Top 5 Modular & Prefab Home Builders in Iowa | 2024 List

a gorgeous blue modular home in iowa
A majestic wooden prefab home. Image via

Modular homes are houses built in factories to be assembled on-site. This method reduces the construction time, enabling you to move in quickly. It also makes prefabricated homes cheaper to build because of reduced labor costs. If you are interested in this type of house, the most critical decision you need to make is choosing your builder. With an expert builder, you will have a durable and reasonably-priced home. But how do you separate the expert builders from the mediocre ones?

In this article, we take a closer look at the best prefab and modular builders in Iowa. We will save you time by looking at their credentials and presenting the advantages and disadvantages of working with them. 

Why Build a Prefab or Modular Home in Iowa?

Iowa is a state of scenic beauty with its gently rolling hills, fantastic caves, and grass prairies. Most of the state has flat plains that help boost its production of crops like corn. The state is bordered by two of the most well-known rivers in the country, Missouri and the Mississippi. 

Utah is also a state of friendly people. It has the ninth-lowest violent crime rate in the country. Utah is an ideal location if you want to live in a place where you don’t have to be concerned about your safety due to crime. 


Its humid continental climate is a drawback to building in Iowa. It generally has hot summers and cold winters. Depending on which part of the state you are in, summer temperatures average around 74 degrees Fahrenheit. During the winter, snowfall in Iowa is common but lighter compared to other states. 

As for the actual prefabricated home, since you won’t see it getting manufactured, there is no way for you to inspect the quality of workmanship until it gets delivered. Read our prefab vs. modular homes article for more information about these house types.

How Long Does it Take to Build a Modular/Prefab Home in Iowa?

This is a complicated question because the answer hinges on several factors. Assembling the house on the construction site can take three to four weeks to complete. However, estimating the time to manufacture the prefabricated home is challenging. The production time will depend on the complexity of your house and its size. It will also depend on the manufacturer’s capacity and the number of houses being manufactured.  

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a construction site of a modular prefab home
Prefab home construction

Can I Finance a Prefabricated or Modular Home in Iowa?

Yes, financing a modular home is just like financing a traditional house. Some builders offer in-house financing to their customers. If your builder does not offer financing services, you can approach a local bank or a mortgage company to apply for a loan. 

How Much Does it Typically Cost to Build a Prefab or Modular Home in Iowa?

A modular house costs $50 to $230 per sq. ft., depending on the type, design, and size. Although it may sound steep, it is still cheaper than building a traditional stick-built house costing $100-$400 per square foot. If you are looking for a cheap housing alternative, read our building a barndominium in Iowa article to learn more about this unique house type. 

Are There Any Special Building Regulations I Should Be Aware Of?

Arming yourself with knowledge about the building regulations of your county can help you keep your construction project on track and avoid paying steep penalties. Unfortunately, some counties have unique regulations, so be sure to check local ordinances and regulations to be on the safe side. For example, the minimum front setback in Linn County is 50ft from the property line. In the City of Burlington, the required minimum front setback is shorter at 30ft from the property line. 

Who Are The Best Modular & Prefab Home Builders in Iowa?

This section will present some of Iowa’s best modular and prefabricated home builders. We will also read feedback from previous customers, so you know what to expect if you decide to work with these builders. 

Sunrise Housing


  • Sunrise Housing provides base pricing details for the models they sell. 
  • The company offers a rough set option for customers who want to do the on-site finish themselves. 
  • Customers can visit display models in two locations in Iowa. 


  • Sunrise Housing has no in-house financing, but they can recommend banks to their customers. 
A two-story home with a red and white color scheme and an elegant design, featuring a front entrance with stairs leading up to the front door. The house has a refined and sophisticated look with a color combination that is both bold and timeless. The clean lines of the house and the grand entrance give it a grand and stately appearance. The house set against a natural background.
Modular home with a red and white finish. Image via

What are their clients saying?

“Great homes, exceptional quality and Customer Service!”

Chip Peterson. Source: Google Business Review

Our Thoughts

Sunrise Housing has been building houses since 1969. The company has two locations in Iowa, Des Moines, and Iowa Falls. Both locations have display models that customers can visit. With two locations, customers can choose one that is nearer. If you have handyman skills and want to save on labor costs, you can choose Sunrise Housing’s rough set option and do the on-site finish yourself or with the help of family members and friends. The company provides base pricing details to customers. Although this price will still go up because of finishing, it gives customers a rough estimate of how much their prefabricated house will eventually cost. 

Griffith Homebuilders


  • Griffith Homebuilders has two locations in Iowa, with two more under construction. 
  • The company has 3D virtual tours for customers who cannot visit their actual models. 
  • Griffith Homebuilders offers customers self-guided tours of their model houses or a tour and meeting with a home planner. 


