Top 6 Prefab & Modular Home Builders in California | 2024 List

Are you considering buying a prefab home (also known as a modular home or a manufactured home) to build on a piece of land in the golden state of California? This article will show you some of the state’s best companies. Overall, prefab homes cost less, have less waste, and help the environment, so they really are a smart choice for your next home.

If you’d like to know more about these modular homes and whether they are a good choice for you, visit our article on 15 Modern and Affordable Prefab Homes. There, you can learn more about the pros and cons of prefabs, learn more about the custom designs available, and find a list of reputable and high-end companies to buy from.

prefabricated home with wood exterior manufactured by Method homes
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It is important to note that the state of California modular homes now have a solar mandate in effect since January 1st of 2020. This means that all homes built in California after this date need a solar energy solution.

The only exception is that homes with a roof that is less than 80 square feet don’t need a solar panel. The mandate is estimated to add around $9,500 to the construction costs for your home. In addition, some districts are banning the use of natural gas.

Nonetheless, having a solar panel on your prefab is a great way to reduce your ecological footprint and prevent energy waste. What is most impressive about that is the switch to sustainable energy is expected to save homeowners around $19,000 over a span of 30 years. Evidently, there are major benefits to complying with California’s sustainable commitment. For more information on the solar mandate and details of the natural gas adjustments, check out this article.

Now, continue reading to learn about the top 6 prefab companies in California. Or as an alternative, you can see our articles about other states if you aren’t sure where you want to settle yet. Our team has also researched the best companies in both Texas and Florida to save you time and energy.

California’s Best Prefab Home Builders

Method Homes

To begin, Method Homes (official website) is a great business that aims to set up your prefab home 60 percent faster than the traditional building process. The general contractors are focused on quality and flexibility for their customers. In addition, Method Homes will also try to adapt to your exact design specifications if you’ve already made a floor plan with another architect or contractor.

modern look prefabricated home with dark wood exterior and underground garage manufactured by Method homes
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Pros of Method Homes

Prep Work

Conveniently, Method ships mobile homes about when it is 90 percent completed for maximum efficiency. As a result, the final installation usually only takes around 2 to 4 months, and then you can move in.

Possible Cons of Method Homes

Limited Distribution

Since the company’s manufacturer is located in Washington, Method can easily ship to the Western U.S. and Canada. Fortunately, they can still try to accommodate your request if you live somewhere else, but the costs will be higher.

What Others Have to Say About Method Homes:

“In being fortunate enough to find Method, we were able to have a beautiful custom home built that perfectly fits our needs. While we have had many positive experiences throughout the process, our personal highlight was working with members of the design and build teams. Everyone was incredibly responsive, and we had a lot of fun seeing concepts being constructed. We feel so pleased with our choice of builder and the high quality of their work on each and every aspect.

– Jeffrey J. SOURCE: YELP

Connect Homes

This California-based company brings the dream of modern living into reality by reimagining how houses are built and bought. To begin, the Connect Homes (official website) process starts with you adding personal touches to their pre-designed models.

Moreover, customers have great things to say about California’s Connect Homes company. Buyers appreciate that the founders satisfy the needs of the large number of homeowners who don’t want to pay a ridiculous price for an amazing home.

prefabricated minimalistic home in wood exterior manufactured by Connect thomes
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Their Pros


Connect Homes offers honest, upfront pricing and affordability to make the creation of your dream home feasible. Not all prefab home companies promise to tell exactly how much the home will cost from day one.

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Their Cons

Flat Roofs

Unfortunately, those who live in extreme weather areas will need to consider the relatively flat roofs that are incorporated into the design of the modular house. Consider this element if you expect heavy rain or snow.

What Others Have to Say About Connect Homes

“Awesome company, Building the future 🙂

– Shawn Ashburn. Source: Google

Stillwater Dwellings

Stillwater Dwellings (official website) is a great choice for the company to build your prefab home in Nevada. The team uses a three-step process so that you feel organized and informed from start to finish. Specifically, the building process is organized by design and pricing, engineering and permitting, and fabrication and construction.

prefabricated mansion type of home with a pool built by Stillwater Dwellings company
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Pros of Stillwater Dwellings


The brand goes above and beyond when it comes to sharing its expertise with its customers. Impressively, Stillwater Dwellings posts upcoming events on their website where you can learn more about their company over wine and cheese.

Cons of Stillwater Dwellings

Steep Prices

Thankfully, the company gives an outline of its pricing on the website. While an estimated price tag of $425 to $600 per square foot is a bit high, Stillwater Dwellings explains that the bulk of this price comes from contractor costs. This means that this company isn’t the best choice for you if you are capable of putting the prefab house kit together yourself.

