Top 5 Modular & Prefab Home Builders in Louisiana | 2024 List

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Nowadays, more and more families in Louisiana (and in general) are choosing homes that are low-cost yet as comfortable as traditional ones. That said, a customizable home, which is not limited to prefab and modular homes, is the option they usually go for in terms of budget-wise home construction.

You’re on the right track if you want to build your own prefab or custom home in Louisiana. This article will cover the key factors you need to know before putting up your property and the reliable builders/contractors you can contact for assistance.

Why Build A Prefab or Modular Home in Louisiana?

One of the benefits of moving to the “Pelican State” is that you can enjoy a physically active life here since the state has festive events, a friendly and diverse culture, and many recreational spaces for outdoor activities. Louisiana is also one of the states in the US that has low living costs; hence you can put your savings to other needs.


Louisiana might be a challenge for your household if you are not used to extreme weather. You could be discouraged from building a prefab unit due to the state’s humidity, natural disasters, and insects that might affect the durability of your house. Not to mention, property taxes and insurance rates in this state are relatively high. 

Since we will be talking a lot about prefab and modular houses, you might consider reading Prefab Vs. Modular Home article to learn more about these house types and their differences.

How Long Does It Take to Build a Modular/Prefab Home in Louisiana?

Putting up a prefab or modular housing in Louisiana could take up to 6 months to more than a year, depending on your builder’s proposed procedures and pending orders.

The only struggle you might encounter when setting up a house in this state could be the hot/humid weather that could delay your construction. Therefore, it’s best to plan your schedule according to your location’s climate.

A construction worker stands in front of a modular prefab home under construction, with the exterior walls partially assembled and scaffolding visible.
Construction of modular home

Can I Finance a Prefabricated or Modular Home in Louisiana?

You can finance your prefab home construction since there are banks and contractors that offer mortgages and loans at low rates. Though some local banks are still quite unsure about funding prefab structures, asking is worth a try. The bottom line is that you can manage your construction costs with the help of financial institutes or professional building companies.

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How Much Does it Typically Cost to Build A Prefab or Modular Home in Louisiana?

Prefab and modular units in Louisiana could cost you around $50 to $230 per sq. ft. with labor included, a considerably lower price than stick-built houses. This might still adjust along the way, but it’s good to have a rough pricing idea for reference. We urge you to ask your local construction partner for an exact estimate. They can also assist you with the taxes and fees that come with your permits.

On the other hand, barndominiums are similar structures to modular homes with almost the same price range. A barndominium could be just what you need if you are still seeking alternatives. Here’s our guide to building a barndominium in Louisiana that could help you hunt for your perfect home.

Are There Any Special Building Regulations I Should Be Aware Of?

Since the state is prone to severe drought and stormy weather, it is best to follow the local authorities’ standards that ensure your home’s safety. As per our research, there’s no particular unique code to note besides the historic building codes covering historic structures and districts. Other than that, the revised codes are the only thing to keep in mind, which includes Louisiana’s electrical building code.

It is highly suggested that you coordinate with your local authority’s office and builders to know what rules, permits, taxes, and fees cover your home construction to avoid delays and penalties.

Who Are The Best Modular & Prefab Home Builders in Louisiana?

We are moving to a major step in building your prefab homes: choosing the builder to assemble your manufactured unit. Choosing experts to execute the building for you and achieve your envisioned house is essential.

We have searched for the top prefab and modular builders in Louisiana and gathered five promising companies to introduce to you. Without further ado, let’s proceed to learn what services they offer.

Bolton Homes 


  • Bolton Homes is known for its attractive homes.
  • This company partners with builders that can serve and reach almost the entire nation.
  • Their services promise start-to-finish construction, reliable financing assistance, and a lifetime warranty for every home purchase.


  • Bolton Homes have only a few reviews online.
  • They price a bit higher than other companies.
A single-story white wooden home with small windows and a black door. The home features a small wooden staircase leading to a porch with a grey roof
A white wooden prefab home. Image via

What Are Their Clients Saying?

“They were very professional, courteous, and attentive to all of our needs and wants.”

Shannon C.  Source: Google Business Reviews

Our Thoughts

Boston Homes is a two-decade-old expert company that produces good-quality prefab homes, mainly distributed by their builder company partners. Since they have been in the industry for some time, they have a reputable impression that makes homeowners rely on them. We recommend them for their experience and excellent services.

