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True American Dream – Metal Building Barn-Home w/ Wrap-Around Porch (HQ Pictures)

This stunning red and blue house is the masterpiece of the legendary Muller Inc, a leading manufacturer of steel buildings and residential metal roofing in Texas and the Southwest. Muller Inc. is very experienced in metal buildings and has been in business for over 90 years. They specialize in living spaces, garages, workshops, and commercial buildings. The company is headquartered in Ballinger, the small West Texas town where it was founded. Read more in-depth review here.

Although this metal home’s dimensions and floor plan are not publicly available, this work of art is the embodiment of the true American dream. It may look like a barn at first sight, especially with the star on top, but it is a residential structure. It is ideal for small- to mid-sized families and can be a primary residence or vacation home.

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The angled front view of the Metal Building Barn-Home w/ Wrap-Around Porch.
The angled front view of the Metal Building Barn-Home w/ Wrap-Around Porch.

The front of the house is outfitted with a spacious wrap-around porch tastefully decorated with hanging potted plants. The aura here is just homely and welcoming. The porch is equipped with comfy armchairs where one can relax and enjoy the scenic views of the lush greenery and the refreshing cool breeze from the surrounding trees. You can also watch the kids playing on the grass during the school holidays.

The open space with well-kept lawns in front of the house ensures enough area where the family can host a ton of outdoor activities, such as grilling and camping. If the land area permits, the family can also have a small ranch for the classic American vibe, where their livestock are free to roam around and graze.

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A wide paved driveway in front of the house leads to the garage. The garage is spacious, but it can be customized to the specifications of the customer. The 2-car garage setup ensures it can fit in SUVs and pickups. The garage also has an open-air space covered by a roof extension where guests can park additional vehicles and be guaranteed safety.

For the finishing touches, prospective owners can even have their barndominium painted in red, white, and blue for the whole American experience. Feel free to contact Muller Inc if you are interested in a similar masterpiece.

Dimensions: not available publicly, feel free to contact Muller Inc.
Plan: not available publicly, feel free to contact Muller Inc.

Ballpark Price: vary*

*Price varies due to finishes, materials, extras (doors, windows, porches, etc.), permits, etc. For precise price/quote contact Muller Inc.

Source: Muller Inc.


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