Glorious Modern Farmhouse In Dallas, Texas (12 HQ Pictures)

There are few properties that can really match up to the attractive design and overall layout of this captivating farmhouse that lies just west of Preston Hollow, in what some may describe as “rural” Dallas. For many first timers, it comes across as a transplant straight out of Napa Valley! Of course what differentiates it are the big oak and pecan trees typical of this location.

Immaculately maintained lawns of the property

The property has been designed rather intuitively, mixing up multiple design elements to perfection. For instance, while the landscape is highly textured, the property itself has a rather simplistic touch to it, with boards and gables being the primary facets of the structure. The end result is of course a design marvel that is aesthetically appealing to the maxim.

At the outset, the property was designed by Olsen Studios in the form of numerous pavilions that linked up via glass connections. The amenities on the site as well as the trees on the property together weave in with its overall layout and structure.

Make sure to crosscheck if these design champions do offer steel frames as choices for their homes as well.

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Stats: 3200 sq ft.

Plans: not available publicly, feel free to contact Olsen Studios.

Ballpark price: hard to estimate due to different finishes, materials, location, etc. For precise numbers please contact Olsen Studios.

Source: Olsen Studios

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