Bear Creek Modular Homes


  • Bear Creek Modular Homes could assist you with land preparation.
  • Their available module/prefabricated sets are customizable.
  • Almost all of their homes are under their lifetime repair warranty.


  • Bear Creek might not fully cover your site work and labor.
A single-story white and brown home with small windows and a white door. The home features a small wooden staircase leading to the entrance
A white and brown prefab home. Image via

What Are Their Clients Saying?

“Great Great Great Great Service – this was the purchase of my 21 year old son’s first home. They really worked with Hunter and explained everything every step of the way.”

Christie T.  Source: Google Business Reviews

Our Thoughts

This is another company in Louisiana that deserves to be checked out. Bear Creek Homes are fantastic at delivering quality houses. Virtual walkthroughs of their plans are also helpful and convenient for prospective clients, making it easy for them to choose even from the comforts of their homes. We suggest taking a glimpse of their website to see if this company is ideal for you.

Impresa Modular 


  • Impresa Modular is an accessible builder you can hire from whichever state you are.
  • They render homes within the proposed site construction schedule.


  • Impresa Modular’s online reviews are mostly their “out of coverage” contact issues and weak customer service.
  • They don’t fully provide site-building services.
A single-story blue home with big windows and a brown door. The home features a small white staircase leading to the entrance, with a white stone pathway leading to the front of the house. The roof of the house is brown.
A white and blue modular prefab home. Image via

What Are Their Clients Saying?

“We were able to fully customize our house from scratch and they helped input with their expertise and knowledge along the way.”

John S.  Source: Google Business Reviews

Our Thoughts

Impresa caters to a variety of designs and styles to match their clients’ liking– a plus if you want a stylish home that compliments your location. It is also a nationwide-known company that has gained the trust of its clients. See their gallery of architect-designed prefab creations available on their website.

Oak Creek Homes


  • Oak Creek Homes has a variety of luxury manufactured units for an affordable price.
  • This builder offers a Quality Care Program for their qualifying homes.
  • They have a 7-year service protection plan for every home and full-service purchase.


  • Oak Creek has limited design options.
  • Their homes need more thorough quality control.
  • Their clients might need to be fully hands-on even with their assistance.
A single-story white home with big windows and a white door. The home features a small white staircase leading to a porch with a beautiful lake view in the background.
A modern, white modular home. Image via

What Are Their Clients Saying?

“From beginning to end, they were kind, helpful, personal & gave their all to make the process as easy as possible. They guided me through each step, made sure I was happy & have continued caring & checking in along the way! They’re the best & I highly recommend them to anyone looking!!”

Kerri R.  Source: Google Business Reviews

Our Thoughts

Oak Creek Homes is one of the builders in Louisiana with over 30 years of expertise. With their extensive experience, they have delivered more than 20,000 homes to many families. If you are looking for an established builder with good service for years, this company is open for your home projects. Check out their series of plans online to see if they are a suitable builder for you.

Gulf Coast Modular Homes 


  • Gulf Coast Homes is best for their Louisianan and American-style sets.
  • They build your unit with your patio, slab, sidewalk, and driveway of preferred finish. 
  • They are notable for their construction services, making them one of Louisiana’s most recommended modular builders.


  • Gulf Coast Modular Homes’ main website and online gallery need a little improvement.
A single-story blue and white home with big windows and a glass door. The home features a small white staircase leading to a porch, showcasing the modern and elegant design of the house.
A single story blue and white prefab home. Image via

What Are Their Clients Saying?

“Extremely dedicated to bringing your vision to life while still maintaining an eye on budget. His process is great and handles most, if not all, of the tedious things for you!!”

Michelle N.  Source: Chris Tabor at Gulf Coast Homes Facebook

Our Thoughts

This company, Gulf Coast Homes by Chris Tabor, is an all-rounder with good reviews online. They are loved for their quality homes and excellent services, focusing on building from scratch to finish. You can go through their website for more details.


Indeed, you can build your prefab or modular homes in Louisiana. Opportunities for such structures are welcome and encouraged since land is available for occupancy. Though the previous disaster causes this availability, the state is now in the process of redeveloping. The growing business of prefab housing in the area is also dependable enough; you can hire local experts and watch your dream home come to life. If you live outside Louisiana and want to set up your own prefab unit in your area, our list of top prefabricated home builders from Arkansas, Texas, and Mississippi could get the job done for you!

We wish you the best in this building journey. We hope this article helps more homeowners like you and makes everyone’s home building a breeze.


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