Mueller Inc. Buildings – Honest Review & 2024 Price Guide

With over 85 years of experience, Mueller Buildings is the leading manufacturer of steel buildings and metal roofs. If you want a metal building made with quality materials and seek the opinion of experts and friends, most would recommend having one built by Mueller Buildings. With over eighty-five years of experience in the industry, their name has become synonymous with metal or steel buildings.  What’s more, the company strives to follow its old American traditions by doing everything in-house.

To this day, the company continues to manufacture its own materials instead of outsourcing its manufacturing processes. That’s how they can ensure that the quality of materials will continue to be the best quality.

A large metal building home in a red color scheme from Mueller Buildings
Red metal building home manufactured by Mueller, Inc. Image via

How Did Mueller Buildings Start?

Walter Mueller established Mueller, Inc. in 1937 building quality water cisterns for local ranchers and farmers. It was subsequently acquired in 1984 by the Burly Corporation. Now, the company boasts of producing all kinds of quality steel buildings, metal roofs, and more.

Mueller Buildings still has its headquarters in the small town of Ballinger in west Texas where it was founded. It also has more than thirty branches all around Texas and the Southwest, including Louisiana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.

Other than using quality materials, one of the main driving forces why this company continues to dominate the market is its employees. Mueller Buildings has more than 750 employees dedicated to providing you with the best service and value.

What Services Does Mueller Buildings Provide?

Mueller, Inc. offers construction services for constructing metal or steel buildings, metal roofing, and panels. Having been in the industry for so long, Mueller Buildings have become part of the Southwest’s landscape. More often than not, the magnificent barndominiums you see in Texas are constructed by them. Here’s an image of one below, and here’s a full gallery of this metal building home, if you’re curious.

Side view of a metal building home with gabled red metal roof and a car port from Mueller Inc
“Easy living” one-story barndominium manufactured by Mueller Buildings. Image via

However, their services are not only limited to that. Other than living spaces, they also construct workshops, farm and ranch buildings, and other types of commercial buildings. They also sell a wide array of products like metal panels that are not only durable but versatile as well. You also have the option to design the building yourself.  On the company’s website, they have an online 3D tool that allows you to create an architectural visualization of your design.

How Much Do You Need to Have a Mueller Building?

A Mueller building can be anything you want it to be. Because it is highly customizable, the price would depend heavily on the type of building and/or its location. The higher the cost of the unit the further its resistance to external elements like the wind. There are typically building options other than customization.

These are called:

  • Utility
  • Basic
  • Snow
  • Premium

Prefabricated Metal Building Kits for DIY Enthusiasts

If you want to build it yourself then they also have what is called a kit. It has different types, from homesteads and backyard buildings, to even greenhouses and homesteads. However, if you’re after a residential unit i.e. a barndominium (here’s a great 101 barndo guide if you’re still unsure what that is), then you should read further because Mueller doesn’t have kits for residential homes.

Other than that, each metal building kit has everything you need to construct a building that you want. Depending on the size or the number of customization options, the price of each kit will vary. The prices range anywhere from $2,000 for a metal shed to over $42,000 for a homestead kit. Usually a workshop or a metal backyard building will cost you around $10,000 – $16,000. That’s without labour, foundation, building permits, etc. Have a look at a few options below to get the idea.

Mueller Building Kit Options & Pricing (Updated June 2022)

Big Barn – 40’x 50’ x 14’

Overhead view of a large barn or storage buildiing from Mueller Inc
The big barn kit. Image via

The starting price for this is metal barn is $21,195. Additional customization and accessories will increase its price. Each package offers different snow load & wind resistance capabilities. Contact Mueller, Inc. for details.

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  • Utility package – $21,195
  • Basic package –  $23,595
  • Snow  package –  $25,195
  • Premium package – $23,995

Standard Garage – 24’ x 30’ x 11’

Standard white metal garage with green trim by Mueller Buildings for $10,095
Standard garage with green trim by Mueller. Image via

The standard price for the garage without additional accessories is $10,095. Additional customization and accessories will increase its price. Each package offers different snow load & wind resistance capabilities. Contact Mueller, Inc. for details.

  • Utility package – $10,095
  • Basic package – $10,195
  • Snow  package –  $10,495
  • Premium package – $10,395

Big Workshop – 30′ x 40′ x 12′

big red metal workshop building with roll up white doors and white metal rood by Mueller inc

The standard price for the big worksjop without additional accessories is $13,495. Additional customization and accessories will increase its price. Each package offers different snow load & wind resistance capabilities. Contact Mueller, Inc. for details.

  • Utility package – $13,495
  • Basic package – $14,195
  • Snow  package –  $14,995
  • Premium package – $14,595

These are only a few options to get you a general idea of what you can expect to purchase from Mueller Inc. Visit their website to find additional metal building kit options and ALWAYS read their policies or even better call them up. If metal building kits is not something you are considering, you might want to have a look at prefabricated wooden pole barn kits instead.

