Intimate Rural House w/ Metal Roof For Peaceful People (HQ Pictures & Plans)

This house with wooden walls and metal roof is structured to inspire artists and families who are looking for a place with high aesthetic value. It also gives an impression of serenity and constructed so as to give a sense of comfort and safety. What more can one ask for?

Looking inside the house, you’ll see its minimalistic design. The lights, custom-made wooden shelves and furniture contribute to the peaceful atmosphere of the house. The interior is also painted with white, which is easy to the eyes and gives the house a clean look. It is designed to fit the green and fresh landscape of rural places. Imagine this house among the trees or fields. It will look stunning! The house also has glass windows and doors to give you a splendid view of what’s outside and to let sunshine feast on the house’s interior.

The house features a facade that promotes solar gain. This is valuable in winter as it increases the temperature inside the house, giving the people living in it the comfort of heat. It is strongly suggested that this house be built with strong steel frame instead of regular timber frame. This is to assure the house’s durability.

You can see pictures and the floor plan of the house below. You can surely get exciting home design ideas for your future home.


Stats: 1,184 sq. ft..

Blue Print Plans: Scroll down below!





Source: Mathieu Noël & Élodie Bonnefous architectes

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