Graber Post Buildings – In-Depth Review (Are They Worth It in 2024?)

A beautiful light grey barndominium featuring a spacious porch with a small chair and table. The porch provides a cozy and inviting area for relaxation, while the three large garage doors offer ample storage for vehicles. The clean lines and modern design of the barndominium create a harmonious blend of form and function.
A light grey barndominium. Image via

Hunting for the most reliable builder is probably the first thing you’ll do when starting a pole barn building project. To help you with your search, we will review one of the most recommended builders in Indiana.

Graber Post Buildings, our featured builder for this article, is renowned for setting high standards with its prefabricated pole barns. With 50 years of proficiency in post-frame structures, they have already manufactured and erected over 10,000 stunning units. Why don’t we take this discussion to the company’s overview to confirm whether they are the most reliable construction company to partner with? 

Graber Post Buildings Overview


Graber Post Buildings was founded by a man called Glen Graber, therefore the company name. In the early 1970s, Graber took the opportunity to hire skilled Amish men to build post-frame structures that were still thriving to have a place in the construction industry. They were all just trying to make ends meet and be productive, but eventually got focused on providing more structures to their increasing number of clients.

The company became a success with time; it grew and competed in Indiana’s rapidly developing pole barn-building market. The team also got a chance to expand their business by supplying retail and wholesale construction products.

A beautiful light grey barndominium featuring a spacious porch with a small chair and table. The porch provides a cozy and inviting area for relaxation, while the three large garage doors offer ample storage for vehicles. The clean lines and modern design of the barndominium create a harmonious blend of form and function.
A gorgeous light grey barndominium. Image via

Since then, Graber Post Buildings has been rendering complete post-frame construction services to meet its clients’ needs. They can reach and cater to other states as well by shipping. They ship to other East coast and midwest US states like Florida, Georgia, Illinois, and Ohio quickly and without hassle.

Are you still researching pole barns? Read our Pole Barns guide to further your post-frame construction knowledge.

A stunning two-story blue barndominium with a magnificent wrap-around porch and a four-door garage. The wrap-around porch offers panoramic views and ample space for outdoor living, while the large garage provides ample storage for vehicles or equipment. The combination of the blue color, the wrap-around porch and the large garage creates a beautiful and functional scene.
A two-story blue barndominium. Image via

Products and Services

Graber Post Buildings is a one-stop-shop company ready to serve aspiring property owners wishing to have their own pole barn units. You can depend on them for every step of your DIY process besides financing and funding.

Customizations are welcome since they have in-house designers and software to help you visualize your future buildings. But we’d also love to help you with planning, so take some time to browse the best catalog floor plans our architects have prepared for you!

Going back, the prefabricated units Graber Post develops are mostly pole barn homes and shouses (shop + house), but they are inclined to build post-frame projects of any purpose. They propose engineered post-frame kits for DIY construction, making it easy and cost-efficient for homeowners. Nevertheless, if on-site assistance is needed, the company has experienced crew and contractors to assist you in assembling your prefabs.

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A magnificent white barndominium sitting amidst a lush green lawn. The crisp white stone exterior of the building provides a sharp contrast to the surrounding greenery, creating a harmonious blend of modern sophistication and natural beauty.
An elegant white barndominium. Image via

Construction Supplies

Graber Post Buildings is also popular for distributing a variety of quality pole barn/barndominium supplies, namely:

  • Stone veneer sidings
  • Liner panels
  • Multiwall panels
  • Metal roofing and sidings
  • Perma columns
  • Polycarbonate panels

These are just a few of what they offer to incorporate and level up your homes. On the other hand, they supply these to contractors and other businesses at retail and wholesale rates.

A charming two-story wooden white barndominium with a cozy porch and small glass windows. The porch provides a comfortable and inviting area for relaxation, while the small windows offer a glimpse inside the building. The wooden exterior, combined with the brown door, creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.
A white two-story barndominium. Image via


Graber Post Buildings chose to keep the pricing private and exclusive to their clients only. They have available premade floor plans on their website, but the cost per square foot is undisclosed. 

Let us explain how much barndominiums or pole barn homes usually cost by taking you to another article– Barndominium cost and pricing guide. Take your time reading it for a complete introduction to post-frame pricing.

If you’ve already decided to partner with Graber Post, you can proceed to their website and click their “instant quote” option. Their customer service team will give you a detailed quote for your project.

A sleek black barndominium with a welcoming porch and small glass windows. The porch provides an inviting outdoor area, while the small windows offer a glimpse into the interior. The bold black exterior of the building, combined with the warm brown door, creates a striking contrast and a unique and modern aesthetic.
A beautiful black barndominium. Image via

Client Testimonials

Graber Post Buildings, the highest-rated builder in Indiana, consistently satisfies more clients by producing high-class pole barns. Here are some reviews to prove the company’s solid services.

“Great company, any business could take some pointers from Graber. I needed some metal roof sheets and they beat the prices off anywhere in Southern Indiana. The level of knowledge, kindness, and price, mixed with their location, it is always worth my time to drive to get what I need.”

Scott H.  Source: Google Reviews

“I had a great experience with Graber. They were professional, easy to work with and timely in their proceedings for such a large project.”

Aaron V.  Source: Google Reviews

Advantages and Disadvantages

You might be skeptical to entrust your build to some company you have never worked with, but there are factors to be considered as well. Let’s evaluate Graber Post Buildings and see what could make you hire them as your builder.


One of the noteworthy points about Graber Post is the high-quality engineered materials used in their pole barns. It indicates that the manufactured kits are durable despite being post-frame structures. 

Their website is interactive, with options for color charts, a designer, and a visualizer.

And yes, ready-made pole barn units can be chosen from your home’s comfort. Their website is informative and detailed for their prospective home buyers. 


For someone canvassing for affordable housing or commercial units, the company’s website lacks pricing structures. Contacting them for a quotation is a must before assuming any budget for your project. Their website doesn’t mention financing, but DIY buildings like pole barns and barndominiums can be funded via loans or be self-financed. Barndominium Financing and metal building home financing are very insightful guides on this topic.

Should You Choose Graber Post Buildings?

Graber Post Buildings is one deserving company to consider when building a pole barn home, whether in Indiana or anywhere else. Their tried and tested products and services make your construction much easier. They also use high-quality materials from various brands to achieve a strong and sound build. 

The pole barn homes they manufacture look homey and attractive. Their team renders their best effort to address their customers’ needs, from construction essentials to extras that you might need to refurbish your home. 

At the end of the day, it is your final say that matters. Regardless of what company you will hire, we hope your construction will be an exciting building experience for you! Visit our Pinterest account for more non-conventional housing options, such as; prefab homes and shipping container homes.


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