  • Griffith Homebuilders builds in a limited number of counties in Iowa. 
A single story modular prefab home with a brown color scheme
Modular prefab home with a brown color scheme. Image via

What are their clients saying?

“Great company to work with from the start of the home building project to the finish.”

John Freese. Source: Facebook

Our Thoughts

Griffith Homebuilders is a builder of modular houses with two locations in Iowa, one in Kellogg and another in Urbana. They also have two more locations currently under construction. Multiple locations across the state help customers save time by letting them visit a nearer location. If you are interested in their model houses but are too busy to head to their location, you can take a 3D virtual tour of their models. Griffith Homebuilders offer turnkey packages for customers who want complete services, from design to assembly of their prefabricated home. Although Griffith Homebuilders’ turnkey services are only available in selected counties, they sell prefab home packages throughout the entire state. 

Vander Berg Homes


  • Vander Berg Homes has over 60 floor plans that customers can choose from. If you want more floor plans for your home, visit
  • The company offers virtual tours of its models.
  • Vander Berg Homes is the sister company of Vander Berg Furniture and Flooring, which allows them to provide complete furnishing services, including plumbing, electrical, basements, flooring, and furniture.


  • Vander Berg Homes’ service area is limited to Northwest Iowa and surrounding areas. 
A home with high ceilings, featuring a blue exterior and bricks walls. The house has a rustic and inviting feel, with the high ceilings providing a feeling of grandeur and spaciousness. The blue color of the exterior and the bricks walls give it a unique and charming appearance, set against a natural background. The combination of the high ceiling, blue and bricks walls give it a timeless and elegant look.
Prefab home with a classic blue finish. Image via

What are their clients saying?

“The house you built for the Henderson’s is absolutely gorgeous!”

Dannette Denny. Source: Facebook

Our Thoughts

If you are looking for a company with years of experience, Vander Berg Homes is an excellent choice, having been in the business since 1984. Customers can visit and tour the company’s model houses in Sioux Center, Iowa. If you are too busy to see their model houses personally, Vander Berg Homes has virtual tours to give you an idea of how their prefabricated houses look without leaving the comfort of your home. 

Ida Grove Homes


  • Ida Grove Homes services not just Iowa but also the states of Nebraska and South Dakota. 
  • Ida Grove Homes has a mortgage calculator to help customers understand the cost of building a prefabricated house. 
  • The company sells modular homes from two manufacturers. 


  • Ida Grove Homes’ offers a limited selection of modular home designs compared to other builders. 
An elevated, modular home with a cream colored finish
Modular home with a cream colored finish. Image via

What are their clients saying?

“Awesome selection and people! Beyond helpful and patient!”

Starla Winter. Source: Google Business Review

Our Thoughts

Ida Grove Homes is a builder of modular and manufactured homes with a long history dating back to 1973. They have available model houses that customers can tour. This gives customers a better idea of what their future house will look like. It also allows them to gauge the dimensions of a house and decide if it is the right model for them.  

Kelly Building Systems


  • Kelly Building Systems provides turnkey services. 
  • Kelly Building Systems offers multi-family modular houses. 
  • The company’s website has an extensive image gallery for their models’ interiors and exteriors. Check our Instagram account for more inspirations as you design your dream home. 


  • Kelly Building Systems’ service area is limited to Northeast Iowa and Southeast Minnesota. 
An elevated home with a wooden exterior, featuring a tiled roof, a big glass window and a porch. The house has a rustic and cozy feel, with the elevated design and large window providing a unique and striking appearance. The wooden exterior and the tiled roof give it a traditional and charming look, set against a natural background. The big glass window provides natural light and picturesque view to the inside of the house. The porch adds to the inviting and relaxing atmosphere of the house.
A majestic wooden prefab home. Image via

What are their clients saying?

“Great Response for building quotes!”

Roumel Reynon. Source: Google Business Review

Our Thoughts

Kelly Building Systems has been building modular and prefabricated homes since 1974. The company builds in locations in Northeast Iowa and Southeast Minnesota. They provide turnkey services for customers who need a general contractor to handle all aspects of building their modular home. Kelly Building Systems also builds multi-family modular homes for those who want to make the most out of their property or for customers who want to rent out units as a business. 


If you plan on building a modular home, Utah is an exceptional choice because of its natural beauty. It has prairies, hills, caves, and rivers, so you can choose your preferred backdrop for your prefabricated house. Utah also has one of the lowest violent crime rates in the country and is an excellent location if you want a place where you can feel safe. 

We know how hard it is to select a builder, so we did the hard work for you and listed the best Utah prefab builders above. They have excellent credentials and years of expertise in the business. However, you still have the option of hiring the most popular prefab builders in the neighboring states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Illinois, or South Dakota if you want. You can also check out other alternatives to conventional houses by following our Facebook page