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True American Dream – Metal Building Barn-Home w/ Wrap-Around Porch (HQ Pictures)

Although the dimensions and floor plan by Muller Inc. are not publicly available, their metal clad home resonates all there is of the true American Dream. It may look like a barn at first sight, especially with the star on top, but the structure is a residential one.

The 2 car garage provides ample space for visitors to park their vehicle

The open space, thanks to the wrap-around porch, ensures that there is enough area for the fireworks during the Fourth of July. Speaking of open space, the family can also host a ton of outdoor activities in their porch such as grilling and camping. If the land area permits, the family can also make a small ranch for that classic American vibe where their pets are free to roam around and play.

The garage is also a spacious one depending on the specification stated by the customer, but the 2-car garage setup ensures that it can fit in full-sized SUVs and pickups alike. This means that the family can invite guests whenever they wish and guarantees that their vehicle is safe inside the garage should anything unpleasant happens in the outside environment.

For the finishing touches, the family can even have their barn-home painted in the Red, White, and Blue for that full American experience.

Dimensions: not available publicly, feel free to contact Muller Inc.
Plan: not available publicly, feel free to contact Muller Inc.

Ballpark Price: starting from $10 per sq. ft. on standard buildings.*

*Price varies due to finishes, materials, extras (doors, windows, porches, etc.), permits, etc. For precise price/quote contact Muller Inc.

Source: Muller Inc.


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