Pratt Homes: Is It Worth Building With Them? (2024 Review)

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When building a modular home, your choice of builder is of utmost importance. Your builder will help you transform your vision into the modular house of your dreams. Pratt Homes is one of the choices you should consider if you want to hire a builder with excellent credentials. 

This article will help you get to know Pratt Homes, a modular home builder. We will look into its various products and services. We will also listen to the experiences of previous clients. Lastly, we will look at the company’s strengths and weaknesses so that you can decide if Pratt Homes is the perfect match for you.  

Pratt Homes Overview


Pratt Homes has been selling manufactured and modular homes for over 20 years. It is based in Tyler, Texas. The company is the only East Texas homebuilder that belongs to the Tyler Chamber of Commerce. Pratt Homes also has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. The company has a sprawling 13-acre site in Texas where customers can view over 60 fully-furnished model houses. 

Aside from being an active business community member, Pratt Homes also gives back to the community by supporting the Children’s Miracle Network, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Disabled American Veterans, the local schools, and others. 

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Products and Services

Let’s look at some of the products and services Pratt Homes offers its customers. 


Pratt Homes sells a wide variety of pre-made homes, including modular and manufactured houses. If you want something that will look great in a rural setting, they also sell farmhouses, so you can have a pastoral retreat or a country cottage if you have land near the woods. 

The Edington is a sample of their modular house with a total floor area of 2,722 square feet. It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The Edington is an ideal home for a small family that needs plenty of space for their belongings. It has a large open-concept kitchen with a center island, where you can cook while entertaining guests or catching up with family members. The master bedroom has an en-suite bath with a tub, shower area, and dual vanities. Customers also have the option to upgrade The Edington into a four-bedroom house with a total of 2,966 square feet of floor space. 

Pratt Homes also sells tiny houses perfect for those looking for modular starter houses. As the name implies, these are tiny and affordable houses ideal for those who want to build their first house but are working on a tight budget. 

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Their Sweet Escape model is an excellent example of their tiny house line. It has one bedroom and one bathroom in a 399-square-foot floor plan. Although small, this model has a kitchen and living room, so you can still enjoy all the amenities in full-size houses. It also has a porch for entertaining guests if the interior space is too cramped. 

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Site preparation

Pratt Homes offers site preparation services to ensure the land is ready for modular home installation. The company has a partner engineering firm that conducts a series of inspections before the foundation for the modular house is erected. They also check the depth and placement of the footings, the concrete’s strength, and the rebars’ size and placement. 

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Pratt Homes offers a wide range of in-house financing services. They have Home Only loans without a required minimum credit score. They also have a Banner Program that offers a low-down payment for customers with a credit score of at least 575. If you have limited credit, Pratt Homes also has a Co-signer program, where you can include an additional signer to take responsibility for paying back your loan. 

Pratt Homes also offers traditional mortgage options, like conventional fixed-rate mortgages, adjustable-rate mortgages, USDA mortgages, FHA loans, and VA mortgages. 

A charming white and grey barn nestled amidst a picturesque countryside.
A white and grey barn. Image via

Real estate services

If you want to build a manufactured home but don’t own land, Pratt Homes can help you with its real estate services. The company has an in-house real estate broker to help you locate a suitable property. 

Pratt Homes also has partner land developers that provide them with available properties in all four states that Pratt Homes services. This can help you save time because there’s no need to scour the internet for available properties and visit each one. 

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Design services

If you want to make your manufactured home unique, Pratt Homes has in-house designers to help you develop a floor plan and interior design that serves your wants and needs. 


Unfortunately, Pratt Homes doesn’t provide information about the cost of their products and services on their website. No price ranges are indicated on the different modular home models they offer. The best way to get accurate information about their pricing is to call them and speak with an authorized representative.  

Client Testimonials 

“We had a wonderful experience with Pratt Homes.”

Christopher Wisofsky. Source: Google Reviews.

“Pratt Homes was a wonderful company that made the home buying process simple and stress free.”

Jana Guthrie. Source: Google Reviews.

Advantages and Disadvantages

In this section, let’s take a look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of getting your modular home from Pratt Homes or availing of their services. This will help you decide whether Pratt Homes is the right choice for your needs. 


  • Pratt Homes offers in-house financing services – Pratt Homes provides in-house financing services to customers. This will help you save time if you’re looking to finance your modular house. Even better, Pratt Homes offers many loan choices, so you can choose one that suits your needs. They even have loans for customers with unfavorable credit scores who otherwise won’t be able to secure a loan from other financing institutions. 
  • They have clearance sales of model houses – If you are after bargain modular houses, Pratt Homes often holds clearance sales of model houses. This can help you build your dream house without breaking the bank. 
  • They have 3D tours of model houses – Pratt Homes’ website has 3D tours for selected models. A 3D tour can help you accurately gauge the dimensions and features of a manufactured home without physically touring a model home. 
  • They offer options and upgrades – Pratt Homes offers options and upgrades that let you personalize your home. For example, you can add a garage or a carport to your modular home if you want to. Pratt Homes also provides exterior design options to customers, so you can go with brick, stucco, vinyl, or fiber cement siding. 


  • They don’t provide pricing information – Unlike other modular home manufacturers that give estimated pricing for their models, there is no information about the cost of Pratt Homes’ modular houses on their website. 
  • Limited service area – Pratt Homes is only available in four states: Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. This means you won’t be able to avail of their services if you plan to build a manufactured home in another state. Another option is to get a barndominium kit or a pole barn home kit from a supplier in your home state.            

Should You Choose Pratt Homes?

Yes, Pratt Homes is a great choice if you are still looking for a modular home builder. Pratt Homes has an impressive 13-acre display lot where you can explore more than 60 model houses. They have different sizes and designs of modular houses, so you can choose one that’s just right for you. Pratt Homes also offers in-house financing services, allowing you to build your house without having to visit numerous financing institutions. 

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