What Others Have to Say About Stillwater Dwellings

“Stillwater Dwellings were fabulous to work with. From the very start, they were prompt and helpful (which I can tell you that many prefab companies were not). We planned and built our house from half the country away and everything turned out spectacularly. We love the house’s feeling… It is always full of fresh air and changing light – it has wonderful energy and the attention to detail is superb. We couldn’t be happier. Thanks, everyone!

– Rebecca Gadd. SOURCE: Houzz

Living Homes

Next, Living Homes (official website) is a company that cares. They protect the environment with sustainable construction and aim to give their customers reasonable prices. Additionally, the brand values family and makes spaces that bring people together.

Exposition of modern look prefab homes with dark wood exterior trim built by Living Homes
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Pros of Living Homes Company

Sustainable Manufacturing

An advantage of choosing Living Homes to build your prefab home in California is its eco-friendly manufacturer, Plant Prefab. For instance, the company follows strict guidelines for sustainability and promises to be fully carbon neutral by 2028, which benefits the planet. The 2016-founded solution allows Living Homes to provide you with your ideal home for less time and money.

Cons of Living Homes Company

One Style

While Living Homes does provide the opportunity to customize features like the exterior finish, the homes all have a contemporary look. Consequently, this is something to be aware of if you have a more traditional taste.

What Others Have to Say About Living Homes

“Beautiful, sustainably-made homes.

– Jon Falker. Source: Facebook

Office of Mobile Design

Renowned architect, Jennifer Siegal, is at the heart of this contemporary brand. Despite modern principles in design, the Office of Mobile Design (official website) is not a new company. In fact, the brand has been making a difference in the construction field since 1998. Today, these renowned architects continue to pioneer in the market with smart innovations.

Modern look prefab in white and red built by Office of Mobile Design company
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Pros of The Company


The Office of Mobile Design primarily focuses on transportability. If the idea of a house delivered to you on a trailer appeals to you, you’ll want to reach out to this firm. Early mobile homes had a design that was comparable to a current camper or trailer, complete with an exposed trailer coupler, wheels, and easy-moving castors. The house itself was typically constructed from end-to-end steel I-beams, and it might be placed on concrete blocks, wooden blocks, metal supports, or a concrete foundation depending on the location. The compliance of mobile homes changed after World War 2, and there are many improvements including allocated mobile home parks, to accommodate tiny home buyers. Although many mobile homes are prefab or premanufactured, it is now known under the modular home umbrella. Amazingly, Siegal’s structures are demountable and relocatable.

Cons of The Company

Different Projects

Not all of OMD’s homes are prefabs. The team has also worked on projects like offices and traditional construction homes. However, the project variability furthers the company’s expertise, thus it might not be considered a con.

What Others Have to Say About Living Homes

Unfortunately, we did not find any direct customer reviews on this company.

Blu Homes

With years of experience and a variety of important values, this company is a promising choice for California prefabs. Speed and innovation are some aspects that Blu Homes (official website) promises to integrate into your home plans.

Using the smart practice of on-site prep while your house is in the factory is one of the ways that Blu Homes promises to deliver the prefab to you in a timely manner. Best of all, they have even partnered with some banks to facilitate your financing experience.

Dark grey prefab residential home in the suburbs built by Blu Homes
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Pros of Blu Homes

Inclusive Price

Blu Homes gives an exact description of which elements of the process are included in the price you pay. Blu Homes are valuable purchases because elements like the design service and installation are part of the package.

Con of Blu Homes

Statewide only

On the other hand, Blu Homes decided not to operate across the country. Therefore, those who are looking to build outside of California will need to contact other brands.

What Others Have to Say About Blu Homes

“We just moved into our new Blu Home and it is wonderful. Great views from every room and the house is super-insulated – it stays warm through the night even with the cold weather now.” 

– Cees H. SOURCE: Yelp

Now, just choose your favorite…

Above all, you are sure to find a quality prefab home for your property in California. You should begin by deciding which factors are most important to you in order to find the brand that will best satisfy your new housing needs. You’re going to love one of these California builders, regardless of whether you prioritize the environment or the facade.

The building process of prefab home with big red crane and lots of scaffoldings
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Our other articles can also help if you’re still deciding in which state to build your prefab home so you can make a more informed decision. See our overview article for detailed information on prefabs and nationwide companies. Additionally, check out the best prefab home construction companies in Texas and Florida.

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