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Connect Homes – Why Choose Them? (In-depth Review)

A charming, single-story white barn stands peacefully in a picturesque countryside setting.
A single-story white barn. Image via

If you plan on building a prefabricated modular home for your family or a vacation home for getaways, there are a couple of good options on the market right now. Non-traditional housing options are now at a point where they are an attractive option for many homebuyers. This is due to several advantages they have over traditional stick-built homes. 

Due to the vast number of choices out there, looking for the right builder to work on your prefab home can be time-consuming. This is why we have looked into the top prefab builders you can choose from. In this article, we will review Connect Homes, a company that builds modern prefab homes.

To see if Connect Homes is the builder you have been looking for, we compiled all the information we gathered about the company, the services it offers, client testimonials, and its advantages and disadvantages.

Connect Homes Overview

Traditional construction in the home building industry comes with many challenges. Those looking to build a home have to manage the entirety of the project. This includes hiring an architect, making decisions on the design, and looking for contractors that can take on the project. Getting an accurate estimate of the overall cost is nearly impossible. Construction times take too long, and aspiring homeowners have to deal with unexpected expenses, delays, and order changes. 

Connect Homes have set out to come up with a process that is more convenient for people who just want to build a home. Prefab kits, including pole barn home kits and barndominium kits, have proven practical solutions.

The fact is that building a new home is out of reach for most people. This problem is what galvanized Connect Homes to innovate. Their modern prefab homes are a cost-effective solution for folks looking to build a home. With the help of Connect Homes, a dream home doesn’t have to remain a dream. 


Architects Jared Levy and Gordon Stott co-founded Marmol Radziner Prefab in 2004, gaining recognition for their award-winning work featured in various publications. However, they realized that their designs were not meeting the average homeowner’s needs and that the prefab industry had limitations in terms of affordability and sustainable design.

In response, they spent two years developing a modular prefab system that significantly reduced construction and delivery costs. They also aimed to simplify the process by offering transparent pricing and taking on project management responsibilities. This led to the establishment of Connect Homes in 2013, a company dedicated to making modern living more accessible by reimagining the construction and purchasing of homes.

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The company’s vision was to revolutionize the single-family home market by looking for solutions to turn high-end custom architecture into a scalable product. 

A charming, single-story white barn stands peacefully in a picturesque countryside setting.
A single-story white barn. Image via

Products and Services

Now that we’ve covered the company’s vision, it wouldn’t be surprising to know that Connect Homes offers full turnkey service. This means they design, build, and install your prefab home to completion.

The first step is choosing which Connect Home model is right for you. They will assess your property and help you choose the best floor plan for your lifestyle, and budget. After that, you get to choose custom touches, including finishes, fixtures, and appliances. Their selection is based on function, style, price, and sustainability. They also offer additional packages for added features like a garage or a deck. 

When all that is finalized, Connect Homes will submit the drawings to your local authority to acquire building permits. Next, they will start building your Connect Home in their San Bernardino, California, prefab factory. While that happens, they will coordinate with your general contractor to prepare your property for installation. They will ensure that the foundation and utilities are ready for installation.

After which, they will deliver your home fresh from the factory. Then, the installation will begin. This is where assembly takes place, with all the finishing touches and appliances ready for you to move in. Below are some of their prefab models you can choose from.

A rustic single-story brown barn, nestled amidst a serene rural landscape, emanates warmth and character.
A single-story brown barn. Image via

Connect 1

Their simplest and least expensive offering is available. The Connect 1 features one bedroom and one bathroom. With a total floor area of 460 square feet, the space is perfect for a guest house or a rental. 

A picturesque, modern wooden barn standing proudly against a backdrop of lush green fields.
A modern wooden brown barn. Image via

Connect 5

On the mid-range of their available floor plans lies a single-story home perfect for a couple looking to start a family. This home has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. With 1,600 square feet, the Connect 5 is ideal for average-sized lots.

A picturesque wooden brown barn stands proudly against a backdrop of rolling green fields.
A wooden brown barn. Image via

Connect 10

This is their largest model. This home is for a family that needs a lot of space. With 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, the 3,200-square-foot home has two stories making it ideal for hosting large parties and gatherings.  

A serene countryside scene featuring a vast, well-manicured lawn with a charming single-story barn nestled in the background.
A wide lawn single-story barn. Image via


Like all construction projects, there are key variables that can affect the cost of the home. One notable factor is the distance between the construction site from the factory where the prefab home is built. Generally, larger homes will cost less per square foot compared to smaller ones. 

A Connect 1 model that covers 460 square feet has an estimated total cost of $255,800, excluding the site work. The estimated basic site work is at least $19,000. This means the overall estimated cost would be $274,800. Below is an outline of the Connect Home models and their estimated cost without including site work.

  • Connect 1 (460 sq ft) – $255,800
  • Connect 2 (640 sq ft) – $307,800
  • Connect 3 (960 sq ft) – $405,900
  • Connect 4 (1,280 sq ft) – $486,400
  • Connect 4TL (1,600 sq ft, 2 stories) – $602,000
  • Connect 4T (1,280 sq ft, 2 stories) – $493,400
  • Connect 5 (1,600 sq ft) – $557,500
  • Connect 5L (1,600 sq ft) – $563,900
  • Connect 6 (1,920 sq ft) – $657,800
  • Connect 6L (1,920 sq ft) – $671,600
  • Connect 6T (1,920 sq ft, 2 stories) – $677,800
  • Connect 7 (2,240 sq ft, 2 stories) – $764,400
  • Connect 8 (2,560 sq ft, 2 stories) – $874,900
  • Connect 9 (2,820 sq ft) – $940,100
  • Connect 10 (3,200 sq ft, 2 stories) – $1,064,900

Client Testimonials

“We bought a Connect home (6 modules + a deck) in 2014 to replace our 1940-era bungalow in Palo Alto. We loved the house and miss it to this day, having been required to relocate to Seattle in 2020. The house was beautifully designed, open, and well-constructed. We would definitely make the same choice again, given the opportunity.”

Charles Salmon. Source: Google Reviews.

“I LOVE my Connect Home.  I went with the Connect 4 model. It’s bright, well designed, shockingly solid feeling. It fits right into the hillside so low impact. These guys CARE about what they do. Patience is always a necessity when building a house wether it’s pre-fab or else. The fact that they care and keep their agreements is important.”

Michele Karpe. Source: Google Reviews.

Advantages and Disadvantages 


  • Convenience. Most of the work is done by Connect Homes. 
  • Stylish. Modern designs that keep up with the trend make up for a stylish home.
  • Customizable. Features can be personalized according to your preference and needs.
  • Sustainable. Factory construction generates 50% less waste than traditional construction.
  • Quick. Their process, along with the nature of prefab homes, results in a quick turnaround time.


  • Limited floor plans. Although they have a wide selection of models, fully custom floor plans are not an option. This is important to keep in mind for those planning to build a home with a custom floor plan design. On custom plans, you can visit our Pinterest page to see custom ideas you can incorporate into your home.

Should You Choose Connect Homes?

Considering everything we’ve covered, yes, working with Connect Homes to bring your dream home to life would be a great choice. The good news is that they can build anywhere in the continental United States. However, additional shipping fees will be charged if you are on the east coast. Logistics won’t be much of an issue if you are within the surrounding states of California, such as Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona.

As previously mentioned, alternative housing solutions are becoming more popular now that they have proven to be a great practical choice. To see more content about these types of houses, including barndominiums and shipping container homes, follow our Instagram Page.


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