Custom Residential Metal Building Homes / Barndominiums

If you plan on having a full residential unit built, then your best option is to request a quote on their website or call/go to the nearest branch and speak with a consultant directly. It is extremely difficult to estimate a ballpark price for a barndominium without knowing details such as desired size, exterior and interior finishes, location, land type, foundation type, etc. In addition, prices a constantly going up, especially now in 2022, thus we always advise to get your estimates real-time, so you could better budget for your project.

Oh, by the way, have a look at these custom residential projects by Mueller if you haven’t yet:

Metal Building Home w/ Wrap-around Porch by Mueller Buildings (Gallery available)
Epic Barndominium w/ Huge Pool & Stables (Gallery available)
Metal Barn-Home w/ Wrap-Around Porch (Gallery available)

Pros of Choosing to Build with Mueller Buildings

A Wide Array of Products and Services to Choose From

From commercial buildings to residential units, you will definitely find the perfect one for you. What’s great with Mueller Buildings is that you will have a wide array of products and services to choose from. Furthermore, these buildings are customizable as well.

Energy-Efficient Buildings

Usually, it is quite hard to find metal buildings that are also energy efficient. Since metal buildings are hotter than other types of homes, oftentimes, you will need to keep the air conditioner turned on. What’s great about prefabs from Mueller is that its roof has a lower heat absorption rate. This means that the need for having airconditioners is greatly reduced.

Front view of a metal building home with gabled roof from Mueller Inc
Image via

High Level of Resistance to External Elements

All buildings by this company have a high-resistance rate. It means that it has a high level of resistance against external elements. For example, one of its strongest building models can even withstand winds up to 150 mph.

Professional Service

Mueller, Inc. makes sure that all their customers are satisfied. The company only chooses to employ professional contractors and builders to ensure that you get the best out of their products. They also make sure that first-time customers will get the products that best suit their needs.

Cons of Choosing to Build with Mueller Buildings

Structural Warranty Might Be Missing

To be honest, there aren’t really notable disadvantages. They do what a metal building company should – manufacture strong and durable buildings and provide professional service from start to finish. Although, one thing that we can note is their structural warranty. It seems that they don’t provide one. They do cover sheets, paint, roll-up doors and so on, but when it comes to actual metal frame structures: there’s no information whether it is warranted or not. At least that’s what we found missing on their website, so just double check next time you speak to a representative. And please do inform us if they happen to have it. Thanks!

Driveway of a garage home from Mueller Inc
Image via

Real Client Testimonials

The company has always been known to go the extra mile to deliver only the best to their clients. Not only will you have a steel building that is uniquely yours but also a building that can withstand the test of time. In fact, one of the company’s satisfied customers stated that the roofing of their storage house was able to stay intact even after experiencing a category 4 hurricane. Here’s a couple more reviews we found on an online forum:

I have one I put up 13 years ago, love having it 30X40. Also have a 19X21 kit building that we use for a fishing cabin on the Texas gulf coast. Only way to go, great quality of materials.

-Mfnlonewolf (source)

I have a new Mueller 30x40x12. I upgraded the frame from standard. Very happy with the building.

-Racerlarry (source)

Here’s a short story by Richard S. whose building withstood hurricane Harvey:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What are my payment options?

A: You can always go for cash or credit, but Mueller, Inc. offers bank financing as well.

Q: Do they offer bank financing?

A: What’s great about Mueller, Inc. is that it offers bank financing as well. Although it is also important to remember that you will need to provide at least a 10% down payment and have a decent credit score.

Q: Is Mueller worth your money?

A: Mueller Buildings has always received positive reviews from its customers. It has become the industry’s standard because of its reliability in providing strong and durable steel buildings that can withstand the test of time. One more thing that Mueller, Inc. prides itself on is its highly energy-efficient prefab buildings; thus, making it the perfect choice for a modern green metal home.

Final Thoughts on Mueller, Inc. Buildings

Truly Mueller has become the standard for steel buildings. Other than providing strong metal sheets and bolted frames, they also provide great warranty service. They generally have a 20-year warranty for their metal roofing and a 30-year warranty for their sheets. But as we mentioned previously, you should double check if they have warranty for their actual metal frame structure.

Another thing that’s great about Mueller is that it has products in different price ranges. Making sure that you find what you are looking for while staying within your budget. Also, their website is highly intuitive. It has downloadable catalogs, 3D tools, instructions, and many more. However, if you find it more comfortable to speak with someone, then Mueller’s employees would be more than glad to answer any of your questions.So, if you would want to have an energy-efficient and durable metal building, then Mueller, Inc. is the best choice.


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