entire home is made up of metal. The reason behind this is because the latest trend in building homes involves replacing wooden construction with metal structures.

The living room

It’s much easier to take care of (in terms of maintenance) and will cost less over a period of time. Also, it gives that sturdy finish to the entire home that is guaranteed to stick around for generations to come.

The kitchen with the beautiful view

This model is designed by Lester Buildings. It is crafted with so much artistic flavor coupled with a multi-purpose feature. It’s a perfect home idea for those who dream of having their own dream shop.

Stats: 2,730 sq. feet.

Plans: scroll down below!

Source: Lester Buildings

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