24 x 30 Metal Building Home for a Couple or Small Fam! (HQ Plans & Pictures)

If you’re looking for a place for yourself or if you’re just starting out your family, Morton Buildings has the best place for you. Here’s an awesome residential building with a unique design and homey interior, all in a 24×30 living space. It has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room. Small doesn’t have to be cramped if everything is strategically designed.

Out front you’ll see a simple barn-like exterior that will make you think of living in the country and when you get inside, the warm and welcoming atmosphere will just take your breath away. It even has a fireplace that is good for cuddling with your loved ones on those cold winter nights.

This house is made from metal siding that will free you from maintenance worries. Thus, it’s perfect for those who want to escape from fees and bills that just keep on piling up from high maintenance places.

This structure is the perfect example of a cheap but comfortable home. A couple or a small family would surely want to check this place out and see for themselves the wonders that it offers. No doubt, it will not disappoint those who are looking for a house within this criterion. Check out the pictures below and see if matches your taste. It’s designed by the experts, so you might as well have awesome ideas from it.

Stats: 24’W x 10’H x 30’L
Plan: scroll down below!

Ballpark Price: $25 – $80* per sq. ft.

*Price varies due to finishes, materials, extras (doors, windows, etc.), permits, etc. For precise price/quote contact Morton Buildings.


Source: Morton Buildings

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